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   International Symposium on

Friction, Wear
and Wear Protection

9 -11 Apr 2008

   EUROGRESS Conference Centre
   Aachen, Germany

   Deutsche Gesellschaft
   für Materialkunde e.V.
International Symposium on
Friction, Wear and Wear Protection

9 - 11 April 2008
EUROGRESS Conference Centre
Aachen, Germany

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Programme Committee

A. Fischer, Uni-      K. Bobzin, RWTH                        P. Beiss, RWTH     K. Bewilogua, FhI   L. Deters,
versity Duisburg-     Aachen Univer-                         Aachen Universi-   for Surface Engi-   University of
Essen, Germany        sity, Germany                          ty, Germany        neering, Braun-     Magdeburg,
Conference Chair      Conference Chair                                          schweig, Germa-     Germany

K. Friedrich, Uni-    M. Gee, National    S. Hogmark,        K. Holmberg,       N. Huber, GKSS      S. Mischler,
versity of Kaisers-   Physical Labora-    Uppsala Univer-    Technical Re-      Research Center,    EPFL, Lausanne,
lautern, Germany      tory, Middlesex,    sity, Sweden       search Centre,     Geesthacht,         Switzerland
                      UK                                     Espoo, Finland     Germany

G.-P. Ostermeyer,     V. Popov, Techni-   A. Pyzalla, MPI    A. Ramalho,        M. Scherge, FhI     D. Schipper,
University of         cal University of   für Eisenfor-      University of      for Mechanics of    University of
Braunschweig,         Berlin, Germany     schung, Düssel-    Coimbra,           Materials, Frei-    Twente, Ensche-
Germany                                   dorf, Germany      Portugal           burg, Gemany        de, Netherlands

W. Theisen, Ruhr-     J. Vizintin, Uni-   K. Weinert, Uni-   K.-H. Zum Gahr,
University Bo-        versity of Ljubl-   versity of Dort-   Forschungszen-
chum, Germany         jana, Slovenia      mund, Germany      trum Karlsruhe,

Dear Participant,                     The 2008 symposium has 121
                                      oral and 38 poster presentations
it is certainly one of the major      and represents the interdisciplina-
challenges of materials scientists    ry nature of friction, wear, and
and mechanical engineers to           wear protection. For two and a
cope with the demands for long        half days scientists from enginee-
lasting and reliable systems in all   ring and natural sciences will pre-
markets and for all applications.     sent and discuss their results in
The loss of energy by friction and    three parallel sessions. Three key-
the limits of endurance by wear       note lectures on thin coatings,
should be countered by well           polymere composites, and the
selected materials and surfaces.      emerging field of computer simu-
The basic understanding of the        lation round up the programme.
mechanisms of friction and wear
has remarkably increased during       Welcome to Aachen!
the last five decades. Thus, as the
2008 symposium shows, we do           Alfons Fischer
not depend on “trial and error”       Professor at the University of
anymore. This symposium depicts       Duisburg-Essen, Germany
the up-to-date requirements for a
well-aimed selection of the best      Kirsten Bobzin
material and the optimal topo-        Professor at RWTH Aachen Uni-
graphy in combination with suffi-     versity, Germany
cient physical and chemical pro-      Conference Chairs
perties. Thus this symposium
takes part in discussions about
the latest findings on the basic
understanding of friction and
wear and about possible soluti-
ons in wear protection.


A Wear Resistant Non-Ferrous         D   Thin Coatings                      I   Extreme Environments
  Materials                          E   Modelling                          K   Lab. Tests Endurance
B Wear Resistant Fe-Base             F   Computer Simulation                L   Biomaterials
  Materials                          G   Ceramics                           M   DFG Collaborative Research
C Tribology                          H   Polymeres and PMCs                     Centre: SFB 442: Environmen-
                                                                                tally Friendly Tribosystems

Programme Overview

                            Wed                               Thu                               Fri
                           9 April                          10 April                          11 April

     am         •           Opening              •    B          L                 •    F          G          K

                •        Plenary Lecture         •        Plenary Lecture          •        Plenary Lecture

                •    D          C          A     •    B          M          H      •        Closing Address

     pm         •    D          C          A     •    B          M      H/E

                •    D          C        A/I     •    B          M          E

  evening       •        Poster Evening          •    Conference Dinner

The lectures start on Wednesday       All presentations are listed on the
at 10:00 h.                           conference website
The end of the conference is on
Friday at 13:40 h.
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Plenary Lecture

 Room    Brüssel
         Plenary Lecture
         Chair: K. Bobzin, RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

 10:20   Automotive Precision Components - A Challenge for Job Coating Service Companies
   -     A. Hieke (Sp), IonBond Netherlands BV, Venlo (Netherlands)
         Tribological coatings are an ever evolving component to a coatings supplier's portfolio . Research and development in
         this area should be conducted by first evaluating the contact (tribological) characteristics and then translating that in-
         formation to ideal coating properties. With this set of desirable properties a supplier can see which coating would
         make the best match or what can be modified in order to make that match.

         Regarding the choice of coatings, several parameters play a dominant role. It is important to differentiate between
         rolling, sliding, or mixed mode conditions. Also, the heat treatment conditions, the grinding operation after heat treat-
         ment and the resulting surface quality (e.g. roughness) of both contact partners should be taken in consideration.
         Post-treatments of vacuum deposited coatings are necessary in several occasions in order to avoid running-in failure

         The drawback of a-C:H coatings (“DLC”) is the sensitivity to crack initiation and crack propagation. Adequate support
         from base material, heat treatment, and base layers by PVD can avoid such cracking issues.

         The ongoing push for higher fuel efficiency, lower emission rates, higher power densities, lighter base materials, and
         longer warranty periods are drivers to increase the demand for surface enhancements of individual automotive com-
         ponents. The coatings prove their technical value, but the main challenge is to offer such coatings on an acceptable
         cost level.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

    Room    Brüssel                                   Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
            Thin Coatings                             Tribology                                 Wear Resistant Non-Ferrous
            Chair: K. Bobzin, RWTH Aachen Uni-        Chair: D. Biermann, Technische Uni-       Chair: C. Broeckmann, Köppern Ent-
            versity (Germany)                         versität Dortmund (Germany)               wicklungs-GmbH, Hattingen (Ger-

    11:05   Influence of the Contact Pres-            Sliding Friction: Global Versus           Effect of Graphite and Silicon
            sure on the Wear Behavior of              Local Analysis                            Carbide Additions on the Hard-
            Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)                 A. Ramalho (Sp), M.C. Oliveira, L.F.      ness and Wear Resistance of Al-
            Coated and Uncoated Contac-               Menezes, University of Coimbra (Por-      4wt% Mg Alloys
            ting Surfaces in Micro Actuators          tugal)                                    A.M. Hassan (Sp), G.M. Tashtoush,
            F. Pape (Sp), H.H. Gatzen, Leibniz Uni-                                             J.A. Al-Khalil, Jordan University of Sci-
            versität Hannover, Garbsen (Germany)                                                ence and Technology, Irbid (Jordan)

    11:25   Influence of DLC layer on the             Nano-Wear Effects                         Aluminum Based Sliding Materi-
            Wear Behavior of Unhardened               M. Scherge (Sp), M. Dienwiebel,           als with Soft Phases - Intrinsic
            Steel Moulds                              Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of     Forgiving Overload Behavior?
            S. Momeni (Sp), E. Vogli, M. Gathen,      Materials, Freiburg (Germany)             F. Grün (Sp), I. Godor, W. Eichsleder,
            W. Tillmann, University of Dortmund                                                 University of Leoben (Austria)

