World History Chapter 29 Study Guide

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            World History Chapter 29 Study Guide

Section 1

1. Name the members of the Triple Entente:

2. Name the members of the Triple Alliance:

3. What Slavic territories did Austria - Hungary annex?

4. What is militarism?

5. What is imperialism?

6. What is an alliance?

7. Whose assassination sparked the beginning of World War I?

8. What nickname was given to the Balkan Peninsula immediately prior to
   World War I?

9. What was “No Mans Land”?

10. What was Bismarck’s goal behind forming the Triple Alliance?

11. What is mobilization?

12. Where were Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife Sophie assassinated?

13. What is conscription?

Section 2

14. Name the countries that were the Allied Powers at the beginning of
    World War I:

15. Name the countries that made up the Central powers at the beginning of
    World War I:

16. What was trench warfare?

17. What was a stalemate?

18. What member of the Triple Alliance remained neutral that the beginning
    of World War I?

19. Whose neutrality did Germany ignore when it invaded France at the
    beginning of World War I?

20. Who did Austria-Hungary declare war on to begin World War I?

21. What was the Schlieffen Plan?

22. At what battle was tank warfare 1st introduced?

23. Name three weapons that were introduced in World War I?

24. What did the French victory at the Battle of the Marne signal and end to?

25. Why did Russia feel compelled to help Serbia at the beginning of World
    War I?

Section 3
26. What was the main goal of the Allies Gallipoli campaign? Was it

27. What is a total war?

28. What is propaganda?

29. What was the Zimmerman Note?

30. What is an armistice?

31. What affect did the British blockade have on Germany?

32. What Allied nation suffered the least causalities in World War I?

33. Why did the United States finally decide to enter World War I?

34. What passenger ship was sank by the German in World War I?

35. How did World War I affect Europe’s economy?

36. How did the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk have on Germany’s military

37. What system did the United States use to counteract the German U-

38. Why did Germany resume its policy of unrestricted warfare near the end
    of the War?

   What did it hope to accomplish?

39. What did the countries use to improve citizen’s morale during World
    Wear I?

Section 4
40. What were the Fourteen Points?

41. What was the League of Nations?

42. What country did not join the League of Nations?

43. Why did many Americans not want to join the League of Nations?

44. What U.S. president issued the Fourteen Point Plan?

45. Who gained control of Alsace Lorraine after World War I?

46. What are reparations?

47. What two countries demanded that Germany pay reparations following
    World War I?

48. How did the Allies respond to Wilson’s vision for peace?

49. What were the results of the Treaty of Versailles?

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