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									               SPA HOTTUB and SWIM SPA
                                                            A design which has been around since the
                                                            1970’s which not too many people really
                                                            known about is the “swim spa”. A swim spa
                                                            which is also known as an endless pool,
                                                            which can be above ground or in ground,
                                                            looks like long spa or a small pool. The
                                                            design of a swim spa allows the user to
                                                            swim in place, or do other exercises. Some
                                                            models have under water tread mills,
                                                            rowing simulation and other aerobic
                                                            activities. Just like a normal hot tub they are
                                                            made from acrylic and are usually between
                                                            12’-24’ in length and hold from 600-2000

Since a huge tub would be very expensive to heat, and since you probably wouldn’t want hot water
while you are exercising, some designs often have a separate area that acts as a hot tub spa. The swim
spa itself usually uses a large fan combined with jets that can displace hundreds of gallons per minute,
which is necessary for swimming resistance.

Swim spas often a perfect form of exercising. Hydro static pressure or the bouncy of your body in the
water takes additional stress off the heart and other muscles, giving you the ability to exercise your
body in a slightly different way. Some professional swimmers actually prefer swim spas instead of doing
laps in a pool because the current created gives them extra resistance, much like swim against currents
and waves in a large body of water and exercising all parts of the body, giving better muscle tone and
more of a challenge.

You should note that since exercise increases the body’s temperature, it wouldn’t be too wise to
exercise in highly heated spa. Should your body overheat and you lose consciousness in the water, you
would drown. You can even purchase swim spa kits to create a swimming lane for an existing pool, or a
custom addition or add on for a spa.

Due to these spas size, they will use considerable more electricity than the average hot tub. An average
hot tub by its self is the appliance that will consume the most electricity of any other of your household
products. So it will make a huge difference if you do all you can when choosing specific designs while
shopping. Below are some things that you can look for to help assist you in your searching.
                                                                      Look for spas that have CA
                                                                Title 20 or that have been approved
                                                                otherwise by the CEC (California
                                                                Energy Commission) for better
                                                                energy efficiency.
                                                                      Having a smaller pump to
                                                                take care of heating and cleaning
                                                                the spa when it is not in direct use
                                                                will    save     you    considerably
                                                                compared to a conventional single
    pump with multiple speeds for the different cycles
   A Venturi air injects mixes air with the water for a more robust massage without needing
    electricity like an average air pump
   Insulation is crucial to maintaining tub temperature if you’re using heat, and making sure energy
    doesn’t go to waste. Six inches of foam insulation is recommended as well as the highest R rated
    cover you can find.

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