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Pocket PC - iPAQ 6815


									Pocket PC – iPAQ 6815

There are various models of pocket PCs and one of the most popular is the
iPAQ 6815. It was manufactured in Taiwan and released in the market last
2006. European markets are flooded with different models of pocket PCs
and that includes the iPAQ 6815.

This amazing pocket pc is WI-FI compatible and it also features an FM
radio. Despite its relatively small size, the pocket pc is equipped with
a lot of features such as the Bluetooth, camera, internet access, etc.
You can even upgrade its memory through the mini-SD. The slot will enable
you to move your photos, music, and important files from your pocket pc
to other devices.

If you want to stay connected at all times, you should get this
particular model. It boasts a good connectivity and acts as your personal
messenger. Here are its other features:

• Wireless technology (GSM)

•Operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0

•Push Technology so that all your personal data and email are directed to
the mobile device

•USB slot

•PhotoSmart Camera

•Windows Media Player

The iPAQ 6815 pocket pc resembles with the PDA phones. However, there are
certain features which make it unique. Well, it’s up to you to check out
PDA phones and the pocket PCs. This mobile device attracts young adults
especially the students. Businessmen usually don’t go for this model
because they want more advanced features which they can use for business
purposes. Since the device was launched last 2006, you can purchase it
today at attractive offers. You will surely get the best deal especially
if you’re able to find a reputable seller online.

Late last year (2007), a new series of iPAQ pocket PCs was released. The
series complemented the earlier release of the Voice Messenger iPAQ 500.
The new iPAQ series boasts a range of compact organizers, stylish
handhelds, Wi-Fi networking, complex applications, larger screens,
additional connectivity, Mobile Office applications, GPS, 3G mobile
communication, digital camera, exclusive HP software applications, and
QWERTY keyboard.

The series is composed of four models and each model has its own unique
features. Since the new iPAQ series was released last year, the models
are still a bit pricey so you might want to settle with the iPAQ 6815.
Well, again, that would depend on your individual needs. Nonetheless, if
you can afford the new series of pocket PC, why not purchase it? Just go
ahead and make the purchase, after all, it’s your money and it’s for your
convenience. You just have to check out the online stores and see what
they have in stock.

Try to compare the prices from one store to another because if you’re
quite lucky, you can find good deals offered by the sellers. Just be
diligent with your search; a few hours may already be enough and in no
time at all, the pocket PC will be delivered to your doorstep.

Pocket PCs are indeed a must have these days. Having a pocket PC anywhere
you go is just like taking your personal computer with you, only it is
much smaller and more convenient. You can hand-carry it or just slip it
inside your pocket. There are even pocket PCs that have their very own
carry-case. SO choose your pocket PC well and make sure that it meets
your individual needs.

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