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    Samsung Company was started in 1938 by MR. Byung-Chull Lee. The
first time it is an export company in Korea , selling fish , vegetables ,and
fruit to China .
     From 1958 onwards Samsung began to expand into other industries such as ,
financial, media, chemicals, and ship building .
    In 1969, Samsung electronics was established producing what Samsung is most
famous for , television ,mobile phone , radio, computer components and other
electronics devices .
    In 1987, Samsung company was changed the chairman from Byung-Chull Lee to
Kun-Hee Lee as the new chairman .
   In the 1990s, Samsung began to expand globally building factories in the US
,Britain, Germany, Thailand , Mexico, Spain, and China until 1997.
  In 1997 nearly all Korean businesses shrunk in size , but electronical
industry of Samsung, they managed to curb this and continue to grow.
  Then from day to , they developed smart phones and a phone combined
mp3 player towards the end of the 20th century. To this date Samsung are
dedicated to the 3G industry. Making video,camera phones at a speed to
keep up with consumer demand. Samsung has made steady growth in the
mobile industry.
       2.The updating of Samsung from day to day

Nowadays Samsung company is developing their products in order to
keep up with their reputation and their consumer demand. They
produce many new product , computer , mobile phone ,and other
electrical things .
 3.The way how to attract the customers ?

        They update the product with the beauty of it



Concert                          TV                sport       other sponsors

 4. The location business of Samsung company
    For example Advertising and Sales Promotion in india
    In 1995, when Samsung entered India, it realized that Indian
    consumers were not familiar with the company. So, in order to
    establish itself in the Indian consumers' mind, Samsung launched
    corporate advertisements highlighting its technologically superior
 1. We are investing aggressively in marketing to transform our company to be truly
    market driven and to establish our Samsung brand as the most trusted and
    brand in the market."

5. the price
  6. The Compettion Of Samsung With Other Company Company Products
    -with sony company
     - with apple
     -with acer
    -with other electrical company
                  Samsung company

For my group will presentation about :

     The history of Samsung company
     The updating of Samsung product
     The way how to attract the customers
     The location business of Samsung company
     The price
     The Compettion Of Samsung With Other Company
      Company Products

The member group :

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