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					                                                           A Message From Jean Perrault

The InfoSherbrookois is published by the
                                                   Giant steps for the environment in 2008!
Communications Service of the Ville de                                   As the year draws to a close, I would like to draw your attention to actions
Sherbrooke and is delivered by Publi-Sac Estrie.                         undertaken by the city in 2008 to reduce the amount of garbage sent to
Please note that most Sherbrooke activities                              landfill as part of our 2004-2008 waste management plan.
listed in this newsletter occur primarly in                              Let me remind you of how proud the city was to announce in October,
French. Borough of Lennoxville activities                                during Quebec Waste Reduction Week, that compost collection using
are generally bilingual.                                                 the brown bins had allowed us to recover close to 10 500 tons of
Director:                                                                organic matter, the equivalent of more than 1000 full collection trucks.
Colette Ouellet                                                          Thank you to all Sherbrooke citizens for their outstanding participation
                                                                         in the compost collection that began in 2008.
Division Head:
Charlotte Gosselin                                 I would also like to thank those businesses that have taken steps to go green over the past
Editor-in-chief and Co-ordinator:                  year by offering their employees the opportunity to recycle at work through the recycling
Diane Parent                                       collection for institutions, businesses and industry (ICI) program. This year, Sherbrooke sent
                                                   about 15 500 tons of recyclable materials to the sorting centre. This represents an increase
Information Co-ordinators and Editors:
                                                   of 12.3% over 2007.
Stéphanie Doyon
Isabelle Gauthier                                  And that’s not all… The city continues to improve its environmental services for the public.
                                                   Residents can now safely discard used batteries at several drop-off points and can use the
Final Proofs:
                                                   bins in public municipal areas to recycle, compost and get rid of garbage. The article on
Sylvie Hallé
                                                   page 11 provides more information about the safe disposal of used batteries.
Editorial Commitee:
Martin Carrier                                     I am also thrilled that we have planted between 4000 and 5000 new young trees throughout the
Lyse Cloutier                                      city in 2008-2009. I am very proud of the leadership Sherbrooke is demonstrating in this area.
Jonathan Fitzmorris                                Sherbrooke is also distinguishing itself in terms of public transportation. With a 24%
Judith Gagnon                                      increase in the use of public transportation between 2002 and 2008, Sherbrooke is
Chantal Grenier                                    confidently moving towards sustainable mobility. The increase in the number of service
Lucine Laprise                                     hours, creation of a sustainable mobility centre and various agreements with partners
José Larochelle                                    including the Université de Sherbrooke, the Cégep de Sherbrooke, the Séminaire de
Bruno Léger                                        Sherbrooke, the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke, the CHUS and other
Christine Lessard                                  employers, demonstrates ongoing efforts by the Société de transport de Sherbrooke to
Gilles Pelland                                     make sustainable transportation in Sherbrooke a reality.
Myriam Pellerin                                    On our way to holding the 2013 Canada Summer Games…
Nathalie Perron                                    On a different topic, I would like to inform you that the official bid to host the 2013 Canada
Carmen Pion                                        Summer games in Sherbrooke was submitted in November to the Canada Games Council in
Louise Poirier                                     Ottawa. To demonstrate the determination of Sherbrooke residents in holding these Games,
Serge Turgeon                                      a rally took place on October 30. I invite you to read the article on page 70 for more
Graphic Design and Advertising:                    information, and encourage you to sign the register. With your support, I am confident that in
CIBLE solutions d’affaires, 819-562-2222           April 2009, Sherbrooke will receive a positive response to our request to host the Games.
English translation:                               In closing, on behalf of all city councillors, season’s greetings to you and your family and
Stevenson & Writers Inc., 819-569-5945             I wish you much health and happiness in the New Year. Best wishes also to all management
Photos:                                            and staff at the Ville de Sherbrooke who will continue their excellent work in 2009.
Martin Blache                                      Happy holidays!
François Lafrance
François Grégoire
Jocelyn Riendeau
Claude Roussel
Photo archives
Cover photo:                                       Jean Perrault
François Lafrance                                  Mayor
Hebdo Litho
Legal deposit with the Bibliothèque nationale
du Québec                                                                                              CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS
INFORMATION: 819-821-5572                                                                              January 19, February 2, February 16,
Postal address:                                                                                        March 2, March 16, April 6 and April 20
P.O. Box 610, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1H 5H9                                                               7 p.m. at City Hall                                                                  191, rue du Palais, Sherbrooke.
                                                     UPCOMING EDITION OF THE                           The public is welcome to attend council
                                                     INFOSHERBROOKOIS                                  meetings. Check first as the dates may
                                                     • Mid April                                       change: 819-821-5500.

