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                        Former Olympic Medal Winner Dr. Emerson Que ‐
                having completed more than 8,000 LASIK surgeries ‐ joins practice

SALISBURY, MD – AZAR Eye Institute (AEI), founded by Dr. Alex Azar who has practiced
ophthalmology in Salisbury since 1976, today announced it has launched the first “All Laser LASIK”
surgical practice on the Shore.

LASIK surgery allows for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, and astigmatic to regain their sight
and put away their glasses, often for good. In traditional Lasik surgery, one laser is employed. With
Azar’s “All Laser LASIK,” two lasers are used in a two‐step process, allowing for even greater

Dr. Emerson Que, who joined AEI in the spring, has performed more than 8,000 LASIK and All Laser
LASIK procedures. He has had extensive experience operating on professional athletes, law
enforcement, firefighters and emergency service workers. A former Olympian who won a bronze
medal for Tae Kwon Do in 1990, Que has dedicated his professional career to improving, preserving
and repairing eyesight, with a specific interest in athletes and their visual needs.

“This is state‐of‐the‐art technology and we are thrilled to have attracted an expert surgeon to our
staff so we can offer our patients the best available surgical resources,” said Dr. Alex Azar, founder
and president of AZAR Eye Institute. “Having performed more than 8,000 surgeries in his career to
date, Dr. Que’s expertise gives patients the comfort and care they need to make the right decision
when it comes to All Laser LASIK and other types of eye surgery.”

Dr. Que is the first surgeon performing All Laser LASIK procedures, the most technologically
advanced, on the Eastern Shore. He started performing the surgeries in Salisbury in June. All Laser
LASIK surgeries are performed at Azar Surgical Center on the AEI Campus in Salisbury.

Two Lasers Add Greater Precision
All Laser LASIK uses a laser rather than a blade to trim off the top of the cornea. The first laser, the
Ziemer Laser, separates tissue creating small bubbles of space that are right next to each other on a
microscopic level that creates a plane that the surgeon can lift with an instrument. The surgeon can
then work with a smooth flat surface in order to create the new customized reshaped cornea using
the Visx Laser. This method tends to be more precise and reduced the number of complications that
can occur during and after the procedure.

Carolyn Knectel was among the very first to try the new procedure. As Dr. Azar’s lead technician for
30 years, Knectel said she had never made time to have LASIK surgery, even going so far as
scheduling it in 1999 before canceling.

“It sounds ironic but I think underneath I was worried about recovery; when I scheduled the surgery
in 1999, my family vacation was scheduled about a week after and I was concerned I would not heal
in time,” said Carolyn Knectel. “This time, with the two‐laser procedure, it seemed like I had every
reason to try it – and I am so glad I did. My recovery time was minimal and for the first time in my life
I won’t have an eye glass restriction on my license! It’s very exciting – I keep reaching for my glasses,
only to realize I no longer need them.”

Another patient that has had the All Laser LASIK procedure done by Dr. Que at Azar Eye Institute is
Ryan O’Malley, Big Classic 98.5 DJ and radio personality. Both Dr. Que and Omalley had the
opportunity to speak about the procedure during an interview on the station.

AZAR Eye Institute will be offering free screenings to current patients and members of the
community by appointment in the coming months. The screening takes into consideration the
patient’s needs, lifestyle and other eye issues, if any. From this information Dr. Que can recommend
the appropriate approach for correcting vision. To schedule a screening call 410‐546‐2500.

Dr. Emerson T. Que Joins AEI
Dr. Emerson T. Que, M.D. joined the AZAR eye team in April 2008. Dr. Que, originally from Chicago is
an accomplished and experienced surgeon who received his medical degree from Northwestern
University Medical School in 2000. He then became Resident and Chief Resident of Ophthalmology
at New York Medical College’s Department of Ophthalmology. His fellowship was completed at
Corneal Associates of New Jersey, where he specialized in Cornea, External Disease and Refractive

In 1998 he was honored with the Sarah Baskin Award for Excellence in Research. He has written
numerous publications in journals such as Ocular Surgery News and Archives of Ophthalmology. Dr.
Que is also a former Olympic Athlete who won a bronze medal in Tae Kwon Do for the United States
in 1990. Dr. Que lives in Salisbury where he is looking forward to outdoor activities on the water
with his wife Thalia.

About AZAR Eye Institute
AZAR Eye Institute is a full‐service eye care practice. AEI offers treatment of Diabetic eye, allergies
and dry‐eye, and macular degeneration. In addition to All Laser LASIK, AEI performs traditional
LASIK, Cataract and Glaucoma surgery as well as Corneal Transplant surgery. Offices are located in
Salisbury, Maryland and Laurel, Delaware. For more information visit or
call 410‐546‐2500.


Note to editors: For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Que, tour AZAR Surgery
Center and/or interview a patient who has had All Laser LASIK surgery call 410‐883‐2000. AEI can
also provide video of a live surgery to any interested media outlets.

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