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Professional Resume


									                                          CURRICULUM VITAE
                                           Eng. Haya Sammaneh

Address               An-Najah National University
                      Nablus, West Bank
                      Tel.: Home-(09)2348784 Office: (00972)(9) 2345113-7        Ext. 2195
                      Mobile: (09)-599-752807
                      E-mail: ,

Education             M.S., Computer Engineering
                      Jordan University of Science and Technology, August 2006
                      GPA: 84.1 %

                      B.S., Computer Engineering
                      An-Najah National University, June 2004
                      GPA: 87.8 %

                      High School Scientific Stream, 1999
                      Grade: 95.1 %

Teaching Experience   August 2006-till now
                      Instructor in Computer Engineering Department, An-Najah National University.

Area of interest      Wireless Networks , Software Engineering

Training              May-2008
                      Kaspersky Lab Data-Security Technician LAN Windows
                      Training Center : IAXCESS Company ( – Jordan

                         Computer Programming C++
                         Data Structure an algorithms

                         Object Oriented Programming -Java

                         Database Systems

                         Software Engineering

                         Computer Components and Interfacing

                        Computer Graphics

                        Algorithms and Computational Complexity

                        Special Topics I – Cryptography and Network Security

                        Special Topics II – C# and ASP programming

                        Microprocessors lab

                        Embedded Control Lab

                        Network Lab

                        Programming Languages: JAVA, C/C++, C#

                        Networking: Configuration of Cisco Switches and Building official LANs, WAN

                        Data Base Engines: Oracle9i,SQL Server

                        Scripts: Html, PHP and ASP

Refereed               “An End-to-End Support for Short-Lived TCP Flows in Heterogeneous Wired-cum-Wireless
Conference Papers    Networks: An Analytical Study”, published in the International Arab Journal of Information
                     Technology, Vol. 8, No. 2, April 2011

                        "Extreme Programming (XP)", Proceedings of NaCSES'07 conference

Conferences             DCCA 2007, 1st International Conference on Digital Communications & Computer
                         Applications. 19-22 March 2007 in Jordan

                        National Conference on Software Engineering & Computer Systems 2007 (NaCSES'07)
                         in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Workshops and           A regional workshop in improving the study plan for information technology and
Seminars                 computer science in Palestine Polytechnic University- Friends of Fawzi Kawash IT Center,

                        Several seminars in Najah National University.

Master Thesis           An Analytical Model For Short-Lived Tcp Flows In Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Graduation Project      Software Project: Online Library System
                        Hardware Project: Distributed Home Security System using PIC Microcontroller

Languages               Arabic: Mother Tongue.

                        English: Very Good.


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