                                                                    Info Sherbrookois
                                                                     Winter 2008-2009
In Brief...
                                                                                                                                          This product contains 46.5%
                                                                                                                                          post-consumer recycled fibre.

  Message From Jean Perrault........ 3                      CONTACT INFO FOR                                              Community Life
  In Brief ............................................ 4   RECREATION CENTRES ................66                         Community Organizations............86
  Legal Affairs .................................. 6        Cité des rivières Activities ............67                   In the Boroughs ............................88
  Human Resources ........................ 7                CHARMES Activities ....................68                     Youth Organizations......................99
  Environment ....................................8         Excellence Sportive                                           Organizations for Seniors ..........107
                                                            Sherbrooke Activities....................70
  Emergency Response ..................14                                                                                 Intercultural Page........................118
                                                            Cultural Life
  Roadways ....................................14
                                                                                                                          Festival, Celebrations and
                                                            Libraries ........................................71
  Hydro-Sherbrooke ........................16                                                                             Special Events................................119
                                                            Exhibitions ....................................75
  Urban Planning ............................17                                                                           Borough of Brompton....................123
                                                            Visual Arts ....................................78
  Fire Protection ..............................18                                                                        Borough of Fleurimont ..................129
                                                            Dance ............................................78
  Police Department........................19
                                                            Music ............................................78          Borough of Jacques-Cartier ..........139
  Sports & Recreation
                                                            Singing ..........................................79          Borough of Lennoxville ..................145
  Aquatic and Nautical Activities ......20
                                                            Theatre ..........................................79          Borough of Mont-Bellevue ............151
  Sports Activities............................22
                                                            Socio-cultural Activities................79                   Borough of Rock Forest–
  Parks, Outdoor Rinks                                                                                                    Saint-Élie–Deauville........................155
  and Skating Ovals ........................35              In the Boroughs ............................82
                                                            Cultural Column............................85                 DIRECTORY TO KEEP ..................161
  Cross-country Ski Trails ..............45
  Downhill Skiing and
  Snowboarding ..............................47
  Recreational Activities ..................50

 Celebrating a century of the municipalization of electricity!
 As part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the municipalization
 of hydroelectricity, the Ville de Sherbrooke paid special tribute to the
 former directors of the Hydro-Sherbrooke service. During a dinner on
 November 9, Jean Bourassa, Gilles Veilleux and Roger Vachon were
 honoured for their contributions to the development, growth and vitality
 of Hydro-Sherbrooke.
 Mayor Jean Perrault proudly noted that, thanks to Hydro-Sherbrooke’s
 activities, Sherbrooke was the second largest supplier of electricity in
 the province after Hydro-Quebec.

                                                                                                    Bottom row, left to right: Mayor Jean Perrault; Jean Bourassa, former
                                                                                                    director; Daniel Richer, current director of Hydro-Sherbrooke; Sylvie
                                                                                                    Lapointe, general manager of the Ville de Sherbrooke. Top row: René
                                                                                                    Allaire, assistant general manager of land management; Gilles Veilleux
                                                                                                    and Roger Vachon, former directors; and Bernard Tanguay, chair of the
                                                                                                    executive committee, chair of city council and municipal councillor.

Since last summer, the Ville de Sherbrooke invites businesses to view its calls for tender on its portal at
In an effort to go beyond its legal obligations in publishing calls to tender, the Ville de Sherbrooke has opted to put online
the main steps related to this type of contract. The steps to publish calls to tender, opening of bids and awarding of
contracts will be kept updated on a weekly basis in the PDF document for each call to tender. These documents will be
saved online for one month following the awarding of the contract.

                                                                            Info Sherbrookois
                                                                             Winter 2008-2009
                                                                                                          In Brief...

New contest:
Ville de Sherbrooke’s Architectural Awards
                                                                                On October 8, 2008, Louida Brochu (at right),
                                                                                Pro-Mayor for the Ville de Sherbrooke and
                                                                                representative of the Conférence régionale
                                                                                des élus de l’Estrie, launched the Ville de
                                                                                Sherbrooke’s Architectural Awards in the
                                                                                company of: artist Jean-Marc Tétro, who
                                                                                designed the commemorative plaque to be
                                                                                mounted on the winning building; Louise
                                                                                Boisvert, President and Editor of La Tribune,
                                                                                an awards partner; historian and emeritus
                                                                                professor Jean-Pierre Kesteman, jury president
                                                                                and spokesperson for the first edition of the
                                                                                awards; and Stéphane Laberge, head of
                                                                                French-speaking services at Radio-Canada
                                                                                Estrie, an awards partner.
                                                                                With this new contest, the city aims to highlight
                                                                                the quality of new and restored architecture in
                                                                                Sherbrooke while fostering a sense of pride
                                                                                among Sherbrooke residents.
 The Architectural Awards, featuring six categories, will be given out every two years to owners or managers of residential,
 commercial, industrial and institutional buildings who have carried out exterior construction or restoration projects in
 Sherbrooke. An honourable mention, the Louis-N.-Audet Jury Award, will also be presented by the jury to all qualifying and
 non-qualifying projects in one of the six categories.
 For this first edition, candidates with eligible projects had until December 5 to submit their candidacy. The jury will now meet
 to select finalists in each category, which will be made public in January 2009. The prizes will be awarded on Friday,
 February 6, at noon at the Salon Expo-habitat de l’Estrie.
 For more information about these new awards, visit the city’s portal at

