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V E R PAC K U N G S - R U N D S C H AU      DESIGN Different Shapes
How to pack your products                   and Uses
                                            PHARMACEUTICALS Thought-
                                            fully Designed Concepts

            Ambitious Plans with the Diskus
                                                                Contents VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000


                                                                                    Plans with the Diskus
                                                                                         Pharmaceuticals and personal care are two of the
                                                                                         most important markets on which the Plastic Division

                                                                      Page    6          of the Crown Cork & Seal Group is basing its future.
                                                                                         The Division is therefore investing nine per cent of its
                                                                                         sales in order to serve these markets fully effectively.

     Title-story                                               33   Virtual Prototypes from all Sites –
                                                                    Taking a leap to 3-D design
6    Ambitious Plans with the Diskus –
     Crown Cork & Seal Plastics invests in pharma-
     ceutical production                                            Identification
                                                               34   Fully Digital Foil System – Laser printing with
     Cosmetics                                                      dry toner
4    A Smart Product Flow – Complex solution                   36   Pure, Clear and Low Migration
     for powder compacts offers flexibility
8    Lean Production Through Automation –                      37   Bits & Pieces
     Success equals the right mix between man and
     machine                                                   39 Reader Enquiry Service
13   Sophisticated Flacons for High-Quality
     Creams – Unusual combination of glass and
                                                                              Our internet address:
14   Everything with a Single Line – Flexibility where
     space is at a premium

18   Different Shapes and Uses – Cosmetic
     packaging in the new millennium
                                                                                                                          Page   24
24   Thoughtfully Designed Concepts –
     Multi-component and composite packs
27   Packaging is a Form of Advertising –
     Stada OTC: white communicates respectability
28   Glass with Different Jackets – Pharmaceutical
     Packaging – New ways and new opportunities
32   Creating an Umbrella Brand –
     delta pronatura plans to go European with
     “Bullrich’s Vital”

                       Multi-component and composite packs:
                   Many different demands are made on packs
                   for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

                                                                                                 VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000        3

As unpredictable as a strong-willed diva,
fashion always causes changes: variations of
                                                                                                                       Complete Powder
trade-marks, styles and colour changes. They influence our                                                             Assembly Line.

own “picture” and the “picture” of others on a regular basis. Even a
packaging systems developer cannot ignore the iron rule of fashion.

A     Smart Product Flow
                  Complex solution for powder compacts offers flexibility

                 I   PS GmbH, Crailsheim/Germany, - offering engineering
                     of turn-key packaging systems - has designed and
                  completed an “intelligent” packaging line for powder
                                                                                 the total control of the line by multiplying the parameters
                                                                                 of settings required by the entire product range.
                                                                                 The individual parts of the powder compacts are fed to
                  compacts.                                                      the robotic stations by several infeed conveyor belts.
                  The requirements of the customer were extensive: In total,     These belts are arranged parallel to each other and at
                  18 cosmetic products of four different product brands          right angles to the main conveyor of the packaging line
                  had to be handled by one packaging line. The variety of        (forming “T” connections). At these “T” connections each
                  the products themselves was not small either. These            of the six robots, type Schubert SNC-F44, picks up one
                  included make-up tins with hinged or detachable lid,           product part automatically and adds it to the compact
                  filled with rouge or eye shadow, including one or two          kit. By adding all of these parts sequentially, finished
                  Godets (small pockets holding the coloured powder)             and complete compacts are discharged from the packag-
                  with a selection of 1,600 fashionable colours, and a           ing line.
                  variety of different applicators and brushes.
                  Furthermore, the different kinds of powder compacts
                                                                                 Feeding and placement using robots
                  with diameters from 15 up to 80 mm, and the large variety
                  of shapes, created a special challenge for the supplier of     On the parallel component infeed conveyors, a scanner
                  the line.                                                      senses the position and location of each component.
                  For hygiene purposes, a strict separation of the compo-        These parts are then “picked and placed” precisely onto
                  nents had to be guaranteed during the packaging process-       the main package conveyor. The line starts with the feed-
                  es. Last but certainly not least, the changeover time of       ing and placement, by robots, of the compact case.
                  the complete packaging line had to be extremely flexible.      Those cases with hinged lids will be automatically opened
                  Due to small product runs, changeovers could be required       as they are placed into the main packaging line. All posi-
                  after only 45 minutes of production.                           tions and alignments are checked by an integrated vision
                                                                                 system. Robots no. 1 and no. 2 are feeding the empty
                                                                                 compact cases, either with hinged lids or with separate
                  One packaging line – 18 products
                                                                                 bottom and top.
                  In the end, IPS resolved these various requirements of         At robots no. 3 and no. 4 the godets are added. They are
                  their customer by using six flexible robotic stations, com-    automatically spread in the product flow, so that the scan-
                  bined with other technical expertise. The packaging line is    ner can “see“ each individual godet for pick-up. A unique
                  fully controlled by a central control system. With this sys-   magnetic pick-up device was used in this station to avoid
                  tem, two operating modes can be selected. This expands         powder mixtures and contamination of colours.

