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Instigators of the American Revolution by liuqingyan


									 Instigators of the
American Revolution

     Ehiole Akhirome
       Navigation Acts- written by British
       Parliament designed to better control North
       American colonial trade and exclude Dutch
       from English trade. It was finally repealed
       in 1849.


   Late 1500’s- 1763
  Salutary Neglect- English
      policy of relaxing
 enforcement of regulations
as an incentive for continued
 economic loyalty from their
       French and Indian War- conflict in
       N. America between the English and
       French and Native Americans that
       ended in British victory, and the
       transfer of French Canada to
       Britain.          I754-1763

                                                      Sugar Act- a trade law
                                                      enacted by the British
                                                      Parliament to reduce
                                                      smuggling in the British
                                                      colonies in North America.

Writs of Assistance- law by the British
Parliament that allowed illegal search and
seizure on the premise of protecting the colonists.
This angered Americans so much that it was
made unconstitutional as the Fourth Amendment
of the U.S. Constitution.
                                              Declaratory Act- a document asserted
                                              by the British hierarchy that
                                              reinforced the British right to tax and
                                              make laws for all subjects and
                                              colonies. Done in response to reports of
                                              negative responses to taxation
                                              attempts.           1766

      March 22, 1765               March 24, 1765
     Stamp Act- Parliament         Quartering Act- law
established the first example of   that stated that
  direct taxation of goods and     colonists must house
   services within the British     any British soldier
 colonies of North America. It     that asked to stay.
led to the Stamp Act Congress.
                                      Boston Massacre- (The Bloody
                                      Massacre) mainly propaganda of
                                      the attack upon a crowd of
                                      defenseless colonists. Five were
                                      killed and the exaggeration of the
                                      event led to much outrage among
                                      the colonies.         1770

 Townshend Acts- indirect taxes
  on imported British goods on
products such as tea, glass, paper,
   lead, and paint. It brought
 widespread reproach of Britain
and inspired more Revolutionaries.
                                               Boston Tea Party- about 200
                                               rebels dressed as Mohawk
                                               Indians stormed 3 ships in
                                               Boston Harbor and threw all
                                               the cargo overboard. It was
                                               15,000 lbs. of East India Co.
                                               Tea.       Dec. 16, 1773

         May 1773
Tea Act- drafted by British Prime Minister
North, who wanted to help save East India
Company from bankruptcy by giving them a
monopoly on the tea trade. This cut colonial
merchants out of business and sparked an
important event in U.S. history.
First Continental Congress-
delegates from all colonies but GA
met in PA to compose a statement
of colonial rights, to identify
British parliaments violation of
those rights, and to provide a plan
that would convince Britain to
                                      Sept. 5, 1774
restore those rights.

        May 20, 1774
 Intolerable Acts- 5 acts that
  closed Boston port, British
  officials can only be tried in
      Britain, martial law,
 stringently controlled private
 town meetings, and enforced
      the Quartering Act.

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