The work of artist Marie-Josée Coulombe, winner of the Concours d’intégration d’une œuvre
d’art à l’architecture du Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré, a contest that saw artists
submit works to compliment the architecture of the performing arts building, was revealed
last September.
Titled Les ciels inversés, the concept features 29 oval elements made of chrome-plated
stainless steel with a mirror finish, surrounded by plants. Laid out horizontally, the
surfaces facing the sky reflect the images of passing time.
The $56 000 project was funded in part by the Ville de Sherbrooke and through funding
from Quebec’s Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine.
The amount represents slightly more than the 1% of the construction budget of the building
dedicated to the creation of public artwork as required by Quebec’s Policy for the Integration
of the Arts with Architecture and the Environment.

                                                          Info Sherbrookois
                                                           Winter 2008-2009
Legal Affairs

Overnight parking in winter
Parking is prohibited on city streets in winter in most Quebec municipalities, including the Ville de Sherbrooke.
Article 5.2.22 of Ville de Sherbrooke municipal by-law no 1 decrees that parking a vehicle on the city’s public roads is
prohibited during the snowfall period, from November 15 to March 31, between midnight and 7 a.m., except in the
following locations:

 STREETS                FROM:             TO:
 Aberdeen               Alexandre         Wellington Sud
 Adélard-Collette       Short             de Mère-Teresa
 de l’Esplanade         King Ouest        de la Glacière
 High (west side)
 Island (east side)
 LaRocque               Short             de Mère-Teresa
 de la Magog            George            du Général-De Montcalm

Please respect this by-law that allows municipal workers to adequately and efficiently plough your streets and ensure
proper traffic flow. An owner not respecting the law in this regard may be issued a ticket and discover that his or her
vehicle has been towed away.
Drive safely and refrain from parking your vehicle on city streets overnight during the winter!

 Snow removal during winter
 We would like to remind you that, according to current legislation,
 the Ville de Sherbrooke has the right to project or blow snow covering
 a public road onto adjacent private property. This right is for the purposes
 of facilitating snow removal on streets and easing traffic and pedestrian
 circulation. We therefore recommend that you protect your hedges, trees
 and shrubs that are close to the street to prevent damage caused by snow
 removal operations.
 However, remember that as a citizen, you may not blow, push or place snow or allow it to be blown, pushed or placed onto
 a fire hydrant or a municipal public area, including the pavement and sidewalks. In addition, you may not deposit snow in a
 private area other than the one where the snow came from, without having prior written authorization from the owner.
 Be a good neighbour and blow or shovel snow from your walkway and driveway so that it remains on your property.

                                                           Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Winter 2008-2009
                                                                        Human Resources

The Ville de Sherbrooke is recruiting students for more than 400 summer jobs, in various areas including
recreation and manual positions as well as specialized and technical fields.

LIBRARIES                                                    SWIMMING
• Assistant librarian                                        • Lifeguard (National Lifeguard)
                                                             • Swimming instructor (Canadian Red Cross)
• Recreation leader                                          TECHNICAL TRADES AND PROFESSIONS
• Recreation coordinator                                     • Building estimates and evaluations
                                                             • Civil engineering
                                                             • Ecology
• Secretary
                                                             • Microbiology
• Office clerk
                                                             • Environment
• Customer service clerk
                                                             • Water treatment
• Clerk/cashier
                                                             • Electrical engineering
• Waste collection information officer
                                                             • Building mechanics or electricity
• Other positions
                                                             • Painting buildings
MANUAL LABOUR                                                • Horticulture
• Park caretaker                                             • Arboriculture
• Day labourer                                               • Police technology
• Unskilled worker                                           • Auto mechanic
• Messenger                                                  • Other positions
• Other positions

To be eligible, you must respond to the following general criteria:
• Live in one of the six boroughs in the Ville de Sherbrooke
• Have completed secondary 5 by the summer
• Be studying full-time in a regular program and continuing full-time studies in the fall.

If you would like to apply for a summer job, visit the Ville de Sherbrooke portal at and complete an online student employment application, by March 31.
The Éva-Senécal municipal library has a few computer stations with Internet access available to complete
and send your employment application.

  Important: Your candidacy must be submitted online. Applications on paper will not be accepted.