4    VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000
When the packaging line handles                           3-packs. Shrink wrapping machines          parent company Schubert Erich
“lid and base” products, the robot                        from Skinetta GmbH, Germany, were          Messerschmidt (mechanical design-
stations no. 3 and no. 4 have to per-                     selected by the IPS engineers. It was      er), Josef Pfahler (electrical designer)
form other functions. For example,                        decided that a second shrink wrap-         and Wolfgang Strebel (production)
only station no. 3 will place a godet                     ping machine should be added to the        were also involved in the project.
onto the base of the compact. The                         line instead of a product buffer. This     The delivery schedule for the com-
subsequent station no. 4 will be pro-                     second wrapper is in stand-by opera-       plete system was critical. After pre-
vided with a foil layer from the foil                     tion in case it is needed. It also re-     acceptance tests of the total func-
cutting machine. The shape of the foil                    duces changeover time, as one wrap-        tioning packaging line in Crailsheim,
layer is always identical to the shape                    per can remain in operation while the      IPS carried out a training for eight of
of the godets and will be picked up by                    other is being changed over. The           the customers’ operators. Then the
the robot and placed in the right an-                     price of a second shrink wrapping          machine was shipped to England,
gle to protect the godet. The foil cut-                   machine is approximately the same          where the packaging line was in-
ting machine of Messrs Aichele is                         as the price of a buffer system. This is   stalled within 10 days. The final ac-
equipped with a central control sys-                      a completely different approach to a       ceptance test was carried out suc-
tem and can handle five different foil                    buffer requirement.                        cessfully.
shapes.                                                                                              Since then, the line has been operat-
                                                                                                     ing for 1 1/2 months. According to
                                                          Risks to be considered
                                                                                                     IPS, the efficiency of the complete
Cameras keep the quality in
                                                          Already during the contract negotia-       line is 98 %, at an operating speed of
                                                          tion period IPS began doing research       65 completed cosmetic sets per
A quality control will be carried out                     which included calculations for im-        minute. Changeover time is averag-
between stations no. 4 and no. 5.                         portant codes. A risk was estab-           ing only three to ten minutes. For
Two camera systems will check the                         lished. The failure mode effect analy-     colour changeovers, only 30 seconds
presence of the godets, their posi-                       ses (FMEA) led to concrete reference       to one minute are required for the
tion, the integrity of the pressed                        points of dangers and errors, which        entire packaging system.
colour powder in the godets as well                       might occur at the packaging system.       In the meantime, many visitors from
as the correct position of the protec-                    At the same time, the expenditure          USA, France and Japan have taken a
tion foil when “lid and base” products                    for error elimination could be calcu-      look at the line. In the near future a
are handled. The Vitronic camera                          lated.                                     relocation to Ireland is planned. As
system is connected to a PC and to                        Then the order was placed. The IPS         general contractor, IPS has 2 1/2
the central control system.                               project team consisted of: Bernd Ble-      mweeks time to dismantle the entire
The “lid and base” products will then                     her (Sales Manager), Michael Graf          line in England and re-install the
be equipped with different applica-                       (Senior Project Manager) and Anton         system in Ireland with the same            A selection of prod-
tors by robot station no. 5. The “com-                    Schirle (Project Manager). From the        efficiency.                           s    ucts to be handled.
pact” products will get a brush which
is equipped with a “brush-head”
either on one end or on both ends.
The feeding of these products is
critical to the operation of the robot.
A vibration feeding system with
buffer will feed the products on a
conveyor with six lanes. This feeding
system was provided by the company
Eisenmann & Kraft, as a part of the
IPS turnkey solution.
The products will then arrive at
the second to last control station. At
this station the applicators will be
checked. Robot station no. 6 - the
last station of the packaging line - will
close the lids of the “Compact” prod-
ucts. For the “Lid and Base” products
robot no. 6 will place the separate
lids first. Then the lid will be closed
by a centering tool of the robot.
                                            Photos: IPS

Marking of these compacts require
them to be packaged together in

                                                                                                                    VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000            5

Pharmaceuticals and personal care are two

                                                                                                                                            Photos: CCS
                                                                                                                               Photo: EMB
of the most important markets on which the
Plastic Division of the Crown Cork & Seal
Company is basing its future. Crown is con-
vinced that there is great growth potential
and a promising trend towards more
and more sophisticated products in these
markets. The Company’s European Plastic
Division is therefore investing nine per
cent of its sales in order to fully serve these   In future, Risdon-Pharma
                                                  is producing the “Diskus”
                                                  from Glaxo Wellcome - consisting of
markets effectively.                              14 components - in Neuenburg/Germany.

