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									Improving your Life in Propensity to Self Subversion

Human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Mental activity,
such as thought, reason, and abstraction, is consciously controlled by
the brain.

Do you want to know the secrets of your brain? Do you want to be more
predictable about yourself? Self-subversion is the answer to the above
questions. It helps us to understand and know about ourselves better. It
the process by which an individual can understand his/her thoughts and

This can be achieved either by analyzing your past experience or by being
aware of your reactions to the things that happen around you. Were you
scared to ride a bicycle for the first time? How did you overcome it? By
analyzing from past experience, we can find answers to many of such
questions. You can know your fears, joys, apprehensions and mainly the
cause of it all.
We can learn not only from past experience but also from events that
happen around us everyday. Unfortunately, we are exposed to events that
more negative than positive. We can gauge our reactions to these events
and form a pattern, which will suggest our likes and dislikes, our
aversions and attractions. Once we know the cause-effect of each
reaction, action and behavior, it is time for us to decide how best it
can be used to improve our life.

Once we have analyzed and found the reasons and answers for our
questions, then we have to make a determined effort to implement these
results to improve our life. Each of us strives to be the best in
whatever we do. It is a basic tendency and an urge that we try to

Propensity to self-subversion will help us to become better individuals.
We can use the results of our analysis to overcome our fears and
apprehensions. For example, if you are afraid to swim for fear of
drowning, then you can overcome that fear by knowing how you overcame
your fear to ride a bike for the first time. Similarly, you can remove
all the negative influence of external forces by closing yourself
completely to it. You can either decide to respond only to positive
events and keep the negative events out of your life or you can try to
draw positive inferences from negative events.

You can become a very confident person capable of achieving anything.
When you address your fear and remove your negative thoughts, all that
remains in you is positive and feel-good thoughts. These will propel you
to a higher level of achievement. It will lead to self-reliance, where
you become independent of external forces. They cannot affect you in any

A person with a positive frame of mind always has an optimistic outlook
towards life. He/ she are highly motivated and are capable of doing
anything and everything under the sun. Such people radiate happiness and
motivation that is infectious. Others are drawn towards them.
Self-subversion is a sure way to improve life. When you are optimistic
and happy, you can face any problem with utmost confidence. Everyday will
be a joy that you will look forward to. Your life would have improved
rapidly and you will countless reasons to live for.

Such an upbeat person can help others to follow his/her path. Others can
be motivated and helped to lead a better life. People can be pulled out
of depressions and suicides. The rate of crime, violence, sex and abuse
will reduce drastically. People can share and help others with their
problems. Is that what is called, a paradise? Let us all join together to
improve our lives and to make this a reality.

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