    11:45   The Wettability of DLC Coatings           Nanoscratch Testing of WC-Co              Friction and Wear Behaviour of
            with Ester and Polyalphaolefin            Hardmetals                                the Magnesium Alloy AZ91D
            H.K. Yilmaz (Sp), K. Bobzin, N. Bagci-    S. Ndlovu (Sp), K. Durst, M. Göken,       under Lubricated Sliding Condi-
            van, N. Goebbels, RWTH Aachen Uni-        University of Erlangen-Nuremberg          tions
            versity (Germany)                         (Germany)                                 L. Deters (Sp), C. Chen, H. Bosse, -
                                                                                                University of Magdeburg (Germany)

    12:05   Effect of a Diamond Coating on            Nanotribology at Electrodes: In-          Tribological Properties of Laser
            Friction and Wear of Engineering          fluence of Adsorbates and Po-             Interference Induced Microstruc-
            Ceramics under Dry-Running                tential on Friction Forces                tural Architectures in Metallic
            Conditions                                Studied with Atomic Force Mi-             Systems
            G. Wötting (Sp), FCT Hartbearbei-         croscopy                                  C. Gachot (Sp), F. Mücklich, Saarland
            tungs GmbH, Sonneberg (Germany);          M. Nielinger, F. Hausen, H. Baltruschat   University, Saarbrücken (Germany)
            R. Wäsche, Federal Institute for Mate-    (Sp), University of Bonn (Germany)
            rials Research and Testing, Berlin
            (Germany); W. Prechtl, FH Ingolstadt

    12:25   CVD-Diamond Coating as Wear               Influence of Potential and Chela-         Cu-Graphite Composites: Com-
            Protection for Standard Heat-             ting Agents on Tribocorrosion             position Dependence of Friction
            Treatable Steel                           Mechanisms of Tungsten                    Coefficient
            K. Kellermann (Sp), J. Fandrey, S.M.      J. Stojadinovic (Sp), S. Mischler, D.     J. Kovácik (Sp), Slovak Academy of
            Rosiwal, R.F. Singer, University of Er-   Bouvet, M. Declerque, Ecole Polytech-     Sciences, Bratislava (Slovak Republic);
            langen-Nuremberg (Germany)                nique Fédéral de Lausanne (Switzer-       J. Bielek, S. Emmer, Slovak University
                                                      land)                                     of Technology, Bratislava (Slovak Re-
    12:45   Break

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

 Room    Brüssel                                      Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
         Thin Coatings                                Tribology                                 Wear Resistant Non-Ferrous
         Chair: A. Hieke, IonBond Netherlands         Chair: A. Garcia, University of A Co-     Chair: A.M. Hassan, Jordan University
         BV, Venlo (Netherlands)                      ruña, Ferrol (Spain)                      of Science and Technology, Irbid (Jor-

 14:00   Tribological Characterization of             Tribochemical Corrosion of Sili-          Laser Nitriding: A Promising Way
         Diamond/ß-SiC Nanocomposite                  con Carbide in Aqueous Medium             to Improve the Cavitation Ero-
         Films                                        lubricated Sliding Applications           sion Resistance of Components
         T. Staedler (Sp), S. Vadali, X. Jiang,       O. Krummhauer (Sp), A. Kailer, T. Holl-   Made of Titanium Alloys
         University of Siegen (Germany)               stein, Fraunhofer Institute for Mecha-    J. Kaspar (Sp), J. Bretschneider, S.
                                                      nics of Materials, Freiburg (Germany)     Bonß, B. Winderlich, B. Brenner,
                                                                                                Fraunhofer Institute for Material and
                                                                                                Beam Technology, Dresden (Germany)

 14:20   Modelling and Simulation of Un-              Corrosion of Silicon Carbide              Nano-Scale Wear Testing of PEO
         lubricated Oscillating Sliding               under Hydrothermal Conditions             Coatings for Titanium
         Wear of DLC-Coatings                         V. Presser (Sp), K.G. Nickel, Eberhard-   J.M. Wheeler (Sp), J. Paillard, T.W.
         L. Steiner (Sp), V. Bouvier, S. Grosse,      Karls-Universität Tübingen (Germany);     Clyne, University of Cambridge (UK);
         Robert Bosch GmbH, Gerlingen (Ger-           O. Krummhauer, A. Kailer, Fraunhofer      J.A. Curran, Keronite Ltd., Cambridge
         many); N. Huber, GKSS Research Cen-          Institute for Mechanics of Materials,     (UK)
         ter, Geesthacht (Germany); V.                Freiburg (Germany)
         Hegadekatte, University of Karlsruhe
         (TH) (Germany); C.P.O. Treutler, Robert
         Bosch GmbH, Gerlingen (Germany)

 14:40   A Study of Mechanical and Tribo-             On the Tribological Characteriza-         Wear Behaviours of Molybde-
         logical Properties of Electroless            tion of Engineering Ceramics              num and Titanium Thermal Spray
         Nickel-Boron Deposits after Heat             Y. Mashal (Sp), University of Enginee-    Coating under Dry and Seawater
         and Thermochemical Treatments                ring and Technology, Taxila (Pakistan);   Conditions
         V. Vitry (Sp), F. Delaunois, Faculté Poly-   J.K. Lancaster, A.G. Atkins, Reading      P. Vongbandit (Sp), T.A. Stolarski, Bru-
         technique de Mons (Belgium)                  University (UK)                           nel University, Uxbridge (UK)

 15:00   New Process for Compressive                  Experimental Investigation on             Sand Particle Erosion Resistance
         Stressed Nickel Phosphorus Al-               Wear of Ceramic Materials for             of Refractory Alloys Modified by
         loys for Wear and Corrosion Re-              Dental Restorations                       Ion and Electron Beams
         sistance Coatings Applied at                 H.-G. Gräber (Sp), RWTH Aachen Uni-       O. Bytzenko (Sp), A.S. Novikov, A.G.
         Low Temperature                              versity (Germany); D. Klaffke, R. Wä-     Paikin, V.A. Shulov, A.D. Teryaev, V.I.
         H. Horsthemke (Sp), Cookson Electro-         sche, Federal Institute for Materials     Engelko, Chernyshev Machine Buil-
         nics, Langenfeld (Germany); A. Mö-           Research and Testing, Berlin (Ger-        ding Enterprise, Moscow (Russian Fe-
         bius, Enthone GmbH, Langenfeld               many)                                     deration)

 15:20   Coffee Break

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

     Room    Brüssel                                  Berlin 3                                    Berlin 2
             Thin Coatings                            Tribology                                   Wear Resistant Non-Ferrous
             Chair: J. Schöfer, Robert Bosch GmbH,    Chair: S. Mischler, Ecole Polytechnique     Chair: A.M. Hassan, Jordan University
             Gerlingen (Germany)                      Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)          of Science and Technology, Irbid (Jor-

     16:00   Optimized Ta-C-Based Coating             Analyzing the Machinability of              Wearprotection by Nickel-Tita-
             Systems for Lubricated Conditi-          Nacre - Reference for Implant               nium
             ons                                      Material                                    T. Glogowski (Sp), M. Pohl, Ruhr-Uni-
             V. Weihnacht (Sp), A. Brückner, Fraun-   N. Kramer, B. Denkena, A. Moral (Sp),       versity Bochum (Germany)
             hofer Institute for Material and Beam    M. van der Meer, Leibniz Universität
             Technology, Dresden (Germany)            Hannover, Garbsen (Germany)

     16:20   Influence of Microstructure and          Wear Characteristics of Diamond             Neural Networks Prediction of
             Coating on the Abrasive Edge             Grain-Types in Steel-Ceramic-               Different Duty Cycles Effects on
             Wear of WC-Co                            Compound Grinding                           Abrasive Wear Resistance Obtai-
             P. Krakhmalev (Sp), Karlstad Univer-     B. Denkena, N. Kramer (Sp), Leibniz         ned from Pulsed Nanocrystalline
             sity (Sweden)                            Universität Hannover, Garbsen (Ger-         Plasma Electrolytic Carburizing
                                                      many)                                       M. Aliof Khazraei (Sp), Tarbiat Moda-
                                                                                                  res University, Tehran (Iran); H. Alima-
                                                                                                  dadi, Chalmers University of
                                                                                                  Technology, Göteborg (Sweden)

