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Download a pdf of our full daytime Thai - Daytime Menu


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									                                                          Daytime Menu

                                Tapas                                                                    Two Dish Meal Combi’s
                                                                                                            Vegetable Tempura
Mussels with Red Curry paste stir fry                          2.95                                            Spring Roll
Mixed Vegetable Tempura                                        1.95                                             Dumpling
Papaya Salad (Lightly spicy)                                   2.00                                          Prawn on Toast
Spring Rolls                                                   1.95
Thai Dumplings                                                 1.95                           Chicken meal - Vegetarian meal - Prawn meal
Gra Pow Squid (Stir fry squid with chill and basil)            2.95                               £5.50             £5.00            £5.95
Prawn Salad (Spicy lime dressing)                              2.95
                                                                                                                 With choice
Fluffy squid (with salt and pepper)                            2.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken                                         2.50                                          Spicy Fried Rice
Beef Salad                                                     2.95                                             Fried Rice
Tom Yum Chicken                                                2.95                                             Pad Thai
                                                                                                             Tom Yum Noodle
Rice                                                           1.30
                                                                                                               Green Curry
Chicken Satay                                                  2.20                                             Red Curry
Prawn with Ginger                                              2.95                                           Ginger Stir fry
Rustic Grilled Chicken                                         2.95                                         Cashew Nut Stir fry
Grilled Squid                                                  2.95                                              Gra Pao

Nong Kai Tapas Set                                    Hungry Squid Tapas Set                                 Starving Squid Tapas Set
Moo Ping (BBQ Pork on Skewer)                         Chicken Green Curry                                    Spicy Beef Salad
Green Papaya Salad                                    Chicken Satay                                          Salt and Pepper Squid
Fish Cakes                                            Spring Rolls                                           Thai Spring Rolls
Sticky RIce                                           Rice                                                   Dumplings
                                          £7.50                                                 £7.50                                               £7.50

One Giggling Squid Set                                Two Giggling Squids Set                                Vegetarian Set

Mussels with Chili and Basil                          Grilled Squid with spicy dressing                      Vegetable Green Curry
Garlic Squid                                          Sweet and Sour Prawn                                   Stir fry vegetables with ginger
Prawn Tempura                                         Fish Cake                                              Spring Rolls
Vegetable Stir fry with Oyster Sauce                  Prawn Cracker                                          Rice
                                         £7.95                                                £7.95                                                 £7.00

One Big Dish with rice
Pad Thai               Old favourite . Select from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian           £5.50 – 5.95
Green Curry            Best in Brighton. Select from chicken, prawn or veg                £5.50 – 6.30
Red Curry              Creamy rich and aromatic. Select from veg, chicken or prawn        £5.50 – 6.30
Cashew Stir fry .      Select from Chicken, Prawn or Vegetarian                           £5.50 – 6.30
Grilled Beef & Sticky Rice                                                                £5.95                             www.gigglingsquid.com
Beef & Oyster Sauce

Soft Drinks                                                                    Alcohol
Coca Cola Contour Classis     1.95     Tropical Fruit Juice     2.00           Chang Beer                   2.95     Singha Beer               2.95
Diet Coke                     1.95     Cloudy Lemonade          1.95           Tiger Beer                   2.95     Real Ale                  2.95
Mineral Water (330ml)         1.95     Mineral Water (750ml)    2.95           House White per glass        2.95     House Red per glass       2.95
Orange Juice                  2.00     Apple Juice              2.00           House White                  9.95     House Red                 9.95
Green Tea                     1.50     Cafetiere Coffee         1.95           Chilean Chardonnay           12.50    Merlot                    12.50
                                                                               S African Chenin Blanc       16.00    S African Shiraz          15.00

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