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					PRESS RELEASE                                            Contact: Lara Cohn
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  The Halo Group Sponsors Marketing Innovation Reality Check Survey at BRITE ’11

NEW YORK, March 10, 2011 – The Halo Group, a New York-based branding and
marketing communications agency, in conjunction with the Columbia Business School's
Center on Global Brand Leadership BRITE ‘11 conference held on March 2, surveyed
attendees to assess their company‘s receptivity to the latest marketing trends. The
survey itself also demonstrated a new way to use emerging technology, by using an on-
site QR code mobile interface. The ―Marketing Innovation Reality Check‖ 10-question,
multiple-choice interactive digital survey found that brand marketers still face challenges
implementing new marketing strategies within their own companies.

It should come as no surprise that Finance (aka ―The Money Bags‖), was identified as
the main barrier to getting buy-in for innovative new marketing strategies garnering 30%
of the vote, but the CEO (aka ―The Head Honcho‖) was also identified as a barrier with
28%. Even more surprising, additional survey results showed that in a digitally driven
marketing landscape, many companies did not have some of the basic knowledge,
training or technology to successfully integrate new marketing ideas.

―There has been a lot of talk regarding brands‘ innovative marketing strategies, but this
survey, which we designed in two weeks, with virtually no out of pocket cost, was
designed to find out what companies are actually implementing, particularly in the digital
space,‖ said Linda Passante, CEO/Co-founder of The Halo Group. ―We hope it gave
BRITE attendees a candid look at our shared challenges once we leave this conference
and bring clarity to those that serve marketing driven organizations.‖

Attendees were asked to snap a QR code on their mobile phones to take the quick
survey that tested their marketing innovation savvy. For 52% of attendees, taking the
survey lead to their first use of a QR code. And, most surprisingly, only 21% of the
respondents were sure that their company had a mobile-compatible website.

―The Halo Group‘s survey is a prime example of what the BRITE conference is all
about,‖ said David Rogers, host of the BRITE ‘11 conference. ―The survey showcased
the latest technology, focused on innovative marketing strategy, and provided users
with instant results—it was a true testament to the success of emerging business

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Other key survey findings show:

      75% of attendees described their workplaces as ―innovation obsessed‖, but 1 in 4
       said receptivity to innovation in their company as only ―baby steps permitted‖
      While 96% of attendees are currently using social media as a part of their
       marketing efforts, only 9% have an internal social media training program for
       their staff
      97% plan to use mobile marketing technology in 2011 to connect with customers

The Halo Group‘s mobile-marketing survey, accessed via a QR code and promoted by
an on-site program that included conference signage, twitter posts and a ―street team,‖
was intended to help understand the reality of creating, implementing and measuring
innovation for today‘s leaders in marketing. Survey respondents were 109 BRITE
conference attendees (roughly one-third of registrants) ranging from CMOs from top
brands to leading academics to some of the foremost marketing and branding agencies.
The survey was conducted and tabulated in real-time, with a sampling of the results
delivered during the afternoon session of the conference. As an incentive, one winner
was selected at random to win an Apple iPad.

About The Halo Group
Founded in 1994, The Halo Group is an independent marketing communications and
branding agency, specializing in the education, consumer products, travel/tourism and
financial industries. Halo brings together a roundtable of seasoned marketing,
branding, creative, traditional, digital and mobile advertising, public relations and social
media experts to work with a select group of international clients. Halo has been
honored with more than 250 industry awards. For more information, visit online at or via mobile at

About the BRITE Conference
BRITE ‗11 is presented by the Center on Global Brand Leadership. Founded at
Columbia Business School in 1999, the Center has grown into a global partnership of
leading business schools. The Center brings together researchers, corporations,
agencies, and entrepreneurs to develop new thinking about the future of innovation and
branding. To find out more about the Center and its worldwide activities, visit


Editor Note: For full survey questions and results, please contact Lara Cohn, The Halo
Group, 212-643-9700,

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Description: BRITE ’11, presented by Columbia Business School’s Center for Global Brand Leadership, was inspiring and educational with engaging discussions about today’s best brand stories and exciting exercises to stimulate innovation. While the conference buzzed of optimism and innovation, The Halo Group sponsored a “Marketing Innovation Reality Check” survey to help today’s marketers identify priorities to better implement new marketing strategies.