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									                                                                         Dr Dawn Skelton
                                                                    Reader in Aging and Health

    Profession                   Work setting
       Consumer/carer              Academic
       Clinician                   Clinical
       Researcher                  Other
       Policy Maker

Contact: dawn.skelton@gcal.ac.uk 0141 3318792
About Dawn Skelton PhD BSc
Dawn is a Reader in Aging and Health in the School of Health and Social Care, Glasgow Caledonian

Contributions to HealthQWest
• Member of the HealthQWest Executive Group.
• Member of the Gerontology Research Programme
• Contributor to West of Scotland Regional Hub: National Physiotherapy Research Network

Publications since joining HealthQWest in March 2007
• Zijlstra A, Ufkes T, Skelton DA, Lundon-Olsson L, Zijlstra W. Do dual tasks have an added value over
  single tasks for balance assessment in fall prevention programs? Clinical Rehabilitation. [IF=1.5]. In press.
• Skelton DA, Todd C. Prevention of Falls Network Europe: A Thematic Network aimed at introducing good
  practice in effective falls prevention across Europe. Three years on. Musculoskeletal and Neuronal
  Interactions. [IF=N/A]. In press
• Skelton DA, Dinan S. Falls & Bone Health, Kiss of Life Multimedia – Exercise Training to Prevent Falls.
  CD ROM. [IF=N/A]. In press
• Skelton DA, Dinan S. Aging and older people. In: Buckley JP, ed, Exercise physiology in special
  populations. Advances in Sport and Exercise Science. Elsevier Books: Edinburgh. [IF=N/A]. In press
• Skelton DA. (2007) Exercise and falls prevention in older people. CME Geriatric Medicine.9 (1): 16-21.
• Skelton DA, Dinan S. (2007) Exercise and Cardiovascular Health Part 1. Fitness Professionals Magazine,
  pp.41-42. [IF=N/A].
• Skelton DA, Dinan S. (2007) Exercise and Cardiovascular Health Part 1. Fitness Professionals Magazine,
  pp.42-43. [IF=N/A].

Other current activities
• Chair of UK Branch of Is-PAPOFF (International Society for Physical Activity in the Prevention of
  Osteoporosis, Falls and Fractures).
• Board Committee Member: British Geriatric Society Falls and Bone Health Section; National Coalition for
  Active Ageing; EXTEND Charity, EUNESE (European Network for Safety in the Elderly); ProFaNE
  (Prevention of Falls Network Europe)
• Associate Editor of Journal of Ageing and Physical Activity (JAPA) [IF=1.218]

Special Interests
•     Assessment and prevention of falls, fear of falling, older people and exercise, motivation to exercise

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