                                                 Info Sherbrookois
                                                  Winter 2008-2009

Remember that during the four winter months, compost is only collected once a month.

For the boroughs of                                                Compost collection will take place the weeks of:
Brompton,                                                          • December 8 • January 12
Jacques-Cartier and                                                • February 9  • March 9
Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville

For the boroughs of                                                Compost collection will take place the weeks of:
Fleurimont,                                                        • December 15 • January 19
Lennoxville and                                                    • February 16 • March 16

                              Watch for the return of weekly collection beginning April 6!

CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC BAGS                                  Can they be recycled?
ARE NOW ACCEPTED!                                                   Compostable and biodegradable bags should never be
                                                                    placed in the recycling bin. They are not conventional
In Sherbrooke you can now use compostable plastic bags              plastic and their composition can hinder the plastic bag
that are certified by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec         recycling process.
(BNQ) to dispose of your compost in the brown bins.
                                                                    An option, not an obligation
If you are interested in using this type of bag, make sure          The use of compostable plastic bags or regular brown
you buy the certified variety. As of November 12, 2008,             paper bags is in no way mandatory although it helps
only the following brands were certified:                           reduce odours. Don’t forget that you can obtain similar
• BioBag – all sizes                                                results, but at a lower cost by simply placing a sheet of
• Biosak – all sizes                                                newspaper at the bottom of your container or between
                                                                    the layers of organic matter.
• No name - compostable kitchen bags (16.75” x 17.5”)
• No Name – compostable bin bags (25” x 30”)                        Compostable bags ACCEPTED             Materials that have been
                                                                                     in the brown bin     designed to transform
• Quikki – kitchen garbage bags (16.75” x 17.5”)
                                                                                                          into humus (compost)
• Quikki – compostable bin bags (25” x 30”)                                            REFUSED            under commercial or
                                                                                       in the recycling   industrial composting
• Home Natura – mini kitchen garbage bags (16.75” x 17.5”)                             bin                conditions over a period
Compostable… plastic?                                                                                     of 180 days and that
                                                                                                          leave no visible, toxic or
Even though they are called “compostable plastic bags”,
                                                                                                          easy to distinguish traces
these bags are actually made of cornstarch or other                                                       of residue.
organic materials. This is what makes them compostable,
which is not the case for conventional plastic such as
plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) and most grocery bags.                    Oxobiodegradable   REFUSED            Materials that use a
Compostable, biodegradable – Are they the same thing?               bags               in the brown bin   chemical additive mixed
                                                                                                          with traditional plastic to
Not at all. There is a major difference between the terms                              REFUSED            start the degradation
“compostable” and “oxobiodegradable”. While the former                                 in the recycling   process, the remainder
is accepted in the brown bin, the latter is a contaminant to                           bin                biodegrades over time,
compost. Therefore you need to be careful when buying                                                     which often takes several
your bags.                                                                                                decades.

                                                       Info Sherbrookois
                                                        Winter 2008-2009

COMPOST-INFO                                                              TRANSFER CENTRE:
                                                                          FOR CITIZENS AND BUSINESSES
Does your organic matter stick to the
insides of the brown bin?                                                 Since the closure of the landfill site in July, Sherbrooke
In winter, some of your organic matter may stick to the                   residents and businesses that have bulky waste can take
sides of your brown roll-out bin when it freezes. If this                 it to the new transfer centre for a fee. There, the waste is
happens, the collection truck won’t be able to empty                      stored and then transported to the Saint-Étienne-des-Grès
the bin. The city asks citizens to be patient and wait for                landfill site in Mauricie.
the next collection date. There is less organic matter
                                                                          Refused waste
produced during the winter and the capacity of your
                                                                          • Organic matter
roll-out bin should be sufficient to hold two or three
                                                                          • Tires
months’ worth.
                                                                          • Household hazardous waste
To avoid matter sticking to your bin, there are a few
easy tips you can try. Start by putting a piece of                        Note: These types of waste are accepted at the
cardboard in the bottom of the bin (e.g. a cereal box)                    ecocentres.
after the bin has been emptied. Avoid adding liquids. If                  Location: 2215, rue Claude-Greffard
the problem persists, you can use a large paper bag for
garden waste. Open the bag and place it inside the bin,                   Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
then add the organic waste as you collect it.                             Fee for residents and small vehicles:
Composting Guide                                                          $30/m3, CASH only
In June, the Ville de Sherbrooke produced a Citizen’s                     Informations: 819-563-9669
guide to composting. This small guide is distributed free
of charge from the borough offices and the Éva-Senécal
library. It includes all the information available on the city’s
Web portal including the list of matter that is accepted
and refused, instructions on how to use your bin, tips and
tricks, etc.

