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					                        Scholarships an alternative to student loans

A scholarship is money given to pay or offset school expenses and lower the number of
student loans you need. The amounts can range from only a few dollars to an all expenses
type. This latter one is often referred to as a full ride. The counseling offices of most high
schools will have a book that lists the more common scholarships available. Below are
descriptions of some of the most often used sources.

Many companies offer scholarships through the local school systems. This is a way for a
company to encourage students to study subjects applicable to that companies business.
Some of these scholarships are free but others have a stipulation of working for that
particular business upon successful completion of studies. This is a type of student loan,
as you need to repay it by working off the debt.

Minority groups encourage members of that particular minority by offering money for
education. Other groups specify that it is designed for women or of a particular faith.
Scholarships of this nature usually do not define the subject matter to be studied.

Local universities often court outstanding athletes by having their abilities tied to the
scholarship. These students receive the money but are expected to also use their athletic
talents at the school offering the award. This is also a type of student loan, with the
payment being performance in the sport. .

Most of the scholarships discussed here are offered at the high school level. Talent scouts
notice good athletes and companies and minority groups maintain close ties to many
schools. This community involvement helps to ensure a vital workforce and top-notch
sports teams. Keep in mind that, while actual money may not be needed in return, many
of these are student loans requiring payment in some form.