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           Notes of Meeting held on 18th April 2008

           Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and Dawn
           explained the purpose of the Task Group for the benefit
           of new members.

1.   Minutes

     We read the minutes from our last meeting in
     February and we all agreed them.


2.   Feedback from the Ambulance Service

     David and Dawn are still planning on writing their
     letter to the Ambulance Service to invite them
     to come and talk to us.

     They will get this done very soon and find out where
     they need to post it to.


3.   Message in a Bottle

     We talked again about how we can get this message

     We all agreed that we need a good place and time to let more
     people know about the message in a bottle scheme.


4.   Partnership Board Market Place Event

     Members from Ripon Community Link told
     us about the Partnership Board’s Market
     Place Event which was held back in

    Ripon Community Link had a stall at the
    Market Place and they said the event went
    very well.

5    In Case of Emergency (ICE) Numbers

    We had talked about ICE numbers on mobile phones at
    our last meeting and some of the members asked Dawn to
    explain more about how this worked today.

6.   Keeping Safe

     We have talked about the message in a bottle
     scheme, medi alerts and storing numbers on our
     mobile phones.

     At our next meeting we will talk about other ideas on
     keeping ourselves safe.

7.    Parking at the Hospital

      Dawn and David are still talking about how to go
      about finding out about parking at the hospital.


8.    Speech and Language Therapy

      Dawn told us that Harrogate is advertising for a full
      time Speech and Language Therapist.

      Dawn hopes to be able to tell us more at the meeting in June.

      We talked about sending a thank you letter to the
      Primary Care Trust when the Speech and Language
      Therapist starts in post.


9     Swimming Pool

      Matthew is going to write a letter to the Consultation
      Group about needing more facilities in Ripon for example a Changing
      Places Facility.

      Matthew will bring a draft letter to our June meeting
      for us to agree before he sending it.


10.   Learning Disability Framework

      Feedback from the Task Group work on the Learning Disability
      Framework is now available and we will talk about this in June.


11. Support Worker Job

    Our new Supporter Worker, Richard Dickinson was introduced and
    welcomed to the Group.


12. Joint Health Task Groups Meeting in June

    Dawn told us that the Commissioners from the North Yorks and
    York Primary Care Trust would be coming to our June Meeting.

    Dawn told us what Commissioners are. They are the people who buy
    services and decide what services the Health Service will give to

    They are the people we need to talk to if we want things to change
    or to stay the same.

    The Commissioners have got the money to provide the


13. Group Work

    We decided on questions we would like to ask the
    Commissioners at the meeting in June.

    We also looked at the Consent Leaflet from the Learning Disability
    Service and feedback what we had talked about on this.


14. Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

     Dawn told us how people can contact the PALS service at the
     hospital if they are not happy with the health care they are


Future Meeting Dates:

     We agreed the meetings for 2008 and these will always be on a
     Friday beginning

     at         1p.m. for             coffee Group starting at

     and we will finish at           3.00p.m.

     5th September -         Ripon Day Hospital

     24th October    -       Ripon Day Hospital

    5th December -   Ripon Day Hospital.

                      Those Who Attended Today

Matthew Goddard          Ripon Community Link
Steven Blair             Ripon Community Link
Fran Widnall             Community Nurse
David Bruce              Self Advocate (Harrogate)
Richard Selby            Ripon Community Link
Dawn Walsh               Health Facilitator
Richard Slater           Ripon Community Link
Richard Butterworth      Ripon Community Link
Karen Murray             LDPB Advocacy Supporter
David Foster             Ripon Community Link
Jocelyn Phillips         Learning Disability Team
Wayne Pearse             Self Advocate
Richard Dickinson        Support Worker Harrogate Team
Lindsey Hoather          Student Nurse


Graham Borkett           Self Advocate
Eleanor Borkett          Family Carer/LDPB Member
Danielle Barker          Harrogate Borough Council Leisure
Ian Smith                Ripon Community Link
Kirsty Holmes            Self Advocate
Geoffrey Raspin          Harrogate Advocacy


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