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Renting An Apartment After Bankruptcy


									Renting An Apartment After Bankruptcy

If you have ever filed for bankruptcy, you might think that renting an
apartment after bankruptcy is impossible. This could be true, but most
property owners look at this as a sure sign you cannot file again for
seven years and think you are a good risk. The way the bankruptcy laws
have changed, your ability to rent an apartment or a house is not in
jeopardy. If you have filed bankruptcy in the past, you may want to
explain this to a potential property owner.

You might be able to explain away the bankruptcy because of loss of work,
change in marital status or any other reason that caused the bankruptcy.
Most property owners will listen and make a decision from there. If you
have documents from other property owners stating that you always paid
your rent on time, this is another plus to show that you are responsible
where the rent is concerned.

Renting an apartment after bankruptcy does not always mean you will pay
the monthly rent, but if you do not pay the rent, the property owner can
and will seek damages through a court hearing and you cannot claim
bankruptcy on this judgment. When property owners look at your credit
history, they will consider the bankruptcy and if you do not have other
credentials to support your ability to pay the rent, they may regard you
as a high risk.

Providing documents pertaining to all available income and assets will
help the property owner decide if you can easily pay the monthly rent and
the utilities while still have money for other necessities. Just because
you have filed bankruptcy in the past, does not have to mean you are a
bad credit risk if you can show that you are gainfully employed and have
the means to support yourself and /or family.

Once you know what apartment you are interested in, talk to the owner
about renting an apartment after bankruptcy to clear up any misgivings
they may have. This can only go without saying, the right way to prove
yourself. Once things are talked about openly, you will have a better
relationship with the property owner and a better chance of obtaining the
apartment you so desire. You do have to be honest and not make excuses,
only the truth will prevail.

You do not have to give up your dream of having a nice apartment or even
renting a house if you have filed for bankruptcy, you just need to the
communication skills to sell yourself as someone who can pay the rent and
take care of the place. If you follow a few simple tips to presenting
yourself in a different light, most property owners will see this as a
good show of faith and consider you for a tenant.

Having the wrong attitude can mean being accepted or denied when it comes
to renting a house or apartment. You need to know exactly what to say and
when to say it if you really want the home.

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