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					                            Experience luxury with a European sensibility at the incomparable
                            Spa at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. Here, you
                            can select from an impressive array of treatments designed to re-
                            fresh and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. From complete pack-
                            ages to massages, facials, body treatments, wraps, masks and spa
                            parties, the Spa is the perfect place to enjoy the very highest levels
                            of personalized attention.

Spa Packages
Each package includes gratuity and your choice of one of the following:
~ Herbal Foot Care Application
~ Aromatherapy Candle
~ Aromatherapy Oils during service

Men’s Fitness Package
Gentlemen’s Facial, Sports Massage. Approximately 2 1/4 hours ~ $240

Sensory Journey
Hot Oil Head and Neck Massage, Fresh Face Massage, Be Well Facial. Approximately 2
hours ~ $225

Bliss Package
Lower Leg and Feet Treat, Body Firming Masque, Enwrapture, Thermal Fusion Hair and
Scalp Revitalizer® Treatment. Approximately 3 hours ~ $365

Dragonfly Package
River Rock Massage and Be Well Facial. Approximately 2 3/4 hours ~ $335

The Ultimate Serenity Package
Ultimate Wrap, Ultimate Facial, Arbonne International® Body Serum and Body Whip with
tote. Approximately 4 hours ~ $500

 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012                  213-300-0456
Better Than Ever Package
Full Body Dry Brush Treatment, Body Firming Masque, Be Well Massage, Ultimate Facial.
Approximately 3 1/2 hours ~ $395

Harmony Spa for Two Package
Side-by-side Be Well Massage, side-by-side Be Well Facial, Lunch for Two on the Terrace, in
the Grand Café or in your room. Approximately 2 1/2 hours ~ $490 for two

Be Well™ Massage
Skillful hands help you restore balance and vitality with a customized blend of Swedish and
Deep Tissue techniques. Please communicate clearly with your Practitioner the level of pres-
sure desired. 60, 90 or 120 minutes ~ $105/$150/$195 Add the Hot Oil Scalp Massage for
pure bliss.

River Rock Massage
Balance and open the body’s energy centers with the penetrating heat of warm stones. Melt
away tension and stress by combining this treatment with optional Deep Tissue massage
work. 90 or 120 minutes ~ $190/$250

Sports Massage
Maintain limber muscles and healthy joints with this combination of deep massage work,
stretching and oscillation. 60, 90 or 120 minutes ~ $110/$160/$210 Add the Lower Leg and
Feet Treat and float out of your session.

An ancient Egyptian method of unblocking energy meridians in your whole body through
acupressure massage on special points on your feet and hands. Balance every organ and
gland in your system with this very therapeutic and relaxing technique. 60 or 90 minutes ~
$100/$165* *Includes your ears and face, too!

Prenatal Massage
This is an excellent way to connect with your baby while our trained Practitioners relieve the
added pressure on your back and legs. We use the Body Support System and sideline meth-
ods. 60 or 90 minutes ~ $110/$160

Nutrify and condition your hair with the Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer® Treat-
ment. Add On To Any Treatment.

 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012                  213-300-0456
Nutrify and condition your hair with the Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer® Treat-
ment. Add On To Any Treatment.

Herbal Foot Care
Cool, soothe and smooth worn-out feet with an application of a moisturizing cream contain-
ing aloe, menthol, thyme and arnica. Add ~ $5

Aromatherapy Oils
Arbonne’s blend of hazelnut, grape seed, aloe and jojoba oils with chamomile, bergamot and
ylang ylang will lift your spirits while your body reaps the health benefits. Add ~ $5

If you are interested in a modality not listed, please ask.

Body Polish
The skin is the principle organ of your body. Dry brushing improves your skin’s condition by
increasing circulation and activating intrinsic moisturizers. Full-body exfoliation is followed
by an application of Arbonne’s NutriMinC® RE9 REactivating Body Serum and then a sixty-
or ninety-minute Be Well Massage with aromatherapy oils. A complimentary body brush is
included as our gift to you. 90 or 120 minutes ~ $165/$215 Try this with the Hot Oil Scalp
Massage as a quick fix for dry hair or scalp.

Warm linens envelop your body as you soak in aromatic and therapeutic Unwind Oil®.
After a deeply calming rest, your muscles are warm and prepared to receive a sixty-mnute or
ninety-minute full body Be Well Massage. 90 or 120 minutes ~ $165/$215

The Ultimate Wrap
This divine treatment includes the best of everything! Your skin is treated to a thorough
dry brush exfoliation and an application of Arbonne’s NutriMinC® RE9 REactivating Body
Serum. Next, herbally infused oils are applied to your whole body. Then you are swaddled in
warm linens and melt into the heat, while your Practitioner massages your feet and head for
thirty minutes. A sixty- or ninety-minute full body Be Well Massage completes this amazing
experience. Complimentary body brush included. 120 or 150 minutes ~ $230/$275

  251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012                  213-300-0456

