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									 Autumn 2009 Issue                                                                             YES TO LIFE YOUR OPTIONS FOR CANCER

 Dear Friends and Supporters
 We’ve had a busy Autumn, but the spotlight has to fall on the most obvious
 change at Yes to Life - the complete and radical rebranding of the charity.
 Initiated by Chris Poulton of top London design company gpstudio, the new
 look is a huge step from where we were, with our ‘homegrown’ branding.
 Chris and gpstudio have captured the essence of Yes to Life in the most
 unexpected way - the new look is fresh, positive, punchy and contemporary,
 and makes the most of the YES in our name that underlies the philosophy
 and work of the charity in bringing hopefulness, optimism and a positive
 outlook to people with cancer.
 We are over the moon! The enormous value to the charity of this             Meanwhile, Marcos Melo translated literally hundreds of pages of
 crucial move will continue to be experienced for many years to              documentation into our new style. We are enormously grateful to
 come. Other heroes implicated in making this move possible are              them and the many others who helped us.
 Dan Bleich who (again) completely restructured our website to the
 new format in record time and Imogen Caird who repurposed all the
                                                                             Very best wishes to you all,
 website content for the new format.
                                                                             Robin Daly - Chairman and Founder

Yes to Life Seminars                                                           Shoot for the
Over recent months, the charity has been building a relationship
with the well-respected supplement manufacturer BioCare. This
has led to a plan for a series of Yes to Life Seminars, sponsored by
                                                                               Join us for a joyful
BioCare. We have long wanted to run this type of event, but have
                                                                               evening of cabaret
lacked the resources. So this is an important step and will enable us
                                                                               in the magnificent
to raise awareness both of the charity and of the possibilities open
                                                                               surroundings of one
to people with cancer through the use of CAM (Complementary &
                                                                               of Hampstead’s most
Alternative Medicine).
                                                                               spectacular private
                                                                               homes. Shoot for the
The first seminar will be held in London on 20th February 2010, and            Moon promises uplifting performances of song, music, wit,
will be a full day with four top speakers: Dr Damien Downing, Dr               wisdom and laughter presented by celebrated actress and
Nicola Hembry, nutritionist Rebecca Edwards and Patricia Peat of               singer Kara Wilson, accompanied by Lydia Melleck. Seats
Cancer Options.                                                                cost £35, including drinks on arrival, food and drinks in the
                                                                               interval, and all entertainment.
                                                                               See overleaf for bookings details
Chief Medical Advisor
Dr Damien Downing MB BS LicAc has been appointed our Chief
                                                                            He is the medical director of the Alliance for Natural Health. Dr
Medical Advisor. Dr Downing has been at the heart of the movement
                                                                            Downing currently practises Ecological Medicine from clinics in
for integrated medicine in the UK for many years. He was a co-
                                                                            York and London.
founder of the British Society for Nutritional Medicine in 1983,
and is the current president of its successor, the British Society for
Ecological Medicine. He also co-founded the Journal of Nutritional          We are delighted to have his support for the work of the charity.
and Environmental Medicine in 1990, and is now its editor-in-chief.

 Yes to Life
 Unit 7, Block C, Imperial Works, Perren St, London NW5 3ED
 Telephone: 0845 257 6950
 Company No: 05495576. Registered Office: As above. Registered Charity No: 1112812
Autumn 2009 Issue                                                                            YES TO LIFE YOUR OPTIONS FOR CANCER

BIKEast                                                                     Mongol Rally
London to Istanbul by bike                                                  Summer is the time for adventure and it doesn’t get more
                                                                            adventurous than this! The Maddog Maddens (Davina Madden
by Paul Stevens                                                             and her daughter Savanna), and Yash Tosar of First Financial
                                                                            Foundations together raised over £1000 for Yes to Life by driving
With London to Paris and Paris                                              8,000 miles to Mongolia in dodgy old cars, in the annual Mongol
to Munich under our belts, we                                               Rally. Thanks go to the teams for their great support for the charity!
embarked on year three of our
epic to Istanbul: Munich to
Venice... over the Alps!                                                    Take part next year for Yes to Life!

