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									A Guide to Hawaii, Maui Car Rentals for Vacation Trips

It is vacation time once again. You’ve been dreaming of going to Hawaii,
to Maui and have the vacation of a lifetime. You probably have spent days
planning, setting up all the reservations, checking up all the sights,
the possible tours and even writing down an itinerary in order to
maximize your tropical vacation.

Everything’s set except for one: your car rental. Renting a car in your
Hawaii, Maui vacation can be least of your priorities, but knowing what
to expect is also part of the planning. So here’s a short basic guide on
what to expect with Hawaii, Maui car rentals for your vacation.

Car rental prices in Hawaii vary, not only due to the make and model of
the car but are also dependent on which time of the year you intend to
travel, the number of days you’ll be vacationing in the islands, the time
of pick-up and drop-off, and the rental company, to name a few.

June to August and the month of December are usually the months where car
rentals rates goes up. These are summer months and December is the
holiday season so a lot of tourists come to the islands to spend their
days in the beach. In order to avoid the high rental rates in these
months, you should decide early on if you would like to rent a car during
your stay in Hawaii. Placing a reservation three months in advance would
be ideal in this situation.

Ordinarily, the longer you rent the car for your vacation the better
chance you get a discount on the rental charge. A week long vacation on
the islands will usually get you the last day or the last two days of
your car rental for free. A number of car rental agencies do this as
their selling point.

Also, it is good to note that car rental agencies in Hawaii charge
additional hour rates. This is aside from the daily or weekly rates that
you will be paying. So it is would be best to schedule your activities,
drop off and pick ups within the designated day rates to avoid paying
additional hourly rates. You’ll be able to save more money this way.

Convertibles and Jeep Wranglers fetch a higher rental rate because they
are quite in demand. Likewise, rental charges for SUVs and various luxury
cars are higher since the base costs of these vehicles are quite high in
the first place. However, also take note that cars that have more seats
for people such as minivans are more expensive as well.

The good thing in making car rental reservations in Hawaii is that most
agencies will not charge you any cancellation fees. So you can make
reservation during your early planning sessions and have it cancelled if
needed. During the slow months, you can even see car rental companies
slashing off their rates to attract last minute travelers.

However, it is still ideal to make plans and reserve a vehicle early. Car
rental companies don’t have an unlimited stock of cars. The cost of
acquiring cars for this kind of business is rather high. So you might
have difficulties finding a rental a week before your vacation. Make
reservations months ahead. Anyways, nowadays, reservations are made easy
through online.

It is also good to know that rental companies located on airport ground
are charged a concession fee by the airport which they pass on to
consumers like ourselves. If you want to save a few dollars, you best to
rental agencies that are situated outside the airport grounds.

As I mentioned earlier, these are just basic Hawaii, Maui car rental
vacation tips. You can browse online to see more tips or ask your friends
you have been in Hawaii for the best ways to plan your vacation. Take the
extra effort, it’s worth it.

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