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									“Moneybags” aren’t
the only barrier to
marketing innovation
BRITE ’11 conference survey summary: a marketing innovation reality check

                                   pre sented by
BRITE ’11, presented by Columbia Business School’s Center
for Global Brand Leadership, was inspiring and educational
with engaging discussions about today’s best brand stories
and exciting exercises to stimulate innovation. While the
conference buzzed of optimism and innovation, The Halo
Group sponsored a “Marketing Innovation Reality Check”
survey to help today’s marketers identify priorities to better
implement new marketing strategies.
It’s not just
the moneybags
   Key Findings: It should come as no surprise that Finance
   (aka “The Moneybags” with 30% of the vote) was identified
   as the main barrier to getting buy-in for innovative new
   marketing strategies. But, the CEO (aka “The Head Honcho”)
   was also identified as a barrier with 28%. Even more surprising,
   additional survey results show that, in a digitally driven
   marketing landscape, many companies did not have some
   of the basic knowledge, training or technology to successfully
   integrate new marketing ideas.
• Culture of Innovation—75% of the respondents
 described their workplaces as “innovation obsessed”
 or “innovation encouraged” and the remaining 25%
 described receptivity to innovation in their company
 as only “baby steps permitted”

• Social Media—While 96% of attendees are currently
 using social media as part of their marketing efforts, a
 deeper look at their responses suggests that there is
 still a long way to go
   - 44% have a “basic presence” or less
   - Only 9% had internal social media training
    programs for their staff

• Mobile—Showing the ever-growing interest in mobile,
 97% plan to use mobile marketing technology in 2011
 to connect with customers:
   - However, 52% of attendees are only in the process
    of making plans
   - And 53% never used QR Codes prior to this survey
   - And only 21% had a mobile-compatible website

• ROI—ROI and transparency have been a major focus
 for marketers over the past few years and respondents
 indicate some progress. 85% of attendees said they
 could tie marketing goals to company goals. However
 that’s only the first step
   - Only 24% of marketers can produce ROI data for
    all their marketing efforts
   - The remaining 76% are still struggling to effectively
    track more than a few of their efforts
about the survey
       The Halo Group’s mobile survey, accessed via a QR code, and
       promoted by an on-site program that included conference
       signage and a “street team,” was intended to help understand
       the reality of creating, implementing and measuring
       innovation for today’s leaders in marketing. And there was
       no better place than the BRITE Conference, where attendees
       included marketers from top brands, leaders in academia,
       and the industries best marketing communications partners.

survey vitals
         • Methodology: A 10-question, multiple-choice mobile
           survey accessed via QR code on-site at the BRITE

         • Timing: Survey was collected and tabulated in
           real-time using Google spreadsheets and delivered
           the same day

         • Respondents: 109 BRITE Conference Attendees
           (roughly one-third of registrants) ranging from
           CMO’s from top brands to leading Academia to
           the industries best agencies

         • One winner was selected at random to win an
           Apple iPad

about the conference
       BRITE ’11 brings together big thinkers from business,
       technology, media, and marketing to discuss emerging
       trends in marketing, innovation, technology, society, and
       culture and how these trends can transform the ways that
       companies build and sustain great brands.
  Rate your company’s receptiveness to marketing/brand
  innovation on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being very receptive, 4
  being very resistant)

baby steps permitted
                                      44%        innovation obsessed

innovation encouraged

  Do you have an internal communications program to help
  all levels of your organization deliver a uniform brand
  experience for customers?

                                       highly developed

                           11% 16%

         sort of

                                         working on it
              Which of the following best describes your brands’ use of
              social media as part of its marketing efforts?

                             huh? social what?
                                                          monetizing it

              basic presence    40%

                                                          43%     actively managing it

              Do you have an internal training program for staff that
              manage your brands’ social media presence?

                                                      highly developed training program



                                                          39%       limited rules and guidelines

we have external partners that do all of this
  Does your brand have a mobile-friendly website?

               don’t even know

                              8%                    yes, 100% mobile compatible


      not really     38%
                                        33%           it mostly works

  What is your experience with QR codes?

                                    QR is my life

                                            43%          i’m dabbling

today was my first
     How will you use, or plan to use, mobile marketing
     techniques—QR codes, shortcodes, mobile applications,
     mobile advertising—to connect with your customer in 2011?

            who needs mobile?                 important part of our plan

                                              18%      a few test efforts underway
just making plans now    52%

     What amount of your marketing spending can you tie to
     ROI metrics (e.g., sales growth, brand awareness, customer
     loyalty, etc.)?

                      barely any          none

                               18% 7%

                                              24%       virtually all

         a few initiatives
         Are your company’s business goals clear enough to be
         easily tied to your company’s marketing goals?


                                                12%   3%
                                                           strongly disagree

                 agree    56%
                                                  29%          strongly agree

         What/who do you think is the biggest barrier to getting
         buy-in for innovative marketing strategies?


                                           9%          the head honcho (ceo)

the moneybags (finance)

        the board of directors
                                      3%        29%
          the computer geeks (it)                 none
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