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					Lead Generation from Social Media
          for Startups
                      Why It is Important
   Adding a lot people and publishing
    news on daily basis don't make you
   You have 5000 followers but 0 buyers.
    Does it matter ?
   Less advertising budget. So, need
    good Return on Investment.
   Requested to add as contact, but
    rejected from a lot of connection,
    because – they don't know you, or they
    have nothing to do with your
   Randomly adding contacts on social
    media is tough, fear to be marked as
   Have a social media account, with lots
    of friends/followers. But, do they really
    need your product / service ?
Social Media for a Known Brand
       Tips for Companies with Brand
   Start by listening.
   Understand your audience.
   Identify the opportunity.
   Etc.. etc...
Same tips for Startup

   Doesn't work !
                    Hard Learned Facts
   No one is talking about you, as they don't know about your brand.
   Even if you have the same product with better quality, people is intersted to opt for
    your competitor who is already having a brand value.
   Need your 1st client .. every startup knows that hurdle. Hot Lead from Social Media –
   How to add connection without getting banned from Social Media site.
   Why people will buy my product when competitor is there.

   And many more .....
Social Media for a Startup
Then What ?
Key Factor in Social Media
  Marketing for Startups

 Right Contacts / Potential Buyers
            Where to Start

Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence
     Make your Presence Appropiate
   Properly input and organize content on your profile.
   Use photo gallery – a powerful weapon to make people interested on
    you/your business.
   Make your profile better looking which relates to your business/product/niche
   Videos matters a lot presently. Try to use PPT to movie converter to make
    your own video presentation and upload.
   Add your imagination, research a little.
            Need Potential Contacts
   Don't add randomly using Social Media interface. More you get
    rejected, more chance to getting banned from Social Network.
   Import your email contact list to add mass users.
   Harvest email list – not to send spams, but to add them in your social
    media contacts. Emails from social media can not be marked as
   Use other methods ( ? )
          Harvesing e-mail list
Use search engine to harvest your email list
   Go to your Social Media control panel and import the email list to
    invite all of them together.
   You can create email list targeting location, interest etc if using
    search parameter wisely.
   For email harvesting, create your own product, or use a customised
    product for better result.
   Break your email list in smaller segment, eg. 500 per list; so, you
    don't need to worry about getting banned from the site.
          Use Social Media Search
   Use social media search engines to find your potential clients and
    add them. May be you will see a Social Media Lead generation CRM
    product sooner to make the process simplier ...
       Benefits and Future Planning
   As your profile is already showcasing your product/clients/services on
    your posts and profile, you can get better conversion rate.
   As you are searching to find potential buyer of your product, you can
    get even your 1st buyer from Social Media if strategy is right.
   As you are already having a good friend/follower list – remember,
    everyone is watching the update. So, every converted client through
    social media, will be a gateway for more conversion from your
    existing contact / friend list.
   As you are already in social networks, brand visibility can be easier –
    as a lot of your clients are from social sites only.
  Add your own idea and share

It will increase your social networking reach !!
Questions ??
Krishnendu Paul

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