Ambitious Plans with the Diskus
Crown Cork & Seal Plastics invests in pharmaceuticals production

                                                  M     ore than DM 10 million have
                                                        been spent on the plant the
                                                  pharmaceuticals subsidiary Risdon-
                                                                                           growing proportion of OTC pharma-
                                                                                           ceuticals is another reason why the
                                                                                           importance of packaging as a mar-
                                                  Pharma operates in Neuenburg/            keting instrument will be increasing
                                                  Germany, where a new Class               in the pharmaceuticals field too.
                                                  100.000 clean room has been built.       More and more customers are look-
                                                  What is known as the “Diskus”, a         ing for a plastic alternative to the typ-
                                                  product which Glaxo Wellcome has         ical brown glass containers which are
                                                  been marketing successfully for five     always the same. The company feels
                                                  years now, will be produced in the       that the chances of improving its
                                                  German plant. Asthma sufferers can       position in the OTC field with eye-
                                                  use this handy device to inhale pow-     catchingly decorated and individually
                                                  der: The powder is packaged in blis-     shaped bottles are not bad.
                                                  ter portions that are dispensed in the   The second successful market for
                                                  disk moving the handle, open the         which the Crown Cork & Seal has
                                                  blister and positioning the dose ready   high hopes is the personal care in-
                                                  for inhalition. The system consists      dustry — i.e. everything that relates to
                                                  of 14 injection-moulded parts that       cosmetics and in general to personal
 Plastic skills:                                  Risdon-Pharma will also be produc-       well-being. Including such classic
 the CCS compa-                                   ing and assembling in Neuenburg.         products as Fa shower bath or the
 nies produce                                                                              shampoo Fructis from L’Oréal, which
 all the different
                                                                                           are produced in large volumes. Raku
 parts for this                                   Packaging added value
 hair dye product                                                                          GmbH in Rastatt/Germany alone
 from L’Oréal.                                    Convenient and practical packs,          manufactures 7.000 of the apple-
 Crown is as a                                    that are at the same time attractively   green shampoo bottles per hour on
 result making
 a name for
                                                  designed are also becoming increas-      only one machine. With an output
 itself as a system                               ingly important in the pharmaceuti-      this high, the entire European market
 supplier for bot-                                cals market. “Packaging added value”     can be covered from two locations:
 tles and closures.                               is the phrase used for this by Marc      production is carried out with iden-
                                                  Szulewicz, Executive Vice-President      tical technology in Rastatt and
                                                  of the European Plastics Division. The   Langeais/France (Polyflex). “Flexible

6      VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000
                                                                                                                                        ativity centres for the Company and
                                                                                                                                        assists the individual production lo-
                                                                                                                                        cations with the development of new
                                                                                                                                        solutions. It also tests the barrier
                                                                                                                                        properties of the materials and the
                                                                                                                                        durability of the product designs. The
                                                                                                                                        engineers simulate these stress tests
                                                                                                                                        while the development process is
                                                                                                                                        still going on and therefore help to

