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					Committee: Security Council
Topic: The question of piracy off the Horn of Africa
Main Submitter: UK
Co-submitter: Uganda

Deeply disturbed that North Somalia is actually working with the pirates,

Alarmed by the instability and corruption of the Somali government,

Bearing in mind that the pirates have caused merchants of numerous countries to avoid
trading, because of the piracy around the Horn of Africa,

Taking into account that the weaponry used by the pirates has become more advanced
over the years,

Emphasizing that warships were sent by Russia, India, China, and Japan to the Gulf of

Fully aware that the EU sent fleets consisting of vessels from 10 countries led by UK and
Greece, while USA, France, India, Russia, and China sent vessels to protect international

Noting with approval that the Maritime Security Patrol Area was established by the
combined Task Force 150 in September of 2008,

Recalls Islamic leaders and the Information minister of Somalia had refused threats made
from Osama Bin-Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, to overthrow the current Somali
president, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed,

1. Requests international donations provided by the IMF –International Monetary Fund-
   and other appropriate NGOs in order to raise money for the desired reasons but not
   limited to
         a. Aid towards the Somali citizens such as but not limited to
                 i. Food
                ii. Shelter
               iii. Protection
          b. Creation of Medical Camps with the purpose of providing free medical care
              to Somali citizens affected by this conflict as to provide medical assistace
              where needed;

2. Suggests UN or Somali personal to assist in finding the secret pirate bases, in ways
   such as but not limited to:
        a. Scapegoats to follow the pirates into the bases, these scapegoats will be
           equipped with communications technology as to stay in contact with
           appropriate military forces,
         b.     Utilizing satellite technology in order to locate the relative location of these

3. Calls upon the resolution of the political crisis/ governmental instability in Somalia,
   in ways such as but not limited to:
         a. Discussions between the political parties (Puntland, Muslims, Central
             Government) ruling Somalia mediated by another non-affiliated African
         b. Democratic elections to be held overseen by the UN as to prevent
         c. Encourages South Somalia to collaborate with North Somalia as to
             discover the reason behind North Somalia’s alleged cooperation with the

4. Supports land based and air based attacks towards the pirates organized by the Somali
   military and other involved military forces how ever the following protocol should be
          a. Ensuring that civilians are not harmed in the attack,
          b. Causing as little environmental damage as to not ruin the lively hoods of
              the people in the area,
          c. Ensuring that the military abides by the laws stated in the Geneva

5. Demands all countries whose leaders have been suspected to support the piracy off
   the Horn of Africa to be put on trial by the ICJ and in the case of a guilty verdict
   being found appropriate action be taken by both the ICJ and the nation’s appropriate
   judicial authorites;

6. Urges all countries directly involved with the conflict not to interfere with the
   eradication of the pirates around the Horn of Africa to avoid unnecessary confusion
   and localize piracy;

7. Prompts the Somali nation to continue to refuse pirate threats during their time of
   need, this can be done in such ways as but not limited to the following:
          a. Refusing to negotiate with the pirates on matters pertaining to the
              ransoming of ships and deals regarding any other significant piracy issues
          b. Instead clarify that their position in this eradication is not the best and if
              they do not cooperate with the Somali government they will be eradicated
              or punished to the punishment the court has to give
          c. Report all threats as fast as possible to the UN;

8. Calls upon a new department under peacekeeping specifically devoted to piracy
   around the world created by 2011 with the purpose of
          a. Providing assistance to the Somali government in their endeavors regarding
             this issue
          b. Providing material need to support the Somali navy in order to help them
             deal with the piracy attacks than relying on UN military forces
          c. Ensuring that the Somali navy do not use the supplies for anything other
             than tackling this issue of piracy;

9. Sanctions international organizations with military power to help detain the pirates
   threatening the Somali lands, however their role would be limited to assisting the
   Somali navy in helping to tackle the issue, as to avoid too many countries’ NGOs
   getting involved;

10. Recommends the suspects that have been released due to lack of evidence be watched
    more closely to find evidence that they are involved in pirate activity, or institute a
    new judicial system with the purpose of specifically trying to convict pirates;

11. Trusts all those who are here to stay actively involved in this matter.

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