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Sample business plan for a restaurant


Sample business plan for a restaurant

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									Sample business plan for a restaurant

The first step in opening a successful restaurant business is writing a comprehensive
restaurant business plan. Almost everybody has a rough idea of what basically constitutes
a restaurant business plan sample. But there are many things which you need to pay
attention to, as most people often miss to include them.

So here's a head start on crafting your restaurant business sample-

In general there are five things that all restaurant business plans should have. They are
Executive Summary, Market Research, History and Position to Date, Operations and
Business Strategy.

Speaking about executive summary it should address some vital issues like mission and
objective of the company, description of the company, products and services offered,
finance requirements as well as financial forecasts. An executive summary is often
regarded as the foundation of any business. All the information that you will provide in
the plan will be like a guiding path as to what your restaurant will do and how they will
do it.

History and position to date is the second vital thing in a business plan sample. This part
of the business plan will take you a step further in running your restaurant business. Here
you require to include some vital things- such as, the key personnel and the management
team of your business, history of your restaurant and also the structure of your restaurant

Market research is the most important part of the business plan sample. Efficient market
research will only depict how much successful your restaurant business is going to be in
the long run. A market research should be inclusive of the following factors - social and
economic factors, long-term opportunities, competitive environment, customer
description, geographic area, market definition, competitive analysis, market
opportunities, competitive advantages and also potential future competition.

The answers that you would get to these things should be analyzed carefully. The
information received through market research is invaluable for the success of any

Business strategy is another important component of a restaurant business plan sample.
Here you should exactly explain how you plan to attract customers to your restaurant.
You not only require to attract but also to retain that attraction so as the customers can
keep coming back to your restaurant. Thus the topics that should be addressed in this part
of the plan are advertising and promotion, incentives or special offers to customers,
marketing and sales and commission.
After this comes the fifth most important part of a restaurant business plan sample is
Operations. Here you need to explain clearly as to how you will run your business on a
daily basis. This part should include things like number of employees you have, type of
employees, the daily menu, particular food on a particular day and more. Basically this
part of the restaurant business plan should address the daily operations of your restaurant
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