                                                                                                  Photos: Coleman Schmidlin & Partner
                                                                                                                                        reduce lead times. One such devel-
                                                                                                                                        opment that was completed within
                                                                                                                                        the Company is the multi-component
                                                                                                                                        system for the hair dye product
                                                                                                                                        Féria from L’Oréal. The system made
                                                                                                                                        from six different parts using three
                                                                                                                                        technologies (IBM, EBM, IM) for two
Coextrusion is the solution: this lifestyle drink from Novartis is surrounded by six layers for                                         liquids which do not come into con-
which an unconventional design has nevertheless been found.
                                                                                                                                        tact with each other until the product
                                                                                                                                        is used, is made entirely by Crown
organisation of production is a cen-                from Novartis Consumer Health,                                                      companies. The closure system from
tral principle of the Company philos-               which is already on sale in Swiss                                                   Zeller Plastik is tailor-made for the
ophy,” explains Marc Szulewicz. “We                 supermarkets and is about to be                                                     bottle design developed by Polyflex.
manage to do this by using standard-                launched on the market in Germany                                                   “We are acting as a system supplier
ised processes and technologies” -                  and other European countries. A                                                     here and will be continuing to
i.e. identical quality control and CAD              bottle blow moulded from a coex-                                                    follow this strategy,” explains Marc
systems, interchangeable moulds                     truded six-layer plastic material                                                   Szulewicz: “We do not just produce
and blow moulds that can be com-                    makes sure that the vitamin drink                                                   individual components; we assume
bined and can therefore be used on                  is protected against oxygen and                                                     overall responsibility as a system
machines with different numbers of                  that the ingredients are not dam-                                                   supplier.“                       bd s
cavities as and when required. “This                aged. The bottle, which is designed
enables the Company to respond                      for hot filling, is at the same time
quickly to volume changes and to                    supposed to act as a drinking cup
guarantee a high degree of delivery                 while attracting attention on the su-                                                 Crown Cork & Seal Plastics Europe
reliability,” as the division manage-               permarket shelf due to its distinctive                                                The Company has 37 plants and 4 200 employees in
ment in Paris emphasises. It also                   shape. Its visual impact is enhanced                                                  twelve countries. Sales in 1999 amounted to US$ 750
makes sure that the European key                    by colourful sleeve decoration and                                                    million. CCS Plastics consists of the following areas:
accounts can always be supplied                     a screw closure with a tamper-
from as close a location as possible.               evident feature. “We consider it to                                                   Risdon-AMS                two locations in France
                                                    be a challenge for our Company to                                                                               and one in Italy
                                                    develop such complex products for
Coextrusion technology                                                                                                                    Risdon-Pharma             four locations, including
                                                    the mass market quickly and then to
increasingly popular                                                                                                                                                Neuenburg in Germany
                                                    manufacture them inexpensively as
The latest development by the Ger-                  well,” explains Johannes Gießler,
                                                                                                                                          Personal Care Bottles     Raku GmbH in Rastatt/
man subsidiary in Rastatt is the                    Sales and Marketing Director at Raku
                                                                                                                                                                    Germany as well as
bottle for the lifestyle drink Ocléa                GmbH. Company is expecting the
                                                                                                                                                                    Polyflex with three
                                                    market for coextrusion technology to
                                                                                                                                                                    locations in France and
                                                    grow particularly fast. Because opti-
                                                                                                                                                                    Carnaud Metalbox in
                                                    mum product protection and sophis-
                                                    ticated design can be combined with
                                                    the help of coextrusion. Gießler has                                                  Beverage Plastics         eleven locations for
                                                    high expectations: “The trend to-                                                                               the production of bottles
                                                    wards sophisticated, high-priced                                                                                and closures, including
                                                    products is stimulating creativity in                                                                           Crown Bender in
                                                    customer marketing, which in turn is                                                                            Frankenthal/Germany
                                                    making it necessary for packaging
                                                    producers to be more creative too.”                                                   Plastic Closures          nine locations, including
Flexible and fast manufacturing is what
counts with mass-produced articles like             The research laboratory in Wantage/                                                                             Zeller Plastik in Zell
shower article and shampoo bottles.                 Great Britain acts as one of the cre-

                                                                                                                                                       VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000         7

                                    The installation of a complete fragrance
                                    filling line and the reduction of complexity on
                                    the line have led to considerable cost and
                                    time savings in spite of a very high number of
                                    different products, containers, shapes and
                                    production runs.

                                                                                                            To achieve some degree of standardisation, the flacons are
                                                                                                            transported in pucks during filling and until they are inserted
                                                                                                            into the carton – thus diminishing machine regulation and
                                                                                                            enabling the shape of the bottle to become virtually irrelevant.

Lean Production Through Automation
                                    Success equals the right mix between man and machine

                                    T   raditionally, the cosmetic indus-
                                        try has considered short runs and
                                    constantly changing designs to be
                                                                             dling techniques to minimise the
                                                                             downtime between these short runs
                                                                             in close collaboration with the com-
                                                                                                                           As the production facility is at a point
                                                                                                                           in the supply chain where it has little
                                                                                                                           influence over the marketing of a
                                    too expensive and time consuming         pany. As much automation as possi-            product, there was no other option
                                    to make automation a worthwhile          ble has been introduced in order to           but to reduce overheads to reason-
                                    option. Thus, production facilities      keep production costs as low as               able levels. The solution was to find
                                    such as Whitman Laboratories based       could reasonably be achieved.                 ways of automating as far as possible
                                    in Petersfield, England had large        ”Naturally, when we began auto-               and still meet the demands of short
                                    pools of manual labour which gave        mating the packaging floor, we ad-            runs, special promotions and all the
                                    great flexibility for short runs and     dressed those issues first which gave         other needs that are put upon the
                                    allowed the use of components with       the greatest immediate benefits. Pur-         production facility to meet the de-
                                    wide tolerances.                         chasing new filling and closing equip-        sired costs.
                                    Specialised in short run batches         ment had that kind of large, immedi-
                                    (from 200 to 20.000) of a wide range     ate impact, as production flexibility
                                                                                                                           In-line filling, capping and
                                    of creams, lotions and fragrances,       required a lot of personnel for filling,
                                    the company is a production facility     manual pump placing, manual collar
                       Photo: IMA