                                                                           A reminder that you should use the ecocentres to get rid
                                                                           of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. Access is
                                                                           free and unlimited for Sherbrooke residents.

                                                              Info Sherbrookois
                                                               Winter 2008-2009

New winter schedule for the ecocentres!
With the growing use of ecocentres, the City decided to                    Note
increase the number of days the ecocentres are open during
                                                                          • The accepted limit per visit is equivalent
the winter. These will now be open five days a week instead
                                                                            to a 1.2 m x 2.4 m trailer.
of the previous three. Hours of operation will also be slightly
modified to better respond to needs. Congratulations                      • Car tires without rims are accepted.
on your environmentally-friendly efforts!                                 • Pieces of metal, iron and construction material
                                                                            must be no larger than 1.2 m x 2.4 m.
(until April 11 inclusive)
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                  Please note that ecocentre employees are not
Please note that ecocentres are closed on December 25                       obliged to assist with unloading materials.
and 26 as well as on January 1 and 2.

Free, unlimited service for Sherbrooke residents                           Écocentre Michel-Ledoux
For this reason proof of residence is required at all times.               1000, rue Léon-Trépanier
                                                                           (acces via boul. Lavigerie)
Fees for Sherbrooke contractors and businesses                             819-822-6010
Call an ecocentre for current fees.
                                                                           Écocentre Rose-Cohen
Quantity limit                                                             365, rue Pépin
The accepted limit per trip is 1.8 m3 or the equivalent                    (acces via boul. de Portland
of a 1.2 m x 2.4 m trailer.                                                or boulevard Industriel)
Materials accepted at ecocentres
• Household hazardous waste (HHW): paint, solvent,
  batteries, used oil, propane, car batteries, paint stripper,
  compact fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, etc. Commercial
  and industrial pesticides are not accepted.
• Garden waste: wood, branches, Christmas trees, dead
  leaves. Grass clippings can only be dropped off three
  times per year. After three visits, they will be refused.
• Construction and renovation materials: natural,
  painted or treated wood, windows, doors, Gyproc,
  toilets, ceramic, shingles, ceramic and metal sinks.
• Reusable and non-reusable computer equipment:
  computers, printer cartridges.
• Metal: iron, aluminum, empty paint cans, electric wires,
  clotheslines, hangers, wire.
                                                                           Recycling is good, but reducing is better!
• Granular materials: rocks, concrete, bricks, asphalt,
  uncontaminated soil                                                      A good way to reduce the amount of waste is to
                                                                           carefully evaluate the quantity of paint or wood
• Reusable items: electrical appliances, furniture, textiles,
                                                                           required for a job before buying it.
  bicycles, dishes, books, toys and sporting goods, etc.
  These items are donated to charitable organizations.

                                                           Info Sherbrookois
                                                               Winter 2008-2009

Safe disposal of used batteries                                        Christmas tree pick-up
Used batteries are considered household hazardous
waste and should therefore be disposed of safely. As of
November 1, 2008, Sherbrooke residents have a network
of places to drop off their used batteries.

                                                                       Collection Dates
                                                                       In all boroughs, citizens should set out their trees before
                                                                       8 a.m. on the morning of Monday, January 5. Trees will
                                                                       be picked up during the week.
                                                                       A few guidelines to follow
                                                                       • Make sure your tree is easy to get at: set it at the side of
                                                                         your driveway, free of snow and ice. Don’t leave it in the
                                                                         road where it could interfere with snow removal
Why?                                                                     operations.
Batteries are household hazardous waste. They’re toxic for
                                                                       • Leave your tree in a sheltered place until the collection date.
the environment because they contain heavy metals such as
mercury, lead, lithium, zinc and nickel. One watch battery has         • Remove all decorations.
enough mercury in it to contaminate more than 500 litres of            • Do not cover the tree with a sheet of plastic.
water! Batteries are also dangerous for humans because
                                                                       Missed the collection?
lithium batteries, even when not in use, can burst if the
                                                                       You can always go to the Michel-Ledoux or Rose-Cohen
positive end touches metal.
                                                                       ecocentres where trees will be recycled.
Who?                                                                   Unsold trees
The service is available to citizens of Sherbrooke. Domestic           Businesses are invited to bring their unsold trees to the
batteries only are accepted.                                           Michel-Ledoux or Rose-Cohen ecocentres. The usual fee
Where?                                                                 will be charged.
At ecocentres, borough offices, municipal libraries,
participating pharmacies and some major institutions.
For more information and other drop-off points for used
batteries, see the Environment section on the city’s portal            HOW TO USE YOUR ROLL-OUT BINS IN WINTER
or contact your borough office.
                                                                       During a storm, wait until the following week!
How?                                                                   If you have no other choice, put your bin out the morning
Protect the positive pole of your used batteries, either by            of the collection and remove it quickly following collection
covering it with insulating tape such as electrical tape or by         so as not to hinder snow removal.
wrapping the entire battery in plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap.
                                                                       On other winter days, set out your bins the morning
                                                                       of the collection, no earlier.
                                                                       You’ll make life easier for the operators assigned to snow
                                                                       removal and the various collections.
                                                                       Never on the sidewalk!
                                                                       Never leave a bin on the sidewalk, since it could impede
                                                                       pedestrian traffic and hinder snow removal and the
                                                                       spreading of abrasives.