Be Well™ Facial
This classic facial includes deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and clarifying masques using
botanically based products. Detoxify your face and repair blemished pores while encourag-
ing your skin to remain healthy and vibrant. We customize this treatment for many skin types,
including mature and acneic skin. 60 minutes ~ $95

Gentleman’s Facial
Keep your skin young and fit. We’ve tailored a facial for a man’s skin, complete with exfolia-
tion, moisturization and protection against irritation from shaving. 60 minutes ~ $95

Back Facial
Rest assured your skin will glow after this marvelous treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliation
and moisturizers smooth and refresh your back and shoulders. 60 minutes ~ $125

The Ultimate Facial
We marry the deep cleansing of the Be Well Facial with the purifying effects of an extra masque
suited for your skin. Includes a hand and foot massage, and an extra half hour of pampering to
make your shoulders, neck and face feel and look fabulous. 90 minutes ~ $135

Add On Masques for Facials
NutriMinC® RE9 RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque with clay and avocado ~ $10
Thermal Fusion Enzyme Masque® with papaya as a safer alternative to a chemical peel ~ $10
Mix and match these treatments or add to another service.One hour minimum required per

Body Firming Masque
Protect against free radicals with NutriMinC® RE9 REactivating Body Serum, designed with
nanosphere technology to deliver ingredients that will smooth and tone your skin. 15 minutes
~ $35

Full Body Dry Brush Treatment
Keep your skin smooth and healthy with a dry brushing of your entire body. 30 minutes ~ $60

Fresh Face Massage
This amazing non-surgical face lift accesses your body’s ability to retain firm, glowing skin
through massage of special acupressure pressure points on the face and neck. Includes a warm
towel steam and Arbonne International NutriMinC®RE9 REality SPF 8 anti-aging creme. 15 or
30 minutes ~ $30/$65

   251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012                 213-300-0456
Hot Oil Head and Neck Treatment
A warm, luxurious formula including wheat germ, geranium and jojoba oils is
dripped onto your hairline. A detailed massage follows, nourishing and relaxing the
scalp and neck muscles. This is a great way to ease your mind at the end of a busy
day. 15 or 30 minutes ~ $30/$65

Lower Leg and Feet Treat
Soak in a warm restorative mineral bath of your choice, and then enjoy an exfoliat-
ing scrub and detailed massage of your feet, calves and knees. Excellent for relief of
aching feet and legs. 45 minutes ~ $75

Heated Aromatherapy Wrap
Reduce emotional stress while you absorb heat and essential oils during this nur-
turing wrap. 30 minutes ~ $70

Thermal Fusion Hair and Scalp Revitalizer® Treatment
Increase circulation and guard against long-term hair loss with this tingly warm
masque filled with antioxidants, horsetail and saw palmetto extracts. 15 or 30 min-
utes ~ $35/$65

Express Massage
Focus on a specific area of your body for relief of pain and strain. Choose the Re-
flexology or the Be Well Massage, and please communicate clearly with your Practi-
tioner the level of pressure desired. 30 minutes ~ $70

 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012           213-300-0456
Please choose at least 60 minutes of waxing services or add on to a facial.

Service                                      Minutes                          Price
 Lip                                         10 min.                          $20
 Underarm                                    10 min.                          $20
 Half Arm                                    15 min.                          $25
 Brow                                        15 min.                          $25
 Full Face                                   25 min.                          $45
 Full Arm                                    25 min.                          $40
 Bikini                                      30 min.                          $45
 Half Leg                                    30 min.                          $45
 Back                                        45 min.                          $70
 Chest                                       45 min.                          $65
 Full Leg (can include bikini)               60 min.                          $130

 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012             213-300-0456
BeWell™ Select Services

Be Well™ Private Instruction
Stretch out, stay fit and connect with your healthy self during your private or semi-private
session. Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Tai Chi and more. We create the session based on
your specific goals. 60-75 minutes ~ $100 Three or more people ~ add $10 for each person.

Be Well™ Chair Massage
Enhance your meeting or special event with a rejuvenating on-site chair massage. A few min-
utes on the head, neck, shoulders and arms in a special chair, and your associates and guests
will be motivated, refreshed and grateful. 60 minutes ~ $120

Be Well™ Spa Parties
Be on the cutting edge of entertainment. The hottest way to entertain in LA is a Be Well Spa
Party from The Spa at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. We create custom-
ized, elegant Spa Parties including spa treatments, catering, entertainment, private instruc-
tion, a charity focus and luxurious treats. A Be Well Spa Party lets your guests unwind and
rejuvenate in a beautifully healing space, and provides a totally unique experience for birth-
days, bridal showers, client appreciation, employee recognition and quality time. Your party
can include yoga, meditation, massage, skin care, nail services and whatever you can imag-
ine! Planning on weekly spa treatments? We offer packages!

The Wellness Series
Personal Training
Purchase a series of 5 personal training sessions and receive a complimentary training session
or a one-hour massage.

Spa Treatment
Purchase a series of 5 spa treatments and receive a complimentary one-hour massage or fa-

Train and Relax
One-hour personal training session and one-hour Be Well Massage.


 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, California 90012                  213-300-0456

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