     16:40   Chromium based PVD Coatings              The Correlation of Thermo-Me-               Production of Coal Crushing
             for Injection Moulding Compo-            chanical Stresses on Cutting Tool           Hammer Heads by Bi-Metal Cast-
             nents                                    Wear                                        ing
             K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan, P. Immich, S.    D. Biermann (Sp), F. Felderhoff, M.         T. Kirma (Sp), E. Selcuk, A. Kalkanli, A.
             Theiß (Sp), W. Michaeli, F. Klaiber,     Heilmann, University of Dortmund            Cetin, Middle East Technical Univer-
             RWTH Aachen University (Germany)         (Germany)                                   sity, Ankara (Turkey)

     17:00   Tribological Characterisation of         Investigations of Wear Mecha-
             Carbon Nitride Coatings by               nisms in Diamond Tools with Fe-
             Gross Slip Fretting                      Based Matrices Reinforced with
             M. Djahanbakhsh (Sp), R. Waesche,        WC-Co Particles
             Federal Institute for Materials Re-      J.L. Garcia (Sp), S. Weber, A. Kostka, A.
             search and Testing, Berlin (Germany);    Pyzalla, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisen-
             U. Springborn, K. Bewilogua, Fraunho-    forschung GmbH, Düsseldorf (Ger-
             fer Institute for Surface Engineering    many); L.F. Garcia, A. Lammer, Hilti
             and Thin Films, Braunschweig (Ger-       Corporation, Schaan (Liechtenstein)

     17:20   Poster Evening

Thursday, 10 April 2008

 Room    Brüssel                                     Berlin 3                                     Berlin 2
         Wear Resistant Fe-Base Ma-                  Biomaterials                                 Extreme Environments
         Chair: J. Schneider, University of Karls-   Chair: A. Fischer, University of Duis-       Chair: A. Kailer, Fraunhofer Institute
         ruhe (Germany)                              burg-Essen (Germany)                         for Mechanics of Materials, Freiburg

  9:00   Characterization and Modelling              Reciprocating Sliding Wear of                Analysis of Degradation Mecha-
         of the Wear Behaviour of Highly             Surface Modified Austenitic                  nisms Induced by Fretting: Speci-
         Wear-Resistant XAR Special                  CoCrMo and High Nitrogen                     fic Apparatus for PWR
         Structural Steels                           Stainless Steel                              Environments
         A. Kern (Sp), Profit Center Grobblech,      R. Pourzal (Sp), A. Fischer, University      A. Beaudouin (Sp), C. Crenn, J.P. Ver-
         Duisburg (Germany); A. Dietrich, U.         of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)                  not, AREVA NP Technical Center, Le
         Schriever, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG,                                                        Creusot (France); J.S. Genot, B. La-
         Duisburg (Germany); P. Feinle, Hoch-                                                     clouceur, AREVA NP Fuel Engineering,
         schule Mannheim (Germany)                                                                Lyon (France)

  9:20   The Effective Depth of Fatigue              Third Body Effects on the Tribo-             Wear Properties of Thermal
         Crack Nucleation during Dry Sli-            corrosion of Biomedical CoCrMo               Spray Coatings of the TiO2 –
         ding Wear of a Nickel Alloyed               Alloys                                       Cr2O3 System
         Sintered Steels with Using of Pa-           A. Igual Muñoz (Sp), Polytechnic Uni-        L.-M. Berger (Sp), C.C. Stahr, S. Saaro,
         reto Principle                              versity of Valencia (Spain); S. Mischler,    Fraunhofer Institute for Material and
         S. Amini, K. Hazeli (Sp), H. Khorsand,      Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lau-         Beam Technology, Dresden (Ger-
         Iran Test & Research Auto Co., Tehran       sanne (Switzerland)                          many); S. Thiele, Fraunhofer Institute
         (Iran)                                                                                   for Ceramic Technologies and Sy-
                                                                                                  stems, Dresden (Germany); M. Woydt,
                                                                                                  Federal Institute for Materials Re-
                                                                                                  search and Testing, Berlin (Germany)

  9:40   Effect of Die Material on Friction          Mechanical and Electrochemical               Friction in Continuous Casting of
         during Iron Powder Compaction               Deterioration Mechanisms of                  Steel : Lubrication Experiments
         R.B. Wassenberg (Sp), M. Drygalov, P.       Biomedical CoCrMo Alloys: Ef-                at 1200°C
         Beiss, RWTH Aachen University (Ger-         fect of Counter Part and                     D. Senk (Sp), RWTH Aachen University
         many)                                       Roughness                                    (Germany); K. Schulz, Stollberg
                                                     S. Mischler (Sp), S. Radice, V. Fervel, D.   GmbH, Oberhausen (Germany); A.C.
                                                     Landolt, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale        Münch, RWTH Aachen University
                                                     de Lausanne (Switzerland)                    (Germany)

 10:00   Anti-adhesion Properties of Par-            Tribology of Human Skin: Effect
         ticulate-Reinforced Steel Matrix            of Epidermal Hydration on Tex-
         Composites in Sliding against               tile Friction
         Aluminium Alloy                             L.-C. Gerhardt (Sp), V. Strässle, EMPA
         D. Lou (Sp), O.M. Akselsen, N. Dahl,        St. Gallen (Switzerland); N.D. Spencer,
         SINTEF Materials and Chemistry,             ETH, Zürich (Switzerland); S. Derler,
         Trondheim (Norway); L.O. Finnerud,          EMPA St. Gallen (Switzerland)
         J.K. Solberg, Norwegian University of
         Science and Technology, Trondheim

 10:20   Break

Thursday, 10 April 2008
Plenary Lecture

     Room    Brüssel
             Plenary Lecture
             Chair: A. Fischer, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

     11:00   Polymer Composites in Tribology
       -     K. Friedrich (Sp), Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH, Kaiserslautern (Germany)
             The use of polymers and polymer composites in various tribological situations has become state
             of the art. Nevertheless, further developments are still under way to explore new fields of appli-
             cation for these materials and to tailor their properties for more extreme loading conditions.

             This overview describes how to design polymeric composites in order to operate under low fric-
             tion and low wear against steel counterparts. Particular emphasis is focused on special fillers (in-
             cluding spherical nanoparticles), often in combination with classical tribo-fillers, for the
             tribological improvement of thermoplastics and thermosets. An attempt is made to predict their
             wear properties by a complex rule of mixtures, and to do systematic parameters studies by the
             use of artificial neural networks.

             The principle effects are demonstrated by describing practical examples of various fields of application. These include (a)
             high temperature polymer composites for sliding elements in textile drying machines, (b) friction torque limiters for dam-
             ped flywheel clutches in modern automotives, (c) epoxy based particulate composites for thick covers of calendar rollers
             in the paper making industry, and (d) thermoplastic nanocomposite coatings for hybrid bushings used in automotive
             components under the hood, to mention only a few.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

 Room    Brüssel                                     Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
         Wear Resistant Fe-Base                      DFG Collaborative Research                Polymeres and PMCs
         Materials                                   Centre: SFB 442
         Chair: V. Wesling, Technical University     Chair: P.W. Gold, RWTH Aachen Uni-        Chair: K. Friedrich, Institute for Com-
         of Clausthal (Germany)                      versity (Germany)                         posite Materials, Kaiserslautern (Ger-