                                    for Estée Lauder products. The con-      and cap placing, if any reasonable            The latest fragrance line installed at
                                    tainers and flacons that are filled in   throughput speeds were going to be            Whitman Laboratories met those re-
Uniformity is ab-                   Petersfield include sizes as small as    achieved,” Don Johnson, Engineering           quirements. It was also the first time
solutely not what                   4 ml and as large as 500 ml.             Manager at Whitman Laboratories               that Estée Lauder world-wide bought
the cosmetics
                                    During the last decade, the packag-      explained. ”This flexibility was very         a complete line in one go from one
business is about –
and that is the big                 ing floor has been automated to          good from the point of view of the            supplier. Previously, the company
challenge for au-                   a great extent. Whitmans’ require-       marketing departments, who drive              would put the line together, choosing
tomating the pack-                  ments - to be able to run 50 or more     the new product business, but it              different suppliers for the compo-
aging floor, accord-
                                    different items on each line - have      meant that the factory was carrying           nents, which sometimes posed a
ing to Don Johnson,
Engineering Manag-                  been met by machinery suppliers          large overheads in order to produce           problem when it came to getting
er at Whitman.                      who developed equipment and han-         the latest new product.”                      the different parts to fit. This respon-

8       VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000

                        sibility was put into the hands of IMA                     find you waste more time and money          A vertical cartoner in a fully
                        UK for the fragrance line. The compa-                      setting up the line or producing            automatic line
                        ny had already supplied other filling                      damaged items than you do if you
                        and closing equipment as well as                           put one person on that job. Under           The Vertima cartoner was jointly de-
                        end-of-line machinery. The line con-                       normal circumstances he or she can          veloped by IMA and Whitman and in-
                        sists of two fillers, one vacuum filler                    often do something else as well,”           stalled first on the creams line. ”It
                        (for pour bottles) and one volumetric                      Don Johnson commented on the                was a long project as we really chal-
                        filler (with levelling on sprays) fol-                     sometimes stony path automating             lenged the existing concept of a ver-
                                                                                   production posed.                           tical cartoner. The exciting essence
                                                                                                                               of the machine was to be able to put
Different shapes
                                                                                                                               a vertical cartoner into a fully auto-
and sizes can make                                                                 Reducing complexity on the
automation of filling                                                                                                          matic line - we wanted a top loading
and packaging
                                                                                                                               machine because of the jar handling
difficult. Whitman
and IMA jointly and
                                                                                   According to Ian Wood, sales manag-         peculiarity,” Don Johnson outlined
successfully rose                                                                  er for IMA UK, the key aim of the           the requirements for the machine.
to the challenge.                                                                  line was to reduce changeover times.        The transport belts of the machine
                                                                                   This was not an easy task: At the           are arranged in a vertical plane. The
                                                                                   beginning of the project, the fra-          base belt also moves with the carton
                                                             Photo: Estée Lauder

                                                                                   grance line needed to fill 84 pro-          transport, so that from the point of
                                                                                   ducts into 64 different bottles. By         view of the carton it is not moving rel-
                                                                                   the time the line was commissioned,         ative to its immediate surroundings
                                                                                   9 of the original 84 products had           and so will not become scuffed or
                                                                                   been deleted, and 23 new ones               scratched in the process. The tuckers
                                                                                   added. The machine then needed              also only deal with the carton when it
                                                                                   to fill 98 products into 70 bottles.        is static.
                                                                                   This meant that all parties had to          ”It was quite a challenge for the ma-
                                                                                   work with the same data sheets, or          chine to switch from a short product
                                                                                   else confusion would have reigned.          to a very long one (220 mm high) with
                                                                                   The existing spreadsheets for Whit-         various leaflet positionings and many
                                               lowed by a cap-                     mans’ ranges of components, which           variants of caps. But it worked!” John-
                                             ping or plugging                      were used when dealing with suppli-         son summed up the diversity of the
                                            device, an auto-                       ers, were extended by IMA’s format          machine.
                                           matic Vertima car-                      numbers, thus meeting the needs of
                                         toner and an over-                        their project and production depart-
                                       wrapping unit.                              ments.

