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									Propensity to Self Subversion Living The Life

Being Subversive is usually has negative associations and subversive
people are often seen as destructively intent on changing “normal” or
comfortable ways of life. However, being subversive really just means
that someone is living outside of the box and diverging from societal
norms. The only negative or evil that comes from this is when
individuals or groups express their different views with malicious
destruction or forcible insistence. Subversion itself is merely the
desire to change. Wanting to move beyond boundaries and self-imposed
limits is a true propensity to self-subversion.

Change can be daunting at any point but especially so when it is
unexpected. For self-subversion to be effective, you have to take your
time and allow yourself to make changes gradually. Allow yourself time
to explore and process new thoughts and behaviors to be accepted or
rejected at your own pace. A person who is looking to cultivate self-
subversion needs to understand and accept that everything they have been
taught is normal is actually subject to change. This includes everything
from interpersonal relationships to how you live your life day to day.
Being self-subversive means that you are willing to explore new ideas and
behaviors to the fullest extent.

Self-subversion should not be attempted while under severe emotional,
physical or psychological stress. This can lead to changes that you are
not prepared for thereby creating disastrous end results. When you choose
the path, you want to explore, make sure that you are prepared for any
results that may come about. Take into consideration each eventuality so
that you are not left without a support system if things do not go
according to plan.

Remember that while change is happening you may have unexpected insights
that reveal things to you that you never considered. Be ready to look to
these revelations with an open mind and remember that it is your choice
whether to accept or reject them. In any case, self-subversion takes
time, dedication and an open mind to make it work. It can be a long and
difficult process and it is definitely not for everyone. It takes certain
strength to be able to pull your self away from what is widely believed
as acceptable and to handle the ridicule that may come along with
venturing down the path less traveled.

A self-subversive person has to be able to live with themselves. They
have to willingly cast off conventional norms and strive for a more self-
fulfilling answer. However, this is not to say that people need to push
self-subversion as a way of life for them. If you are unwillingly
pursuing self-subversion then you are defeating the goal of developing a
heightened sense of self.

Subversion is derived from the Latin word "subvertere" in which means to
"to crush" or to "turn from masked below the subliminal mind. When we
turn over the colorless shadows in our mind, it promotes negative
thinking. Subverting is besides give aforethought a colorless activity,
something that is to be avoided, connoting a mishap of the class equal

Yet debating the characterizations itself, subversion is not necessary
something we must ignore. Analytically the class equal exchange of self-
subversion has always been discouraged by the authorities (in a political
arena) seeing that it usually means they have to justify their actions
and reveal their or ambitions, also most of the time that is not a very
good idea from their point of view. Despite the many refutes we have the
power to delve into propensity to self-subversion.

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we know it today.

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