 11:45   Graded Layers for Wear and Cor-             Introduction and Survey of the            Sparc Formation and Flash Tem-
         rosion Protection Produced by               Research within the Collabora-            peratures in Wear Points
         Laser Cladding                              tive Research Center 442 “Envi-           T. Ott (Sp), F. Welzel, Physikalisch-
         A. Weisheit (Sp), K. Wissenbach,            ronmentally Friendly                      Technische Bundesanstalt, Braun-
         Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Techno-      Tribosystems by Suitable Coa-             schweig (Germany)
         logy, Aachen (Germany)                      tings and Fluids with Respect to
                                                     the Machine Tool”
                                                     H.J. Murrenhoff (Sp), RWTH Aachen
                                                     University (Germany)

 12:05   The Influence of Induction Har-             Epoxidation of Oleic Esters for           Ultralow Friction and Wear of
         dening on the Impact Wear Resi-             the Synthesis of Environmentally          Reciprocating Systems Lubrica-
         stance of Compacted Graphite                Friendly Lubricants                       ted by Liquid Crystals
         Iron                                        M.J.S. Küppers (Sp), D. Müller, D. Her-   A. Kailer (Sp), T. Amann, G. Konrath,
         T. Slatter (Sp), R. Lewis, The University   zog, F. Pontzen, M.A. Liauw, L. Grei-     Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of
         of Sheffield (UK)                           ner, RWTH Aachen University               Materials, Freiburg (Germany)

 12:25   Thermally Sprayed Nanocrystal-              How Friction and Ageing Influen-          Sliding Contact Metal – Polymer
         line Cylinder Running Surfaces in           ces the Ecotoxicological Beha-            with Variable Stiffness
         Modern Passenger Car Engines                viour of Used, Bio-Based                  R.C. Lima da Silva (Sp), J.B. da Silva,
         T. Schläfer (Sp), K. Bobzin, F. Ernst, K.   Lubricants                                J.T.N. Medeiros, Federal University of
         Richardt, RWTH Aachen University            J. Bressling (Sp), RWTH Aachen Uni-       Rio Grande do Norte, Natal (Brazil)
         (Germany); C. Verpoort, Ford Research       versity (Germany); O.-C. Göhler, Fluid-
         Center, Aachen (Germany)                    tronics GmbH, Krefeld (Germany); C.
                                                     Bugiel, Vestas Nacelles Deutschland
                                                     GmbH, Dortmund (Germany); W. Dott,
                                                     RWTH Aachen University (Germany);
                                                     B. Erlenkämper, EvonikDegussa
                                                     GmbH, Hanau-Wolfgang, (Germany)

 12:45   Investigation of Wear Mecha-                Characterization of Substantial           Short Carbon Fiber Corrosion in
         nisms and Microstructural                   Changes of Different Native               Polyetheretherketone Composi-
         Changes of Thermally Sprayed                Ester-Based Lubricants before             tes
         Coatings in Cylinder Bores after            and after Tribological Applica-           A. Gebhard (Sp), T. Bayerl, A.K.
         Motor Tests                                 tion                                      Schlarb, University of Kaiserslautern
         M. Hahn (Sp), B. Gleising, A. Fischer,      S. Michael (Sp), W. Dott, K. Bobzin, A.   (Germany)
         University of Duisburg-Essen (Ger-          Krämer, H. Maier, RWTH Aachen Uni-
         many)                                       versity (Germany)

 13:05   Break

Thursday, 10 April 2008

     Room    Brüssel                                   Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
             Wear Resistant Fe-Base                    DFG Collaborative Research                Polymeres and PMCs
             Materials                                 Centre: SFB 442
             Chair: W. Theisen, Ruhr-University Bo-    Chair: W. Murrenhoff, RWTH Aachen         Chair: K. Friedrich, Institute for Com-
             chum (Germany)                            University (Germany)                      posite Materials, Kaiserslautern (Ger-

     14:20   Effect of Carbide Orientation on          High Performance PVD-Coatings             Study on the Wear and Friction
             Wear Behaviour of DIN 1.2379              for Tools                                 of Short Carbon Fiber and/or
             Tool Steel                                C. Warnke (Sp), K. Bobzin, E. Lug-        Nano-TiO2 Reinforced Polyphe-
             M.R. Cruz Vivas (Sp), D. Casellas, J.M.   scheider, N. Bagcivan, P. Immich, C.      nylene Sulfide Composites Using
             Prado, CTM-Technologial Center,           Pinero, RWTH Aachen University (Ger-      Artificial Neural Networks
             Manresa (Spain)                           many)                                     L.A. Gyurova (Sp), Institute for Com-
                                                                                                 posite Materials, Kaiserslautern (Ger-
                                                                                                 many); Z. Jiang, The Hong Kong
                                                                                                 Polytechnic University (China); A.K.
                                                                                                 Schlarb, K. Friedrich, Institute for
                                                                                                 Composite Materials, Kaiserslautern
                                                                                                 (Germany); Z. Zhang, National Center
                                                                                                 for Nanoscience and Technology, Bei-
                                                                                                 jing (China)

     14:40   Hot Direct Extrusion of Abrasion          Manufacturing Tool-Coating-               Two-Body Abrasion Resistance
             Resistant Fe-Base Metal Matrix            Compatible Forming Tool Surfa-            of Natural and Synthetic Fibres
             Composites - Part 1: Microstruc-          ces                                       Reinforced Polymer Composites
             ture and Wear Properties                  P. Mattfeld (Sp), F. Klocke, C. Zeppen-   N. El-Tayeb (Sp), Multimedia Univer-
             M. Karlsohn (Sp), W. Theisen, A. Rött-    feld, M. Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen          sity Malaysia, Melaka (Malaysia)
             ger, Ruhr-University Bochum (Ger-         University (Germany)
             many); P.A. Silva, S. Weber, A.R.
             Pyzalla, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisen-
             forschung GmbH, Düsseldorf (Ger-
             many); W. Reimers, Technical
             University of Berlin (Germany)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

 Room    Brüssel                                      Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
         Wear Resistant Fe-Base                       DFG Collaborative Research                Modelling
         Materials                                    Centre: SFB 442
         Chair: W. Theisen, Ruhr-University Bo-       Chair: W. Murrenhoff, RWTH Aachen         Chair: A. Ramalho, University of
         chum (Germany)                               University (Germany)                      Coimbra (Portugal)

 15:00   Hot Direct Extrusion of Abrasion             PVD Coating Systems for Envi-             Mild Microscopic Wear in the
         Resistant Fe-Base Metal Matrix               ronmentally Friendly Machining            Boundary Lubrication Regime
         Composites - Part 2: Interface               R. Fritsch (Sp), D. Lung, F. Klocke, K.   R. Bosman (Sp), University of Twente,
         Characterization and Mechanical              Gerschwiler, RWTH Aachen University       Enschede (Netherlands)
         Properties of Co-Extruded Laye-              (Germany)
         red Structures
         P.A. Silva (Sp), S. Weber, Max-Planck-
         Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf
         (Germany); M. Karlsohn, W. Theisen,
         Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany);
         W. Reimers, Technical University of
         Berlin (Germany); A.R. Pyzalla, Max-
         Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung,
         Düsseldorf (Germany)

 15:20   Erosion Resistance of Hard-Fa-               Wear Resistant PVD-Coatings for           Multiple Asperity Dry Contacts -
         cing Deposits                                Components                                Comparison of Experiments and
         V. Wesling (Sp), R. Reiter, J. Oligmüller,   A. Krämer (Sp), K. Bobzin, N. Bagci-      Analytical Computer Simulation
         Technical University of Clausthal,           van, N. Goebbels, RWTH Aachen Uni-        C. Zietsch (Sp), A. Fischer, University
         Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Germany)               versity (Germany)                         of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

 15:40   Structura-Phase Model of In-                 Numerical Calculation of Failure          Influence of the Surface Topo-
         crease of Wearability Building-              Stresses of PVD Coatings Based            graphy on the Transition bet-
         up Welding of Materials                      on Test Data                              ween High and Low Wear
         M.A. Skotnikova (Sp), G. Tsvetkova, S.       H. Elgeti (Sp), P.W. Gold, J. Loos,       Regimes under Multidirectional
         Funikov, S. Alekseev, F. Kozlov, Sankt-      RWTH Aachen University (Germany)          Reciprocating Sliding
         Petersburg Machine Building Institute                                                  I. Samerski (Sp), J. Schöfer, Robert
         (Russian Federation)                                                                   Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart (Germany);
                                                                                                D.J. Schipper, University of Twente
                                                                                                (Netherlands); A. Fischer, University of
                                                                                                Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

