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					Software for Pocket PC

Pocket PCs have caught the attention of a lot of people. Despite its
slightly high price, many businesspersons have already purchased the
mobile device. The device is sleek and lightweight and so many
businesspersons find it easy to carry anywhere they go. Regardless of
what business undertaking you’re in, you will surely benefit from the
Pocket PCs because you can use helpful tools or applications installed in
it. Aside from the applications that you can use at work, you can also
download games software so that you can have fun anywhere you go whenever
you get bored and pressured. You can find a lot of software for the
Pocket PC on the net.

Here is a list of some of the most popular software you can find online
for Pocket PCs:

1. FlashAssist by Ant Mobile. Visit their official site and you can get
the product in order to view the Micromedia Flash on the Pocket PC. The
Flash Player will allow you to directly open your SWF files without using
scroll bars. The software can cost you $15.

2. Odigo Messenger by Ruksun Software. This software will allow you to
send instant messages and you can even connect with other IM networks
like MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and the AOL. The software can
be obtained at $25.

3. ASV by Olive Tree is a pocket bible exclusively designed for the
351e015 Pocket PC. The software supports personal highlighting,
bookmarks, hyper-linking, eBook, etc.

4. Mobile Administrator by River Solutions allows you to control
computers anywhere through the use of Pocket PC that is connected to the
internet. Tasks like rebooting start/stop services monitoring, and free
memory can be completed on the Pocket PC. This software is available
online for free.

5. Cresotech Convert – this software is available in trial versions and
after paying the registration fee of $15, you can already completely
download it from their official website. This application is mainly used
for conversion of units of measuring system.

These are the five most popular software that you can get for your Pocket
PC; as you can see, only one is available for free download while the
rest can be obtained for a certain fee. Even the paid software are worthy
investments because you can use them at work or when you’re traveling to
other places.

Aside from the software applications, you can also download games so that
you can have fun anywhere you go. All work and no play can make you dull
and so try to have some fun through the Pocket PC games. There are old
game versions that you can download and even the latest games. You just
need to visit the freeware websites and find the games you like. After
that, you can download the games and save it to your Pocket PC or in a
memory card.
You have to choose the software that you can use everyday. You should
consider you current job or career before you purchase the software. That
way, you can be sure that you will be using it frequently. You see, it is
not advisable to save programs or software in your Pocket PC which is
unused since it takes up memory space. Uninstall the unused programs or
software and install only the ones you’re using. The same goes with the