                                     ”Integrating two fillers                      The sizes that the line has to cope
                                  into the line gives us the
                              best of both worlds. While vac-
                                                                                   with range from 15 ml to 250 ml
                                                                                   bottles. To achieve some degree of
                        uum filling is slower if used on spray
                        bottles, it is much faster than volu-
                                                                                   standardisation, it uses pucks in
                                                                                   which the bottles are transported
                        metric on sprinkler bottles where the
                        hole in the neck is small” Don John-
                                                                                   during filling and until they are insert-
                                                                                   ed into the carton. This diminishes
                        son explained the advantages.
                        The closing groups can handle crimp
                                                                                   machine regulation and lets the
                                                                                   shape of the bottle become virtually                                              packaging
                        or crimpless pumps. The number of                          irrevelant. ”Earlier experience taught
                        badly bent dip tubes has been min-                         us that while there is an advantage                                                   in
                        imised after pump suppliers began                          in having all the bottle bases the
                        packaging the pumps differently.                           same height within the puck, be-
                        Over the years, collars and caps were
                        fed onto the lines in different ways.
                        In the end, the simplest way turned
                                                                                   cause this helps with base labeller
                                                                                   set up, it means all the heights else-
                                                                                   where need to be adjusted every time
                                                                                                                                                                        R   ‘s
                        out to be putting them on rotary
                        tables rather than trying to handle
                                                                                   there is a changeover,” Don Johnson
                                                                                   explained the reason for designing                                                 online-
                        the jumbo packed components and                            the puck so that the necks are all at
                        sort them out without damage. ”This                        the same height. The line runs at                                                  archive
                        is an example of the sort of thing we                      speeds between 28 bottles/min and
                        have learned in trying to maximise                         50 bottles/min depending on fill
                        automation. You can overdo it, and                         volume.

10      VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000

                                                                             keep complete sets of change parts       ”We had to ask why, when two prod-
                                                                             even though they may be the same         ucts were in the same size jar and
                                                                             size as parts we already have. When      the same size carton, the liner and
                                                                             you need to manage the number of         leaflet had to be physically different.
                                                                             formats we do then it is easy to mis-    Colour and texture are not major
                                                                             place something. The consequent          issues when automating, but in order
                                                                             loss of time in set up can outweigh      to automate successfully, liners,
                                                                             the cost of the size part,” he contin-   leaflets carton profiles and so on
                                                                             ued.                                     need to follow a certain uniformity.
                                                                                                                      ”Uniformity is absolutely not what
                                                                                                                      this industry is about, our business
                                                                             Automation reduces cost
                                                                                                                      revolves around creativity and inno-

                                                                Photo: IMA
                                                                             The automatic Vertima cartoner,          vation” he continued. ”We have had
                                                                             which has become the standard for        to make compromises and accept
                                                                             Whitman, reduced staffing level of       more styles and formats than an en-
The fragrance           ”The machine needs very few change                   the creams line by 13 people. The re-    gineer like myself would normally
line constists of two
fillers, one vacuum
                        parts when there is a complete size                  duction of staffing in the fragrance     choose to handle on one line. But
filler and one          change, which is how we wanted it.                   line was similar. ”This is the sort of   over the years we have made great
volumetric filler       We have enough changeparts to be                     saving that can be achieved with au-     progress in the education of our com-
followed by a cap-      able to handle almost any size by mix                tomation. But it would not have been     ponent and machinery suppliers as
ping or plugging
device, the cartoner    and matching. But because this in-                   possible without addressing the di-      well as our own packaging depart-
and an overwrap-        volves manually taking parts from                    versity that exists between products     ment. Now we are able to produce a
ping unit.              other formats and just as important-                 which had not posed any problems,        unique looking product automatically
                        ly, putting them back afterwards, we                 when everything was completely           and cost effectively meeting the
                        have since found that it is better to                manual,” Johnson added.                  needs of our marketing colleagues.”

                        The Bigger the Better
                        New packaging for roll-on products

                        I n cooperation with Weener Plastic Packaging Group,
                          Sara Lee H&BC UK have, developed a new packaging for
                        the relaunch of Sanex and Odorex roll-on products. Inno-
                                                                                                 experience in the field of roll on components and their
                                                                                                 ability to supply the complete pack. Bottles and caps
                                                                                                 are being manufactured in their main facility in Northern
                        vative cap design incorporating a deep skirt offers in-                  Germany where a multi million Euro investment has
                        creased decoration area resulting in effective shelf ap-                 recently been completedto expand their production of
                        peal, and the curved shape of the bottle allows firm, com-               bottles and tubes. Roll-on ‘Big Balls’ and roll-on housings
Relaunched roll-on      fortable grip for secure and easy application. Weener Plas-              are supplied by their daughter company, Form Grinders
products.               tic were selected as partners in this project for their                  in Ireland.                                              s
                                                                                                                                                                Photo: Weener

12      VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000
Sophisticated Flacons for High-Quality Creams
Unusual combination of glass and metal