                                                          Info Sherbrookois
                                                           Winter 2008-2009

Waste collection schedule                                               Recyclables:
during the holidays                                                     Additional recycling pick-up
Date change for garbage pick-up scheduled for
December 25 and January 1
                                                                        during the holidays
For ALL boroughs, garbage collection scheduled for:                     Exceptionally for the holidays, all boroughs will have an
                                                                        additional recycling collection. This is a period of high
• Thursday, December 25 will take place on Friday,
                                                                        consumption and, as a result, generates lots of recyclables.
  December 26
                                                                        This additional collection was added for the first time last
• Thursday, January 1 will take place on Friday, January 2.             year at the request of citizens.
The regular schedule returns the week of January 5.

Date change for recycling pick-up scheduled for                          Week                           Boroughs having
December 25 and January 1                                                                               recycling collection
For ALL boroughs, recycling pick-up scheduled for:                                                      during the holidays

• Thursday, December 25 is rescheduled for SATURDAY,
  December 27
                                                                         Week of December 15            Brompton,
• Thursday, January 1 is rescheduled for SATURDAY,                       (normal pick-up)               Jacques-Cartier
  January 3.                                                                                            and Rock Forest–
The regular schedule returns the week of January 5.                                                     Saint-Élie–Deauville
Note: There will be no compost collection during
this period.                                                             Week of December 22            All boroughs

2009 COLLECTION CALENDAR                                                 Week of December 29            All boroughs
During December, the Ville de Sherbrooke will distribute
by mail a new collection calendar for 2009. If you have not              Week of January 5              Fleurimont,
received yours by December 20, you can pick one up at                    (normal pick-up)               Lennoxville
your borough office. The collection calendar is also                                                    and Mont-Bellevue
available on the city’s portal

Christmas recyclables: What’s accepted?
During the holidays, we end up with lots of recyclables.               Examples of material that is accepted
Take a few moments to check which materials are accepted               • Plastic tablecloths (if clean and placed in a tied
and which are refused in Sherbrooke. Respecting these                    plastic bag)
instructions will help improve the quality of recyclables sent
                                                                       • Tissue paper
to the recycling companies. If it is a refused material, throw
it in the garbage and choose a more ecological alternative             • Non-plasticized gift bags (with ribbon or cord handles
by avoiding the purchase of non-recyclable items.                        removed)
Examples of material that is refused                                   Instructions and advice
• Bulbs, wires and other electrical decorations (take them             • Choose gift bags when wrapping.
  to an ecocentre)                                                     • Be careful to not unnecessarily crumple wrapping paper
• Disposable plastic plates and utensils (put them in the                intended for recycling.
  black bin)                                                           • Don’t forget: to be recycled, plastic bags must be
• Soiled paper tablecloths (put them in the brown bin)                   grouped together inside one bag
• Metallic and plasticized wrapping paper (put them in the             • If possible, use reusable bags when shopping.
  black bin)
• Artificial Christmas trees (take them to an ecocentre)

                                                           Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Winter 2008-2009

                                                                      RESIDENTS IN TOWNHOUSES, MULTI-UNIT
Gutter Regulations                                                    BUILDINGS OR CONDOMINIUMS: DO YOU HAVE
Inspection results                                                    TOO MANY ROLL-OUT CONTAINERS? OR NOT
Since June 2007, the Ville de Sherbrooke has been carrying            ENOUGH?
out systematic gutter inspections for residences with sloped
roofs. Until our first snowfall, about a dozen inspectors were        Since the brown bins have arrived on the scene, citizens
out working this year.                                                have changed their ways. The black garbage bin is no longer
                                                                      the fullest. You might have even made an agreement with
To date, a first series of inspections were conducted in the
                                                                      your neighbour to share one or more of your black, brown,
boroughs of Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville, Jacques-
                                                                      green or blue bins.
Cartier and Mont-Bellevue. Inspections for the boroughs of
Fleurimont, Brompton and Lennoxville will be carried out at           If this is the case, then you probably have some extra bins
a later date.                                                         you don’t use. Please call 819-821-5858 to have these bins
In 2008, compliance levels for the residences inspected               redistributed to new addresses or given to other owners who
were greater than the 2007 levels. The changes that were              need them.
made as a result of these inspections have had a positive             If, on the other hand, you don’t have enough room in you
impact on our sewer networks                                          brown bin or your recycling bin, we can give you another
As of November 1, 2008:                                               one depending on certain conditions. Please note that only
- 22 020 residences had been inspected                                one black garbage bin per dwelling is permitted, up to a
- 12 770 residences complied (58%)                                    maximum of five bins per building with five units and more.
- 9 250 residences did not comply (42%)
The gutter compliance team would like to thank all
residents for their cooperation and encourages
everyone to consult the flyer: Do your gutters comply
with current regulations? for more information on the
by-laws or for simple ways to correct your installation.
This flyer is available at borough offices and the city’s
Web portal:
Information: 819-573-2501 or

