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									The Popularity of Sports Sponsorship

Sports sponsorship can be observed and dated back to Rome and Ancient
Greece where prominent society members supported the arts festival as
well as the sports played. By support, it didn’t mean the proper
sponsorship or patronage that was considered as a marketing tool. It
rather meant continuation of such festivals and athletic events for

Today, however, sponsorship through sports has become one of the most
popular kinds of sponsorship due to the amount of exposure it can get for
both sponsor and sponsee. Sponsoring an athlete or sport means that the
sponsor is exchanging products or money for the right to link and
associate the company name with the sporting event or athlete.

Why do organizations sponsor sports?

Aside from the popularity tag sports sponsorship gives, a number of other
benefits also appeal to the company’s interest. Some of the most common
benefits are given below:

Added value to brand

Companies that sponsor sports want their product or range of products to
have added value when attached to a sports event or group. By value, this
points to product quality, price and/or content. Companies use sports as
a leverage to stand out among other competitors, and in turn create for
themselves a top position where consumers can remember the name, and
possibly have permanent brand recognition.

So what exactly do sports have that other types of sponsorships don’t
necessarily offer? To view in terms of goals – sporting events have
always had one definite output, and that is there is always a winner in
the end. There is always competition; a test of which team or athlete
will overcome the other, proving who is superior.

Gold medals, trophies, world records, global awareness are involved in
sports and are the symbol of status of teams or athletes in a particular
sport. Winners become popular enough to become household names, and this
is what appeals to corporations who want to give out sponsorships. They
want their name attached to that household name – which will in turn
become a household name.

Major corporations such as Gatorade have applied this kind of sponsorship
and come out as one of the most popular brands for beverage products.
They attach themselves with major sporting events and give relevance by
pointing out the benefit of the product to the athlete. This then sticks
to the minds of consumers and sports enthusiast about which sports drink
is the one to stick to.

Sports sponsorship does not only apply to major companies, but also to
small businesses as well. The general idea of brand awareness is still
applied and the only difference is the level or scale it covers.
All in all, organizations support sporting events with specific
objectives, each of which is addressed below:

• Brand Awareness – this objective seeks to let consumers become aware of
the product name.

• Brand Image – this objective attempts to create a specific style and/or
personality that distinguishes a brand from its other competitors, and in
turn may give premium pricing

• Consumer relations – corporations support sporting events to directly
involve themselves with consumers and potential clients, proving that
their company is capable of providing proper services and/or products

• Community relations – A more altruistic approach is for this objective
wherein the company is concerned about the welfare of a community; and so
supporting a sports event can make themselves know to the community

• Employee relations – this objective for a corporation is to promote
employee loyalty that will in the long term be very beneficial to the

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