S   ophisticated flacons for high-
    quality skin creams - that was
the challenge tackled by the product
                                         for Glass in Kramsach in connection
                                         with its idea of designing an exclu-
                                         sive container for skin creams. The
                                                                                   name is also conceivable by means of
                                                                                   sandblasting, burning processes or
                                                                                   laser processing.
development staff at the tinplate        flacons consist of a glass base and       The metal rings can be manufactured
specialist Pirlo in Kufstein and the     lid, each of which is set in a metal      from tinplate (matt or glossy) or
famous Technical College for Glass in    ring. The elements ground from lead       aluminium. The prototypes were
Kramsach (both in Austria). The out-     crystal glass are bonded together         designed as 25-ml containers. 50-,
                                                                                                                          Glass flacons with
come is an unusual combination of        frictionally by the metal sleeves, so     150- or 250-ml sizes can be pro-        a metal ring:
the materials tinplate and glass.        that skin creams are closed tightly.      duced too.                        s    especially appealing
As is the case with perfume too,         Exclusive packaging for skin creams                                              finishes can be cre-
                                                                                                                          ated by varying
there are users of skin creams who       Pirlo explained that it was not easy to
                                                                                                                          grinding patterns,
are willing to pay a somewhat higher     combine glass and metal in view of                                               shapes and colours.
price for exquisite design. It is com-   the differences in the properties of
mon practice to use a glass flacon as    these two materials. The flacons
an object that is displayed. The so-     could, however, be produced indus-
phisticated appeal of the container is   trially from moulded glass instead.
applied to the image and value of the    Different grinding patterns create vi-
contents.                                sual appeal that can be stressed by

                                                                                                                                            Photos: Pirlo
Pirlo initiated the co-operative rela-   colouration of the glass. The applica-
tionship with the Technical College      tion of a company logo or a brand

                                                                                                 VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000      13

                         Filling, closing, labelling and end-of-line pack-
                         aging of eight different sizes on just one line?
                         With extremely little time between discus-
                         sion of the initial idea and complete planning
                         of the new line? No problem for the packaging
                         specialists from Bausch + Ströbel, who in-
                         stalled a customised line for cosmetics and
                         medicines at Wala Heilmittel.

 Everything with a
                         Flexibility where space is at a premium
                                                                             Single Line
                         E   arly-flowering plants are stretching their heads to-
                             wards the first warm rays of the April sun, and a
                         different fragrance comes wafting by from every direc-
                                                                                        And Goelz continues: “Eight different bottle sizes and
                                                                                        seven different closures were supposed to be processed
                                                                                        on this one line. It was therefore very important to us that
                         tion. Passionflowers, daisies or pasqueflowers - more          the line is flexible.”
                         than 160 different medicinal herbs are grown under             Many suppliers had to admit defeat when faced with these
                         controlled organic conditions in the herb garden at            requirements and the tight schedule. Bausch + Ströbel
                         Wala Heilmittel GmbH in Eckwälden/Bad Boll (Germany).          from Ilshofen in Germany accepted the challenge in liai-
                         At the foot of the Schwäbische Alb hills, the company em-      son with Bosch and installed a line on which changeover
                         ploys about 250 people at the moment to manufacture            times of 15 to 20 minutes are possible.
                         products in accordance with anthroposophical principles.
                         Wala produces medicines and cosmetics from natural
                                                                                        Difficult to control
                         substances by homoeopathic methods on the basis of
                         the anthroposophical understanding of nature: medicinal        The fully automatic B+S universal metering machine UDF
Even the rolled-on       herb extracts are preserved without alcohol. The cosmet-       4025 uses metering pumps to remove the cleansing
closures are
processed on the line.
                         ic and personal products line “Dr. Hauschka” is based on       lotion from a container that is located directly in front of
                         these medicine production principles. All of the products      the U-shaped line. A rotary table attached to the side
                         are in addition free from artificial fragrances, colourants    dispenses the 100-ml glass bottles. Plastic containers –
                         and preservatives.                                             made from PET, for example - are not a viable alternative
                         The proportion of business accounted for by cosmetics          for the company. “Essential oils - are included in many
                         exceeded 50 per cent of the annual sales of DM 62 million      products - are difficult to control. As manufacturers of
                         for the first time last year, a trend that has been becoming   natural cosmetics we cannot afford to have the natural
                         more and more apparent in recent years. A good reason          oils evaporating or perhaps tasting like plastic”, says
                         for the company to replace the semi-automatic filling line     Goelz. The only exceptions are made with shower sham-
                         that was more than 20 years old. “An additional factor         poos or the sun products range, which have to be filled
                         was a cosmetic packaging relaunch”, explains Dipl.-Ing.        into plastic tubes.
                         Christopher Goelz, Technical and Safety Departmental           Four bottles at a time are filled by a stainless steel pump
                         Manager.                                                       assembly. A ceramic pump assembly is installed instead
                         The relaunch announced by the marketing experts did            when hot filling is involved, as is the case with elixirs.
                         not give the technical specialists very much time. They        Up to 4 200 units can be filled, closed, labelled and pro-
                         had just six weeks to plan the new line. There were special    vided with their final packaging per hour, although the
                         requirements too: “One of the fundamental conditions           output depends - as Goelz points out - on how much the
                         was to install the filling line at a very cramped location.”   product foams during the filling operation: “When we are