NEWS ON THE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                                      You will then receive an e-mail explaining the procedure
PROGRAM FOR THE PURCHASE OF CLOTH                                     to follow to get your refund. Funding for between 150 and
                                                                      200 families is expected to be available in 2009.
                                                                      To be eligible the package of diapers must:
Registration procedures for the financial assistance
program are now more comprehensive: including                         •   be new
registration by e-mail! As of January 1, 2009, you may                •   contain at least 24 diapers
send an e-mail to:           •   have a minimum value of $300
To be valid, your e-mail registration must include:                   •   have been purchased in 2009.
- Your full name                                                      Families who do not have an e-mail address may reserve
- Your telephone number                                               by calling 819-821-5830. Registrations for the 2009 program
- Your mailing address, including the name of your borough            will be accepted only as of January 1, 2009. E-mails received
- The expected delivery date (or the date of birth if the             before this date will not be considered. Reservation priority,
  baby is already born).                                              whether the registration is made via the Internet or by phone,
                                                                      will be established based on the date and time of the call or
Please use the following subject line:
                                                                      when the e-mail was received.
“Registration request for the financial assistance
program for the purchase of cloth diapers”.                           Thank you for choosing cloth diapers!

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                          Winter 2008-2009
Emergency Response & Roadways

What to do when there’s a heavy snow warning
Here are TEN TIPS to help you deal with the next big                       7. Advise people that you will be late. Suggest to family
snowstorm.                                                                    members that they report to a third person who does not
                                                                              live in the same area, a friend who lives in a neighbouring
1. Listen to the radio; the city will keep you informed of how
                                                                              town or suggest family members leave messages on your
   the situation is evolving and the services available to you.
                                                                              answering machine. This will help you keep track of
2. Limit travel. If you have to go out, use public transit,                   everyone’s comings and goings.
   carpool or plan extra time to get to your destination.
                                                                           8. If you cannot get into your house, avoid travelling long
3. If you cannot use your vehicle, park it in a parking lot,                  distances by foot which may tire you out. Listen to the
   avoid leaving it on the side of the road.                                  radio; the City will offer emergency shelters.
4. Ensure that your vehicle is safe; have winter tires and                 9. Allow your employees to leave early to miss rush hour.
   wipers installed, keep an emergency kit in your car (wool                  Adapt your business’ hours.
   blanket, flashlight, signal flares, shovel, traction aids, warm
                                                                           10. Avoid shovelling, if you are not used to it or your
   clothing and an energy bar). Don’t leave your vehicle
                                                                               physical or medical condition does not allow you to.
   running, it could asphyxiate you.
                                                                               Ask for a neighbour’s help. It is important to maintain
5. Make sure you have enough gas to get to your destination;                   safe access to your house.
   travelling may take longer than usual. Fill up your vehicle as
                                                                           The Ville de Sherbrooke is committed to making use of all
   soon as a storm is announced
                                                                           its resources to help you travel safe. Listen to the radio;
6. If you must travel use the main roads. They are cleared                 you’ll be kept informed of the situation and told of the
   first. Avoid hills.                                                     services available to help reduce the storm’s impact.
                                                                           Have a good winter and be prepared! It’s better to be ready
                                                                           than to have to scramble at the last minute.
                                                                           Enjoy the winter.

                                                                           RESPECT THE SIGNS
 Adapt your driving                                                        To facilitate and increase the
 to the winter conditions                                                  effectiveness of snow removal
                                                                           operations, parking is prohibited on city
 Winter means black ice and slushy, sticky snow.                           streets from November 15 to March 31,
 Be careful and apply the “three second” rule or more,                     between midnight and 7 a.m., unless
 if it’s very slippery.                                                    otherwise indicated (consult the article
 Accidents don’t just happen to other people!                              on page 6 in the Legal Affairs section).
                                                                           In some sectors, parking on the City’s
 GET AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE...                                             public roads is permitted unless prohibited by a temporary
                                                                           sign. During snow removal operations, vehicles parked on
 It takes longer to clean the streets during heavy snow or                 streets between 9 p.m. and midnight and interfering with this
 long snowstorms.                                                          process will be towed at no cost to owners.
 In accordance with the Highway Safety Code, from
 December 15 to March 15, all tires, whether for a taxi or
 passenger vehicle registered in Quebec, must be designed
 specifically for winter driving. You will have greater control
 of your vehicle if it has a set of winter tires that are in
 good condition.
 And why not leave a bit earlier if it’s snowing hard?

