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1. Introduction:
       The safety and enjoyment of the members of the community are of
       primary concern in the operation of our pool and clubhouse at
       Stonewall Ranch. If we show courtesy and consideration for others
       in our use of these community facilities, only a minimum of rules
       and guidelines should be needed.

       No lifeguards will be on duty. Persons using the pool do so at their
       own risk. Pool capacity is 115-which is the maximum persons
       allowed in the pool at any one time. Please abide by the rules and
       guidelines, and avoid any activity that interferes with the swimming
       enjoyment of others.

       As conditions change and use of the pool increases, it may be
       necessary for the Pool Committee to make recommendations to the
       Board of Directors for changes to the pool rules and procedures.

2. 2009 Pool Schedule and Hours of Operation:
       Year-round Unsupervised Swimming:
       • Daily 6 a.m.-10 p.m., except Tuesday when the pool is closed
          for cleaning and maintenance.
       • Lifeguards are available for swim lessons. Please coordinate
          directly with AMS at eva@ams-sa.com

       The Association or Pool Manager reserves the right to close the
       pool at any time for emergency or repair purposes.

3. Entry and Pool Use:
    a. The pool facilities were designed and built for the use of
       Stonewall Ranch residents, their visiting relatives and their

    b. Persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The Association
       is not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of personal
       property. The ultimate responsibility rests with the Association
       members who are homeowners or renters in the Stonewall Ranch

    c.   Only Association members in good standing (those who have paid
         annual assessment fees as required), their tenants, and their
         accompanied guests are permitted to use the pool and pool area. If
         not your pool access card will be deactivated.            Also, the
         Association must have your completed membership information
         and wavier of liability form on file or your pool access card will be
         deactivated until it is received.

    d. Each family will be issued one (1) pool card once the Association
       has confirmed that the member is in good standing. A waiver and
       membership information form must also be signed by each adult
       member. There will be a ten dollar ($10) charge for additional

    e. Anyone using the pool must have his/her pool card. Do not allow
       non-residents to use the card.

    f.   Members and guests must sign in when entering the pool area and
         sign out when leaving. The sign-in/sign-out register will serve as a
         factual source of information about the days and times when the
         pool is used most frequently and by whom.

    g. Pool Parties: see section 6.

4. Pool Conduct Rules:
    a. The Stonewall Ranch Homeowners Association strongly suggests
       that no residents swim alone at any time.

    b. Not allowed in the pool enclosure:
          o Alcoholic beverages
          o Smoking
          o Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
          o Glass or breakable containers
          o Diving into the pool
          o Running, rough or excessive horseplay
          o Abusive, vulgar or profane language or hand gestures
          o Concealed weapons
          o Use of skateboards, skates, roller blades, bikes and similar
               devices (also not allowed in Pavilion area)
          o Animals, birds, reptiles, etc.

    c.   Food, drinks, bottles and gum are prohibited in the pool or on the
         pool edge. Limit use of these items to the patios and lawn areas.

    d. Persons with communicable diseases, open cuts or sores are not
       allowed in the pool.

    e. Pool users must be properly attired in swim wear. No cut-off pants,
       jean shorts or boxers are permitted.

    f.   The wading pool is intended for use by non-swimming children ages
         six (6) and younger. Parents and/or responsible guardians must
         accompany all children in the wading pool.

    g. Diaper-age children must wear disposable swim diapers or
       reusable commercial swim diapers at all times while in the baby
       pool or swimming pool. Disposable diapers or cloth diapers with
       rubber pants are not allowed. There will be a one hundred dollar
       ($100) fine for cleaning the pool if a diaper leaks or bursts in
       the pool. Please be aware that any time waste is discovered in the
       pool, the Association must close the pool at a cost of approximately
       two hundred dollars ($200) per incident.

    h. No one under age fifteen (15) is allowed in the pool area unless
       accompanied by an adult Association member.
          o Special Consideration: Children ages thirteen (13) and
              fourteen (14) may swim unaccompanied by first passing a
              swim test performed by a lifeguard. Parents must sign a
              wavier. A copy of the certification from the lifeguard test will
              be kept on file with the Association. This privilege will be
              revoked for the remainder of the swim season for
              inappropriate behavior and/or failure to comply with pool
              conduct rules.

    i.   Anyone who repeatedly violates pool rules may be fined at the
         discretion of the Board of Directors.