 16:00   Coffee Break

Thursday, 10 April 2008

     Room    Brüssel                                     Berlin 3                                Berlin 2
             Wear Resistant Fe-Base                      DFG Collaborative Research              Modelling
             Materials                                   Centre: SFB 442
             Chair: A. Weisheit, Fraunhofer Insti-       Chair: L. Deters, Otto-von-Guericke-    Chair: R. Bosman, University of
             tute for Laser Technology, Aachen           University Magdeburg (Germany)          Twente, Enschede (The Netherlands)

     16:30   Influence of Surface Condition              Performance of DLC-coated               The Fluid Dynamic Lubrication
             on Wear and Demoulding Beha-                Spindle Ball Bearings                   between Tooth Surfaces of High
             viour of Mould Inserts for Micro            G. Gerlach (Sp), C. Brecher, RWTH Aa-   Order Contact
             Powder Injection Moulding                   chen University (Germany)               H.R. Liu (Sp), Zhejiang University of
             J. Schneider (Sp), K.-H. Zum Gahr, A.                                               Science and Technology, Hangzhou
             Kienzler, V. Schulze, D. Löhe, University                                           (China)
             of Karlsruhe, Eggenstein-Leopoldsha-
             fen (Germany)

     16:50   Textile Tribology: Interactions             Effects of PVD-Coatings on Fati-        Influence Factors on False Brinel-
             between the Yarn Hairness and               gue of Roller Bearings                  ling Marks
             Ion Nitrided Traveller-Ring                 M. Plogmann (Sp), P.W. Gold, J. Loos,   M. Grebe (Sp), P. Feinle, W. Hunsicker,
             M.V. de Melo (Sp), J.T.N. de Medeiros,      RWTH Aachen University (Germany)        Hochschule Mannheim (Germany)
             C. Alves Júnior, Federal University of
             Rio Grande do Norte, Natal (Brazil)

     17:10   Smart Pastes for Improvement                Efficiency of Axial Piston Pumps        Friction Modeling in the Extru-
             of Wear Resistance of Metals                with Coated Tribological Sy-            sion Process
             N. Dahl (Sp), D. Lou, O.M. Akselsen,        stems                                   R. Grüebler (Sp), C. Karadogan, P.
             M.I. Onsøien, SINTEF Materials &            C. Enekes (Sp), H. Murrenhoff, RWTH     Hora, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
             Chemistry, Oslo (Norway)                    Aachen University (Germany)

     17:30   Study of Bipolar Pulsed Nanocry-            Influence of Friction on Ageing         Design Method for Wear in
             stalline Plasma Electrolytic Car-           of Lubricants                           Transmission Systems
             burizing on Nanostructure and               J.-T. Schumacher (Sp), H. Murrenhoff,   D. Herisson (Sp), B. Delattre, T.M.L.
             Friction Coefficient of Com-                RWTH Aachen University (Germany)        Nguyen, G. Jamart, PSA Peugeot Ci-
             pound Layer                                                                         troen, Velizy-Villacoublay (France);
             M. Aliofkhazraei (Sp), A.S. Rou-                                                    R.M. Pradeilles-Duval, H. Maïtour-
             haghdam, Tarbiat Modares University,                                                nam, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau
             Tehran (Iran); H. Alimadadi, Chalmers                                               (France); S. Fouvry, Ecole Centrale,
             University of Technology, Göteborg                                                  Lyon (France)

     17:50                                               Improvement of the Efficiency of        Parametric Studies on Effects of
                                                         Parallel-Axis Transmissions by          Friction and Damping in Stran-
                                                         Means of PVD-Coatings                   ded Cables under Sinusoidal Ra-
                                                         A. Bagh (Sp), C. Brecher, C. Gorgels,   dius of Curvature Bending
                                                         RWTH Aachen University (Germany)        T. Manvel Raj (Sp), Aalim Muhammed
                                                                                                 Salegh College of Engineering, Tamil-
                                                                                                 nadu, Chennai (India); N.S. Parthasa-
                                                                                                 rathy, AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM,
                                                                                                 Anna University, Guindy, Chennai
     18:30   Bus Transfer to
             Conference Dinner
Friday, 11 April 2008

 Room    Brüssel                                  Berlin 3                                  Berlin 2
         Computer Simulation                      Ceramics                                  Lab. Tests Endurance

         Chair: N. Huber, GKSS Research Cen-      Chair: K.-H. Zum Gahr, Forschungs-        Chair: M. Scherge, Fraunhofer Insti-
         ter, Geesthacht (Germany)                zentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (Germany)          tute for Mechanics of Materials, Frei-
                                                                                            burg (Germany)

  9:00   New Theoretical and Computa-             Development of Oil Lubricated             Simulative Wear Testing of Tool
         tional Approaches to Contact             Ceramic/Steel Friction Pairs at           Materials for Comminution of
         Mechanics                                High Sliding Speeds                       Hard Ore Material
         M. Müser (Sp), C. Campana, Univer-       R. Wahl (Sp), K. Wauthier, University     D.D. Olsson (Sp), FLSmidth A/S, Ma-
         sity of Western Ontario, London (Ca-     of Karlsruhe (TH) (Germany); K.H.         riager (Denmark); N. Bay, Technical
         nada)                                    Zum Gahr, University of Karlsruhe         University of Denmark, Lyngby (Den-
                                                  (TH) and Research Centre (Germany)        mark)

  9:20   On Dynamic Friction Phenomena            Surface Textured Steel/Ceramic            Online Wear Measurements in
         in Brake Systems                         and Ceramic/Ceramic Pairs Sli-            Advanced Lubricated Systems
         G.-P. Ostermeyer (Sp), K. Bode, Braun-   ding in Isooctane                         C. Fehsenfeld (Sp), P. Fehsenfeld, A.
         schweig University of Technology         M. Wöppermann (Sp), University of         Kleinrahm, ZAG Zyklotron AG, Eggen-
         (Germany)                                Karlsruhe (TH) (Germany); K.H. Zum        stein-Leopoldshafen (Germany); P.
                                                  Gahr, University of Karlsruhe (TH) and    Berlet, P. Erhard, IAVF Antriebstechnik
                                                  Research Centre (Germany)                 GmbH, Karlsruhe (Germany)

  9:40   Creep Behavior of an Asperity in         Influence of Surface Modifica-            Friction and Wear of Highly Loa-
         Fully Plastic Contact                    tion on Dry Friction Performance          ded Mixed Lubrication Contacts
         A. Goedecke (Sp), Johannes Kepler        of Alumina                                Influenced by Superposed Sli-
         University of Linz (Austria); R. Mock,   R. Wallstabe (Sp), University of Karls-   ding Directions and Intermittent
         Siemens Corporate Technology, Mu-        ruhe (TH), Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen       Surface Pressure Performed on a
         nich (Germany)                           (Germany); M. Rohde, Forschungszen-       Novel Model Bench
                                                  trum Karlsruhe GmbH, Eggenstein-          M. Behrendt (Sp), A. Albers, S. Ott,
                                                  Leopoldshafen (Germany); J.               University of Karlsruhe (TH) (Ger-
                                                  Schneider, K.-H. Zum Gahr, University     many)
                                                  of Karlsruhe (TH) (Germany)

