; Mental Competency in Propensity to Self-Subversion
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Mental Competency in Propensity to Self-Subversion


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									Mental Competency in Propensity to Self-Subversion

Self-subversion is the mechanism that helps us to know our mind’s
capabilities. How many of us have really stopped to know what goes in our
minds? Is it not important for us to know what is happening within a
mystical part of us that controls our senses and behavior?

Understanding our mind will lead to us to many unanswered questions like
why we do a particular thing or why we avoid something or why we react in
the way we do and so on. The answers to these questions will help us to
transform into better human beings.

We are influenced by external as well as internal events. The internal
events can be our past experiences while the external events are those
that are happening in the world around us. They have an impact on our
thoughts and behavior. It also subconsciously affects our emotional
balance. We become agitated and disturbed for the so-called insignificant
things. We say and do things that we repent and regret later. This is
because we have not addressed the root cause of our emotional

Emotional balance and tranquility is of utmost importance to every human
being today. With so many irrational acts happening around us, it also
becomes imperative that we give it the importance that is due. Many
crimes happen due to emotional instability of people. They are unable to
decide what is good and what is bad for them. They let external forces
take over their minds. This emotional instability is due to the lack of
knowledge about their mental health. If they can predict that their
reaction to an event is going to be unpleasant, then they can avoid that
event altogether.

We have to take steps to understand our mind. We have to address the
emotional questions and fears that plague us. We must agree that the
issues we face today are based on cause and effect, sources and
consequences. By analyzing and understanding the root cause of these
fears and questions, we can have a better grip over ourselves.

In order to overcome a problem, we have to dig deep down to know the
cause and the effect it has on us. We can know this by concentrating on
our inner-self. Meditation is one of the techniques for achieving this.
It helps to focus all our attention on a single object or thought. This
will provide us with an opportunity to do a lot of self-introspection. We
can gauge our emotional levels and attachments.

Once we know our problems, we can steps to tackle them. We have to make
determined efforts to overcome them. In due course of time and with
persistence, we can mould ourselves into better individuals.

Our past experiences will throw a lot of light in our emotional growth.
Spending a little time everyday to think and scrutinize our actions and
reactions in the past will help us to achieve a higher degree of
emotional balance and tranquility.
As our emotional balance increases, we will be in a better position to
handle all the negative and unpleasant events that happen around us. We
can decide what events should get to us and what should be filtered. That
way we can shut out all the negative forces that influence us from our
This will lead to self-reliance and self-confidence. We can stop negative
external forces like violence, crime, abuse, racism, war, poverty and
others from influencing us in any way. When we are self-reliant and
confident, we can motivate others to join us.

When each person consciously strives towards emotional stability and
self-reliance, the world will be a happier place to live.

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