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Masonry is a type of construction that involves the building of homes and
businesses with various types of materials. Some people believe that
masonry only pertains to those structures being built with brick.
However, it also covers many different types of materials including
marble, granite, and even concrete. This process is much easier than it
was in the past due to advance tools and technology. In the old days it
was very hard work with materials being carried by hand and moved with
Still, for someone to do quality masonry work they have to have the right
skills. In the old days a person learned how to be a mason by watching
others do the work and learning beside them. This type of hands on
training is known as an apprenticeship. There are many wonderful patterns
that you will find in masonry work. They are detailed and performed in
order to offer stability and durability to the overall structure.
Before a structure is deemed to benefit from masonry work a great deal of
evaluating and comparing is done. Masonry work definitely gives the
structure a very professional look so it can be sold for more money. It
is also very good for holding in heat or cooling down depending on the
change in the weather.
Yet in order for masonry work to be sound the ground has to be level.
This can become a very expensive process as well. In some areas that are
prone to natural disasters including earthquakes masonry can become a
dead trap and so it is strongly cautioned against. It also takes longer
to complete masonry work than regular types of construction.
In addition to using bricks for masonry, there is the very common element
of using cement. This is in the form of large cinder blocks that are
heavy but they are faster to work with. They are also very inexpensive so
you can get a great masonry look without spending too much money in the
For decorative purposes, stone and rock masonry has become popular as
well. You will often find it at parks and other recreational places.
There may be walls made from it as well as benches to relax on. There are
also small bridges over creeks and ponds that are made from this type of
masonry as well.