 10:00   Numerical Study of the Fretting          Corundum Matrix Composites                Three Dimensional Quantifica-
         Wear of a Hard Steel Material            with Extreme Wear Protection              tion of Wear
         A. Fayza (Sp), L. Tarek, T. Brahim,      L.A. Gömze (Sp), University of Miskolc    M. Liedmann (Sp), GF Messtechnik
         IPEIM Tunis (Tunisia)                    (Hungary); M. Gömze, Igrex Ltd., Igrici   GmbH, Teltow (Germany); B. Wielage,
                                                  (Hungary); G. Franko, Cerlux Ltd.,        T. Lampke, Technical University of
                                                  Oroshaza (Hungary)                        Chemnitz (Germany)

 10:20   An Approach to Energy Based              Advanced Ceramics in Sliding              Design and Evaluation of a Rol-
         Fretting Wear Prediction at Low          Systems for Fuel-lubricated High          ling Friction Apparatus for Micro
         Frequency Loading                        Pressure Pumps for Gasoline di-           Linear Bearings
         M. Becker (Sp), MTU Aero Engines         rect Injection                            R. Meeß (Sp), F. Löffler, Physikalisch-
         GmbH, München (Germany); D. Nils-        J.P. Häntsche (Sp), S. Bernhardt, U.      Technische Bundesanstalt, Braun-
         son, Royal Institute of Technology,      Spicher, University of Karlsruhe (TH)     schweig (Germany)
         Stockholm (Sweden); P. Wackers, A.       (Germany)
         Werner, V. Arrieta, MTU Aero Engines
         GmbH, München (Germany)

 10:40   Break
Friday, 11 April 2008

     Room    Brüssel                                     Berlin 3                                    Berlin 2
             Computer Simulation                         Ceramics                                    Lab. Tests Endurance

             Chair: M. Müser, University of We-          Chair: J. Schneider, University of Karls-   Chair: D.J. Schipper, University of
             stern Ontario, London (Canada)              ruhe (Germany)                              Twente, Enschede (The Netherlands)

     11:10   On Scratching of Thin Films on              Microtribological Characteriza-             Advances in Thin Film Layer Sen-
             Hard Substrates                             tion of Engineering Ceramics                sors for Temperature Measure-
             F. Wredenberg (Sp), Royal Institute of      and Cemented Carbide under                  ments in Highly Loaded
             Technology, Stockholm (Sweden)              Rolling Conditions                          Tribological Contacts under
                                                         S. Kurzenhäuser, J. Schneider, K.-H.        Mixed Lubrication
                                                         Zum Gahr, Universität Karlsruhe (TH)        S. Beauvais (Sp), A. Albers, J. Bsul, W.
                                                         and Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe,            Burger, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
                                                         Germany                                     (Germany)

     11:30   Tribological Approach of For-               The Behaviour of Silicon Nitride            Smearing and its Prevention
             ming Tool Performance Based on              Tools in Hot Rolling of Copper              T. Forster (Sp), SKF Österreich AG,
             Finite Element Modelling (FEM)              and High-Strength Alloy Wires               Steyr (Austria)
             R. Hernández (Sp), M.R. Cruz, I. Picas,     I. Khader (Sp), A. Kailer, Fraunhofer In-
             M.D. Riera, D. Casellas, CTM-Techno-        stitute for Mechanics of Materials,
             logical Center, Manresa (Spain)             Freiburg (Germany); S. Fünfschilling,
                                                         R. Oberacker, M.J. Hoffmann, IKM,
                                                         Karlsruhe (Germany); P. Gumbsch,
                                                         IZBS, Karlsruhe (Germany)

     11:50   Computation of die Loads in                 Si3N4 – Based Materials for                 Twin Disc Assessment of
             Sheet Forming Using Dies of Tool            High-Temperature Rolling Be-                Wheel/Rail Adhesion
             Steel with improved Anti-Galling            arings                                      R. Lewis (Sp), E.A. Gallardo-Hernan-
             Properties                                  N. Ershova (Sp), I. Kelina, E. Suzdalt-     dez, The University of Sheffield (UK); T.
             A. Thuvander (Sp), O. Sandberg, Ud-         sev, V. Vikulin, „Obninsk Research and      Hilton, T. Armitage, Arup (UK)
             deholm Tooling AB, Hagfors (Sweden)         Production Enterprise"Technologiya,
                                                         Obninsk, Kaluga Region (Russian Fe-

     12:10   Wearing Effects in Cutting Pro-             The Effect of Starting Composi-             Fatigue Life in Rolling Contacts
             cesses of Composite Materials –             tion and Amount of Sintering                with Rough Surfaces
             DEM-Simulation and Experimen-               Additive on Tribological Proper-            L. Deters (Sp), Otto-von-Guericke-Uni-
             tal Validation                              ties of SiAlON Ceramics                     versity Magdeburg (Germany); G.
             U. Großmann (Sp), J. Blömer, M. Rech-       S. Kurama (Sp), Anadolu University,         Repphun, Robert Bosch GmbH, Ger-
             berger, J. Bertling, Fraunhofer Institute   Eskisehir (Turkey); I. Schulz, M. Herr-     lingen (Germany); D. Bartel, M. Gleß,
             for Environmental, Safety and Energy        mann, Fraunhofer-Institute for Cera-        Otto-von-Guericke-University Magde-
             Technology, Oberhausen (Germany)            mic Technologies and Systems,               burg (Germany)
                                                         Dresden (Germany)

     12:30   Modelling and Simulation of                 The Friction Couple in Ceramics:            Determination of Coefficient of
       -     Wear in Micro-Machines                      Ceramic Brake Rotors and Brake              Friction Using the Barrel Com-
     12:50   V. Hegadakatte, O. Kraft, University of     Pads and their Wear Properties              pression Test
             Karlsruhe (TH) (Germany); N. Huber          H. Beurich (Sp), Starfire Systems           S. Solhjoo (Sp), Shiraz University, Fars-
             (Sp), GKSS Research Center, Geest-          Europe Office, Brühl (Germany); A.          Shiraz (Iran)
             hacht (Germany)                             Skinner, S. Hemstad, Starfire Systems
                                                         Inc., Malta, NY (USA)
Friday, 11 April 2008
Plenary Lecture

 Room    Brüssel
         Plenary Lecture
         Chair: N. Huber, GKSS Research Center, Geesthacht (Germany)

 12:55   Wear Simulation with a Focus on Mild Wear in Rolling and Sliding Contacts
         S. Andersson (Sp), Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden)

         Wear can be defined as the removal of material from solid surfaces as a result of mechanical ac-
         tion. The amount of wear of high performance contact surfaces is often quite small. The surfaces
         will then become glossy and the topography of the surfaces is partly very smooth. In order to ob-
         tain that advantageous contact condition, it is necessary that the form and the topography of the
         surfaces are good, that the materials and treatments are properly chosen and that the lubrication
         is adequate for the contact. This condition is often named mild and is what engineers normally
         strive for. However, sometimes severe wear may occur, giving rough or failed surfaces. A severe
         wear situation is not acceptable in any modern machine and must therefore be avoided. The pos-
         sibility to predict the amount of mild wear is generally thought to be rather difficult and uncer-
         tain. In this paper, however, some possibilities to predict mild wear in rolling and sliding contacts will be outlined. Typical
         contact surfaces of common machine elements with high performance rolling and sliding contacts are gears, cam mecha-
         nisms and roller bearings. If such rolling and sliding contacts are running under boundary or mixed lubricated conditions
         or if the lubricant is contaminated, some particles and/or asperities of the interacting surfaces may cause some plastic
         deformation and wear of the contact surfaces.

         Characteristic for a rolling and sliding contact is that the two interacting surfaces in a contact move with different speeds
         in the tangential direction. The Tribology Group at KTH Machine Design has worked with wear simulations of rolling and
         sliding contacts for a rather long time. The modeling principle they have used are based on:

         • The single point observation method and
         • The wear process as an initial-value process.