         Please remember... Abide by the rules and guidelines so that we
         can all enjoy a safe, clean pool area.

5. Pool Guests:
    a. An association member in good standing, and over the age of
       eighteen (18), may bring up to four (4) guests at any one time.
       The host member must accompany his/her guests at all times and
       is responsible for his/her guests conduct.
    b. A guest cannot be a non-paid member of the Association.
       Members who have not paid their assessments may not enter the
       pool or pool area as a guest of a paid member.

6. Pool Parties:
    a. Pool parties are NOT exclusive. All pool members have the
       right to use the pool when it is open. Pool parties will only be
       scheduled from May 31 thru August 15, 2009. No pool parties
       will be scheduled on Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor

    b. Only Association members or tenants in good standing may reserve
       the pool facilities for parties.
           o Association members may request pool party reservations
               by calling AMS office and scheduling the party. It is
               recommended that requests are made at least fourteen
               (14) days before the planned event to ensure lifeguards
               are available. Pool parties are not confirmed until the
               lifeguard salary, signed lease and deposit have been
               received by the AMS office. The deposit consists of:
               $20/hour per lifeguard (two are required) and a one
               hundred dollar ($100) deposit. The deposit will be
               refunded if the facility (including bathrooms) is properly
               cleaned and has no damage at the conclusion of the party.

    c.   All pool rules and guidelines specified herein apply during all pool

    d. The Association member hosting the party is responsible for
       ensuring that party attendees depart the pool area at the end of the
       party. The host member must clean up after the guests and remove
       all trash immediately following the event.

    e. Daytime Parties:
          o Only parties for children with up to twelve (12) guests
              may be held during the day. The term guests include
              swimmers, non-swimmers, siblings and parents of
          o Daytime parties may be scheduled:
                      Wednesdays – Mondays from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
          o At least two (2) lifeguards are required for pool parties. The
              cost for the extra lifeguard(s) is paid by the Association

                member scheduling the event.
    f.   Evening Parties:
            o These parties are open for all ages and can have up to
                forty (40) guests in attendance. The term guests include
                swimmers, non-swimmers, siblings and parents of
            o Evening parties may be scheduled:
                        Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays: 5
                        p.m. – 9 p.m.
                        Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday, only if Monday
                        is Federal Holiday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.
            o At least two (2) lifeguards are required for any party with up
                to 40 guests.

    g. The Pool Manager reserves the right to require additional lifeguards
       for special circumstances and age considerations.

7. Clubhouse:
    a. The Association is not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of
       personal property.

    b. Only Association members in good standing (those who have paid
       annual assessment fees as required), their tenants, and their
       accompanied guests are permitted to reserve the clubhouse.

    c.   The clubhouse can be reserved up to ninety (90) days in advance
         by calling the AMS office.

    d. A fifty dollar ($50) non-refundable usage fee and a one hundred
       dollar ($100) deposit are required to reserve the clubhouse. The
       deposit will be refunded if the facility is properly cleaned and has no
       damage at the conclusion of the event.

    e. Reservations must include the specific date, start and end times,
       number of guests and type of event. After booking the event, the
       Association member will receive a lease agreement to read and
       sign. Reservations are not confirmed until the AMS office
       receives the following:
                     i. The signed lease agreement;
                    ii. Two (2) separate checks – one for fifty dollars
                         ($50) and one for one hundred dollars ($100) as
                         stated in 7d. The checks should be made out to
                         “Stonewall Ranch OA”.

    f.   Keys may be picked up from a committee member the day of or the
         day before the scheduled event, if it is on Saturday, Sunday or

    g. After the event, the clubhouse and restrooms must be cleaned
       according to the posted guidelines in the clubhouse. All trash must
       be removed from the site after the event.

    h. The keys must be returned the next business day following the

    i.   Within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the key and before the
         next event, a committee member will verify that the clubhouse has
         been cleaned and there is no damage to the facility. All security
         deposits will be returned via U.S. first class mail.

AMS Office Information:

Association Management Services
1600 N.E. Loop 410, Ste. 202
San Antonio TX 78209
210.829.7202 phone
210.829.5207 fax

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Association Manager – Eva Hecox: eva@ams-sa.com
Pool and clubhouse reservations – Pat: Pat@ams-sa.com


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