                         14     VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000
processing certain essences on the       Cosmetics from
                                         natural substances.
line, we can reach 1500 units per
hour at the most.”
The glass bottles reach the B+S clos-
ing machine KS 1020, where the bot-
tles are channelised, on a conveyor
belt. Another challenge Bausch +
Ströbel had to tackle was the fact
that scratching of the vacuum-met-
allised gold pump dispensers and
spray pumps had to be avoided dur-
ing processing. The grippers were
given a special coating and the sort-
ing unit was also provided with a spe-
cial surface layer. Goelz: “The prob-
lem was that the closures stick if the
coating is too soft.”
A solution was, however, found to this
problem too. Goelz is satisfied that a
total of seven different types of clo-
sure can be processed on the ma-
chine. “We use screw closures and
fitments with a screw cap for our de-
odorants in addition to the spray
pump and the pump dispenser. And
then there are rolled-on closures and
pipettes for medicines which are also
processed on this line.”

Label on the front and back
The closed bottles have now reached
the half-way point on their journey
through the line (which is roughly 20
m long) and are transported on a
conveyor belt to the B+S labeller ESF
1015, where self-adhesive labels
made of paper or plastic are
processed. The line is equipped to la-
bel both the front and the back. Since

               VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000       15

                                               the Dr. Hauschka cosmetic line is          spite of the differences in pack
                                               currently being exported to 30 differ-     height - due to the difference in clo-
                                               ent countries, it was important to         sure,” explains Goelz.
                                               switch the labeller to a different label   Edelmann is also the source of a fold-
                                               dimension within only a few minutes        ing carton design with a reinforced
                                               or simply to fit a new reel with labels    base flap for the 180- and 500-ml
                                               in a different language.                   bottles, so that they cannot slip out.
                                               The downstream Bosch cartoning             Because an additional film wrapper
                                               machine CAR-T5 erects the folding          was not an acceptable alternative
                                               cartons and pushes the folded in-          for the company, which received cer-
                                               struction leaflet into the carton to-      tification of its compliance with the
                                               gether with the glass bottle. The          requirements of the DIN EN 9001 en-
                                               “best by” date and the batch number        vironmental management system in
                                               of the cosmetic product are em-            1998: “It is a basic rule that we only
                                               bossed on the base of the folding car-     use the packaging that we absolutely
                                               ton by a coding unit.                      need”, says Goelz.
                                               The folding cartons are finally fed into   In the medical field, for example,
                                               the Pewo-pack 450 from Pester,             Wala decided to avoid all outer pack-
                                               which collates the cartons in fives or     aging with the cylindrical glass jars
                                               tens and applies a film cover to them      it fills with globules (small spherical
                                               in a shrinkwrapping tunnel. These          sugar pills) and co-operated with
                                               multipacks are loaded in transport         Pago to develop a wrap-around label
                                               outers manually.                           that is printed in-line on a thermal               Plastic tubes are filled
                                                                                                                                             externally at the moment.
                                                                                          transfer printer. Goelz: “There is
                                                                                          enough space on it for all the infor-
                                               Small spherical sugar pills
                                                                                          mation that is normally included on       packager still produces lipstick,
                                               Eight different folding carton sizes       the instruction leaflet and the folding   eyeliner and mascara produced for
                                               can be processed, depending on the         carton.” The company has opted to         reasons of capacity. Plastic tubes
                                               bottle size. Wala used a trick to avoid    do without bakelite cosmetic clo-         cannot be filled at the Wala location
                                               having to deal with even more sizes:       sures too for environmental reasons.      yet either. A disadvantage that is
                                               if the 100-ml bottle is provided with a    Goelz attributes the fact that the        to be remedied quickly, in view of the
                                               screw closure instead of a dispenser,      company’s marketing department            lead times required by contract filling
                                               a folding carton with a height adjust-     continues to use folding cartons with     companies of a quarter of a year or
                                               ment element is used. When the car-        embossed gold printing or vacuum-         longer. According to Goelz, DM 40
                                               ton that Edelmann developed in liai-       metallised gold pump dispensers to        million in total are to be invested in
                                               son with Bosch is erected, a kind of       the need to focus on the impact of        buildings, a new tube line and a new
                                               double base is produced. The advan-        the pack at the POS where cosmetics       liquids line over the next two years.
                                               tage? “We do not have to spend ages        are concerned.                            The technical manager is already cer-
                                               convincing our customers in organic        Decorative cosmetics were added to        tain that Bausch + Ströbel will again
                                               food stores and chemists’ shops that       the cosmetics range about 1 1/2 years     be the first supplier approached for
                                               they are getting the same contents in      ago; for the time being, a contract       the filling and closing line.   mo s

 Four bottles are
 filled at a time.

 The closing ma-
 chine channelis-
 es the bottles
                     Photos: Wala Heilmittel

 and applies the

 The bottles are

16    VR Pharma + Cosmetic Packaging 2000