 13:35   Closing Address
         A. Fischer, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

 13:45   End of the Conference

Wednesday - Friday

       Wear Resistant Non-Ferrous                                                                Wear Resistant Fe-Base Ma-
       Materials                                                                                 terials

 A-5   Study on Hardfaced Wear               A-80    Contact and Frictional Inter-        B-14   Production of Wear-Resi-
       Resistant Bronze Alloy                        action of Polymer-Bronze                    stant Composites Based on
       I. Voiculescu (Sp), V. Geanta, Uni-           Composite with Hard Sur-                    Heat-Resistant Fe-Cr-Al Al-
       versity "Politehnica" of Bucha-               face                                        loys
       rest (Romania); H. Binchiciu, SC              V. Danilov (Sp), A.A. Blagonravov           O. Mikadze (Sp), E. Kutelia, D.
       SUDOTIM AS SRL, Timisoara (Ro-                Institute of Mechanical Enginee-            Gventsadze, B. Bulia, O. Tsurtsu-
       mania); R. Vasiu, SC TEHNOMAG                 ring, Moscow (Russian Federa-               mia, N. Jaboshvili, T. Dzigrashvili,
       SA Cluj-Napoca (Romania)                      tion); S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V.                 Georgian Technical University,
                                                     Tcherdyntsev, V.A. Sudarchikov,             Tbilisi (Georgia)
A-23   Influence of the Microstruc-                  Moscow State Institute of Steel
       ture on the Wear Resistance                   and Alloys (Russian Federation);     B-21   Abrasive Wear Resistance of
       of Al-Si and Al-Sn Alloys Di-                 A.A. Dorofeev, A.I. Korshunov,              AISI 420 Stainless Steel
       rectionally Solidified under                  Russian Federal Nuclear Center,             after Laser Surface Treat-
       Transient Conditions                          Sarov, Novgorod (Russian Fede-              ments
       K. Sabat (Sp), N. Cheung, J.E.                ration)                                     M.A. Larosa, State University of
       Spinelli, State University of Cam-                                                        Campinas (Brazil); M.A. Pinto,
       pinas (Brazil); L.C. Castelleti,      A-81    Surface Alloying of CP-Tita-                Federal University of Ouro Preto
       State University of São Paolo,                nium Using Tungsten Inert                   (Brazil); M.C. Filippini Ierardi (Sp),
       São Carlos (Brazil); A. Garcia,               Gas Process with Pre-Placed                 State University of Campinas
       State University of Campinas                  BN                                          (Brazil)
       (Brazil)                                      R. Yazdi, F. Kashani Bozorg, Teh-
                                                     ran University (Iran); K. Hazeli     B-47   Influence of Different
A-77   Comparative Study of the                      (Sp), Iran Test & Research Auto             Plasma Nitriding Treatments
       Tribological Behaviour of                     Co., Tehran (Iran)                          on the Wear Behaviour of
       Two Nickel Alloys                                                                         Forging Tools. An Evaluation
       A. Varela (Sp), A. Garcia, J.L.       A-196   Wear Behaviour of SiCp-                     of the Crack Resistance of
       Mier, F. Barbadillo, S. Zaragoza,             Reinforced Aluminium Ma-                    Nitrided Tool Steels by Rock-
       R. Artiaga, University of A Co-               trix Composites                             well Indentation and Scratch
       ruña, Ferrol (Spain)                          Y. Sahin (Sp), S. Ozkan, H. Aktan,          Tests
                                                     Gazi University, Ankara (Turkey)            M. Weber (Sp), P. Kaestner, G.
A-78   Study of the Abrasive Wear                                                                Bräuer, Fraunhofer Institute for
       Behaviour of Electrified Rail-                                                            Surface Engineering and Thin
       way Wires                                                                                 Films, Braunschweig (Germany)
       A.I. Garcia (Sp), University of A
       Coruña, Ferrol (Spain); V. Lo-                                                     B-52   Enhanced Wear Resistance
       renzo, UPM, Madrid (Spain); A.                                                            of Precipitation Hardening
       Varela, University of A Coruña,                                                           Steels by Laser Solution An-
       Ferrol (Spain); V. Blazquez, UPM,                                                         nealing and Subsequent
       Madrid (Spain)                                                                            Aging Treatment
                                                                                                 J. Kaspar (Sp), B. Brenner, Fraun-
                                                                                                 hofer Institute for Material and
                                                                                                 Beam Technology, Dresden (Ger-
                                                                                                 many); T. Rauscher, TU Dresden
                                                                                                 (Germany); A. Luft, F. Tietz, Fraun-
                                                                                                 hofer Institute for Material and
                                                                                                 Beam Technology, Dresden (Ger-

Wednesday - Friday

        Wear Resistant Fe-Base Ma-                                                                 Tribology
        terials (cont’d)

 B-66   Application of Boron-Diffu-           B-151   Wearproof Structural - Phase         C-181   Tribocorrosion Study of 316L
        sion Coating to Improve Ero-                  Status of the Surface of Pre-                Stainless Steel and TA6V4
        sive Wear and Corrosion in                    paration from Steel 45 after                 Alloy in Various Electrolytes
        Aluminium Melt                                Plasma Spraying                              P. Henry (Sp), J. Takadoum, Labo-
        D. Lou (Sp), O.M. Akselsen, N.                M.A. Skotnikova (Sp), V. Hme-                ratoire de Microanalyse des Sur-
        Dahl, M.I. Onsoien, SINTEF Mate-              levskaja, S. Funikov, S. Alekseev,           faces, Besancon (France); P.
        rials and Chemistry, Trondheim                F. Kozlov, Sankt-Petersburg Ma-              Bercot, UTINAM UMR CNRS, Be-
        (Norway)                                      chine Building Institute (Russian            sancon (France)
 B-83   Improvement of Wear and                                                            C-191   Generation of a Triboplasma
        Corrosion Characteristics of          B-158   Tribological Testing on the                  by Tribo-Electrification and
        Fe-15Cr-1.5C Steel                            Steel Hardening with Laser                   its Application for Surface
        M.C. Park (Sp), J.Y. Kim, J.H. Kim,           G. Demian (Sp), M. Demian, L.                Modification
        S.J. Kim, Hanyang University,                 Grecu, V. Grecu, University of               S. Taormina (Sp), Y. Kusano, P.K.
        Seoul (Korea, Republic)                       Craiova, Drobeta Turnu Severin               Michelsen, Risoe DTU, Roskilde
                                                      (Romania)                                    (Denmark)
B-104 Solid Particle Erosion Beha-
      vior of Austenitic Fe-Cr-C-Ni           B-162   The Role of Admixed Solid
      Alloys                                          Lubricants in Sintered Steels
      G.S. Shin (Sp), K.N. Kim, G.G.                  A. Liersch (Sp), H. Danninger,
      Kim, S.J. Kim, Hanyang Univer-                  Vienna University of Technology,
      sity, Seoul (Korea, Republic)                   Wien (Austria); R. Ratzi, MIBA
                                                      Sinter Austria GmbH, Vorchdorf
B-112 Wear Characterization of                        (Austria)
      Coated Boron Steels
      M.R. Cruz Vivas (Sp), D. Casellas,      B-193   Researches Concerning the
      CTM-Technologial Center, Man-                   Correlation between Proper-
      resa (Spain); B. Casas, I. Valls,               ties and the Structural Cha-
      ROVALMA, Terrassa (Spain); J.M.                 racteristics of the Highly
      Prado, CTM-Technologial Center,                 Loaded Steel Plates
      Manresa (Spain)                                 S. Constantinescu, M. Vlad (Sp),
                                                      T. Radu, University Dunera de Jos
B-144 The Influence of Mechanical                     of Galati (Romania)
      Pulse Treatment and Hydro-
      static Extrusion on Wear Re-            B-201   Effect of Carbon on the Ca-
      sistance of an Austenitic                       vitation Erosion Resistance
      Stainless Steel                                 of Fe-Ni-C Austenitic Alloys
      J. Budniak (Sp), O. Kyryliv, M. Le-             J.H. Kim (Sp), S.J. Kim, Hanyang
      wandowska, K.J. Kurzydlowski,                   University, Seoul (Korea, Repu-
      Warsaw University of Technology                 blic)
                                              B-207   Microstructure in Worn Sur-
B-146 Tribological Properties of                      face of Served Bainite Cros-
      Modified Surface Layers on                      sing
      316 LVM Stainless Steel                         F. Zhang (Sp), L. Bo, Z. Chunlei,
      R. Slesinski (Sp), K.J. Kurzyd-                 H. Bo, Z. Ming, W. Tiansheng,
      lowski, Warsaw University of                    Yanshan University, Qinhuang-
      Technology (Poland)                             dao (China)
Wednesday - Friday