The trip itself was amazing!
Fouteen riders this time, which                                             In Memory of Howard Kristall
made for fantastic cameraderie.                                             We are immensely grateful to the Kristall family who raised over
For different reasons the scenery was absolutely breath-taking              £10,000 for Yes to Life. The Kristall’s held a dinner and auction
every day. Can you imagine waking up, looking out of your                   in the Leeds FC banqueting suite to celebrate the life of Howard
bedroom window and being above the clouds? Can you imagine                  Kristall, a dynamic and much loved entrepreneur, who died of
the leg-busting ride up a mountain one day and then the amazing             cancer last winter. Howard had a great appreciation of the role
rush down the other side the next? Imagine the joy of riding the            that Complementary and Alternative Medicine can play in cancer
entire 50k length of Lake Garda in Italy. Flat terrain, tranquil            treatment, and so his family generously planned this event to help
water, and mountains on either side of you. Many of us couldn’t             make CAM available to others with cancer. Attended by around 250
resist a dip, to the great amusement of those enjoying their lunch          friends and relatives, the evening was a huge success.
at the lakeside cafés and bars - they greeted the first one in with a
round of applause!
                                                                            A Good Sense of Humour
Very little can compare with the sense of achievement you feel              Sincere thanks go to Sanderson Jones for raising £350 with a night
when you arrive at your destination - all the way to Venice under           of stand up comedy at the Dogstar pub in Brixton. Another ‘Good
our own steam! And along the way, making new friends and                    Sense of Humour’ night is in the pipeline - we’ll be sure to let you
meeting old ones who rode with you on previous trips. What                  know details nearer the time.
keeps you going? Knowing that when you hurt, it could never
compare with the hurt of those that you are helping through
sponsoring Yes to Life.
                                                                            Tied to Life
                                                                            A massive thank you also to Kira Moore, manageress of The Ship
                                                                            pub in the heart of the City, and all her staff. The Ship is hung with
                                                  We all need               more than 100 ties donated by patrons and Yes to Life supporters,
                                                  something to aim          including Jon Snow! Each tie will be sponsored for £10, with the
                                                  for in life. My aim       more valuable pieces being auctioned off in December. The lucky
                                                  is to continue to         sponsor of Kira’s favorite tie (pre-picked and kept secret) will get
                                                  BIKEast!                  to take home a photo of the lovely lady wearing nothing but the
                                                                            tie…! There will also be a week of pub based fun from Monday 30th
                                                                            November, with a series of quizzes, a bonus board, staff boxes,
                                                  Next year: Venice
                                                                            customer swear boxes, and more. This wonderful and extremely
                                                  to Dubrovnik.
                                                                            friendly pub is definitely worth a visit.

Become a Friend of Yes to Life                                               Non Toxic Options
We have a Friends scheme for regular supporters. Monthly                     Hyperthermia
donations are extremely valuable in providing Yes to Life with the
                                                                             Heat has been used as a means to treat cancer for centuries.
on-going stability needed to get on with the job. If you would like to
                                                                             Healthy body cells can withstand temperatures that cause
support us in this way, please go to our website and click Support
                                                                             problems for a cancer cell, and so treatments have been
Us, or contact us by mail or phone (details below).
                                                                             developed that deliver carefully controlled temperatures, either
Calendar                                                                     locally at a tumour site, or generally, with an infra red sauna.
Tied to Life: 30th Nov – 6th Dec, The Ship, 3 Hart Street,                   Although not often used as the primary means of treating cancer,
London EC3R. 020 7702 4422.                                                  hyperthermia, by weakening cancer cells, makes them far more
Shoot for the Moon: 10th Dec, 7.00 for 7.30 until 9.45 pm.                   vulnerable to other treatments, both orthodox and alternative.
66 Redington Rd, London NW3. To book online, click the link on our           Recent trials have shown stunning improvements through the
homepage. Alternatively contact the office (details below).                  adjunctive use of hyperthermia.

Yes to Life
Unit 7, Block C, Imperial Works, Perren St, London NW5 3ED
Telephone: 0845 257 6950
Company No: 05495576. Registered Office: As above. Registered Charity No: 1112812

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