Pocket PC and Freeware Applications or Games

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					Pocket PC and Freeware Applications or Games

Have you currently installed a freeware application or game in your
Pocket PC? If you have played on Flash or Java based game online, then
you already used freeware. With a bit of analysis, the internet is
basically freeware because it offers a massive collection of information,
scripts, resources, and tools which are totally free. Some people are
motivated to offer free applications and games to others and this is the
main reason why certain misconceptions arise. Before you download a
freeware application or game for your Pocket PC, you have to know the
truth about the freeware.

• It is not true that freeware applications and game downloads are full
of Trojan horses and spy ware. Some malicious software does contain
viruses but only a little percentage. It is very important to double
check the site’s background. For the beginners, you can download from
reputable and well-known websites to avoid such problems.

• It is also not true that freeware software only works for a couple of
days because they are crippled. There are software applications and games
which work this way and that is called shareware. If you don’t register,
you can’t continue using the said software. By paying the registration
fee, you can continue enjoying the software. Freeware is not like that.
You can get the full version of the application or games for your Pocket

• Freeware is said to be of no value and that’s why they are offered for
free. This is another misconception about freeware applications and
games. If the downloadable software is nothing of value, then why would
other people search for it online? True enough, you can find abysmal
programs out there in some freeware sites. If you’re only diligent with
your search, you can surely find absolute gems in the freeware sites. You
just have to know where to look for the best downloadable applications
and games for your Pocket PC.

It’s a good thing that there are good hearted programmers out there who
are willing to share with other people what they already have. Without
them, the internet may not even exist.

So next time you want to get a new Pocket PC application or game, don’t
purchase yet. Look into the different freeware sites and see what they
have to offer. With only a few hours surfing the various websites of
freeware downloads, you can already save a lot of money on the
applications or games. You can use the saved money in purchasing other
more valuable things.

Now, is your mind cleared about the common misconceptions about freeware
programs? Always keep in mind that the best applications and game
downloads in the freeware sites are free of viruses and spyware. Don’t
believe in the wrong things about freeware because that will only
discourage you in surfing the various websites.

Pocket PCs are gaining popularity in the recent years. Many people are
interested in owning Pocket PCs and it’s worth the investment because you
can use the mobile device at home, in the office, or in any other place.
You can take the lightweight device anywhere and so you can use the
freeware applications or games conveniently. Choose only the most
important applications to download and also your favorite games since
these things can take up a lot of memory space.