        Thin Coatings                              Modelling                                    Ceramics

D-186   Tribological Properties of          E-24   The Miner Fatigue Accumu-            G-165   Development AlN and SiA-
        Selected Thermally Sprayed                 late Theory and its Applica-                 lON Nano-Particlesat the
        Coatings                                   tion in IBM Wearing                          Surface of Corundum Techni-
        F. Zahálka (Sp), S. Houdkova, M.           Calculation Method                           cal Ceramics
        Kasparova, Skoda Research Ltd,             L. Huran (Sp), Zhejiang University           L.A. Gömze (Sp), University of
        Plzen (Czech Republic)                     of Science and Technology,                   Miskolc (Hungary); J. Csanyi,
                                                   Hangzhou (China)                             EPCOS, Szombathely (Hungary)
D-199   Roughness of TiN and Nano-
        composite (nc-Ti1-xAlxN)/(a-        E-25   Revised Adhesive Theory              G-171   Tribological Behaviour of C-
        Si3N4) Evaluated by Means                  with Pollute Film on Metal                   Derived Si3N4 Nanocompo-
        of AFM                                     Surface                                      sites
        V. Podgursky (Sp), R. Nisumaa, A.          L. Huhran (Sp), Zhejiang Univer-             Z. Koncsik (Sp), L. Kuzsella, M.B.
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        linn University of Technology              Hangzhou (China)                             (Hungary)
                                            E-34   An Impact of Coefficent of           G-190   Precipitation and Tribologi-
                                                   Friction on Material Proper-                 cal Behaviour of the Al-
                                                   ties in Cold Forming                         20%(w)Ag Alloy
                                                   L. Gusel (Sp), R. Rudolf, Univer-            A. Touati, H. Yousfi, M. Kadi-Ha-
                                                   sity of Maribor (Slovenia)                   nifi (Sp), University of Science
                                                                                                and Technology Houari Boume-
                                            E-89   Contact Stress Analysis of a                 dienne, Algiers (Algeria)
                                                   Spherical Wear Particle bet-
                                                   ween Seal and Steel Surface          G-203   Wear Behavior of CMC and
                                                   T.-J. Park (Sp), H.-D. Cho, Gye-             MMC under High-Speed Dry
                                                   ongsang National University,                 Sliding on Steel
                                                   Jinju (Korea)                                S. Kulkov (Sp), N. Savchenko, S.
                                                                                                Gnyusov, Tomsk State University
                                                                                                (Russian Federation)

                                                                                        G-206   Synthesis of Cu – Al2O3
                                                                                                Metal Matrix Nano Compo-
                                                                                                site Powder by using High
                                                                                                Energy Planetary fast Milling
                                                                                                A. Motaman (Sp), E. Salahi,
                                                                                                MERC, Tehran (Iran)

Wednesday - Friday

        Polymeres and PMCs                             Extreme Environments                         Biomaterials

H-79    Wear Resistance and Mecha-             I-153   Research Regarding Hot               L-204   Simultaneous Measurement
        nical Properties of the Poly-                  Wear Resistance of Mara-                     of Skin Deformation and
        mer-Clay Nanocomposites                        ging Steels                                  Friction
        K. Yergin (Sp), S.D. Kaloshkin, V.V.           D. Tarata (Sp), D. Cealicu, G. Va-           M. Kwiatkowska, Szczecin Uni-
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        tion); E.M. Antipov, V.A. Gerasin,                                                          Eindhoven (Netherlands)
        Russian Academy of Sciences,
        Moskau (Russian Federation)

H-169   Rolling Wear Behavior of
        EPDM Rubbers Containing
        Various Amounts of Carbon
        D. Xu (Sp), A.K. Schlarb, J. Kar-
        ger-Kocsis, Institute for Compo-
        site Materials, Kaiserslautern

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General Information                                                              Conference Fees

Conference Location                      Conference Dinner                       University
EUROGRESS Aachen                         The conference dinner will take place   EUR 630,- (1st*)
Monheimsallee 48                         at La Caverne de Geulhem, an an-        EUR 430,- (2nd*)
52062 Aachen, Germany                    cient underground limestone quarry      EUR 330,- (3rd*)
Internet:        in the South Limburg Hills. We orga-
                                         nise a bus transfer from the confe-     Industry
Conference Office                        rence center to this unique venue.      EUR 830,- (1st*)
Foyer EUROGRESS                          The buses leave on 10 April 2008 at     EUR 630,- (2nd*)
• Wed, 9 April 2008:                     18:30 h (right after the lecture pro-   EUR 530,- (3rd*)
  8:00 -17:00 h                          gramme).
• Thu, 10 April 2008:                                                            Student / Retired
  8:00 -17:00 h                          The conference dinner starts at         EUR 250,-
• Fri, 11 April 2008:                    19:30 with an aperitif. Buses will
  8:00 -14:00 h                          take the participants back to           Proceedings (extra copy)
                                         Aachen.                                 EUR 159,-
Conference Secretariat
Deutsche Gesellschaft                                                            *) participant from the same insti-
für Materialkunde e.V.                                                           tute/department
Anja Mangold, Christa Wendt
Senckenberganlage 10                                                             The conference fee includes the
60325 Frankfurt, Germany                                                         technical lecture programme, coffee
Phone: +49-(0)69-75306-747                                                       during the official breaks and snacks
Fax:    +49-(0)69-75306-733                                                      during the poster sessions. The con-
E-Mail:                                                 ference proceedings are included in
Internet:                                                                        the conference fee for participants                                                     who have paid the full conference
An exhibition will be run throughout                                             DGM members qualify for a 10%
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to the exhibition area.                                                          receive an invoice. From 1 March
Exhibition Organiser                                                             2008, 25% of the conference fee
MAT•Info GmbH, Frankfurt                                                         will be charged upon cancellation,
E-Mail:                                                              and after 1 April 2008 the full confe-
                                                                                 rence fee will be charged. Delegate
Proceedings                                                                      substitution may be made at any
The papers presented at the con-                                                 time.
ference will be reviewed and pu-
blished in a special volume that will
be available after the conference.
One copy of the proceedings is in-
cluded in the full conference fee.

Exhibition Plan   List of Exhibitors

                  Anglo-Euro Scientific
                  10 Barbrook Close
                  NG8 1JG Wollaton, Nottingham, UK

                  Falex Tribology NV
                  Wingepark 23B
                  3110 Rotselaar, Belgium

                  L.O.T.-Oriel GmbH
                  Im Tiefen See 58
                  64293 Darmstadt, Germany

                  Schaefer Technologie GmbH
                  Mörfelder Landstraße 33
                  63225 Langen, Germany

                  Rheinstraße 7
                  41836 Hückelhoven, Germany

                  4 rue Valiton
                  92110 Clichy, France

                  TTZH Tribologie & Hochtechnolo-
                  gien e.K.
                  Bärenhof 26A
                  30823 Garbsen, Germany

Friction, Wear
and Wear Protection

9 - 11 April 2008
Aachen, Germany

                      Deutsche Gesellschaft
                      für Materialkunde e.V.

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