                                                               Info Sherbrookois
                                                                Winter 2008-2009
SNOW IN YOUR YARD…                                                     ABRASIVES ON THE SIDEWALK…
We are asking for the cooperation of all citizens.                     During the winter months, employees from the Service de
With winter upon us, you’ll soon notice the snow-removal               l’entretien et de la voirie spread abrasives on the sidewalks
equipment and scrapers hitting the streets and sidewalks to            to ensure pedestrian safety during periods of freezing rain
ensure safe conditions. In order to achieve these conditions           and heavy snowfall. These abrasives are quite effective
and to facilitate winter maintenance, we ask for your                  despite their slight inconveniences. Gravel is used to help
cooperation as good citizens and safe drivers.                         reduce sliding and falls.
Furthermore, when clearing your driveway, we ask that you              We ask for your cooperation in not removing this gravel
not dump the snow on sidewalks since it will simply be                 from the front of your home or business to maintain safe
pushed back onto your property once the sidewalk ploughs               walking areas and to avoid legal action against the city
have passed.                                                           or against you personally.
It is also prohibited to push snow into the street, onto city
grounds or to cross the street and put the snow onto another
property. Individuals who contravene these regulations may
receive tickets. Residents are responsible for the work carried
out by their contractor.                                                 MAILBOX REPAIRS FOLLOWING
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
                                                                         SNOW REMOVAL
We wish you a safe and happy winter.                                     If your mailbox was damaged following snow removal and
                                                                         needs to be replaced, we strongly recommend you follow
                                                                         installation standards and guidelines from the Quebec
                                                                         Ministère des Transports. Applying these standards will
                                                                         greatly reduce the chances of future damage to your
                                                                         mailbox from snow removal operations.
                                                                         The standards are available at the following address:
                                                                         In the event that your mailbox is damaged, call 819-821-5858
                                                                         (Centre de gestion de contrôle du territoire, accessible
                                                                         24/7) and give the address where the damaged mailbox
                                                                         is located. A representative for that area will visit the site
                                                                         as soon as possible to assess the situation. Consequently,
                                                                         the same representative will contact you with details on
                                                                         how to make a claim.

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                          Winter 2008-2009

A reminder about controlling                                              OUR FIGHT AGAINST LIGHT POLLUTION!
vegetation in the winter                                                  Let’s work together to fight light pollution and protect the
                                                                          star-covered sky in our region, designated as the first
Trees are part of our natural heritage. They make property                International Dark Sky Reserve in the world. Excessive or
more attractive, add to a property’s value and play an                    inappropriate lighting is not only light pollution but also a
essential role in the environment. Despite their charm, large             waste of energy. Ville de Sherbrooke by-law no 395 provides
trees (e.g. silver maples, poplars, oaks, birches, etc.) are often        a series of regulations to follow to protect the night sky.
the cause of power outages, in winter.
                                                                          For more information, contact an inspector from the Division
Most of the damage caused by trees is due to three weather                de l’urbanisme, des permis et de l’inspection for the Ville
conditions or a combination of them:                                      de Sherbrooke at 819-821-5905, Hydro-Sherbrooke at
                                                                          819-821-5727, ext. 5730, or your borough office.
• Wet snow
• Freezing rain                                                           You can also visit the city’s Web portal for more information:
                                                                , then select “Hydro-Sherbrooke
• Strong winds                                                            service”, then the “Pollution lumineuse” tab.
Outages due to a single tree can deprive entire neighbourhoods
of electricity. These problematic situations result in enormous
costs for the Ville de Sherbrooke both in terms of prevention
and repairs. Electricity is an indispensable service that is in
some cases, crucial.
Each year, Hydro-Sherbrooke spends a lot of money on its life
cycle management policy for controlling vegetation within a
4-metre distance of its power lines. Beyond this distance, it
must seek permission from the owner to carry out any
trimming that may be required. Contrary to popular belief,
it’s the tree’s owner who is responsible for its care and any
damage it might cause (Civil Code).
If you suspect any of your trees pose a danger, call in a
specialist to trim them; avoid pruning them yourself.

                                                            Info Sherbrookois
                                                             Winter 2008-2009
                                                                                     Urban Planning

Do you have a project?
We remind you that if you have a construction or renovation project or are planning to install a swimming pool or a shed during
the summer period, you probably need a permit or a certificate of authorization. Please contact us to avoid any surprises when
carrying out your projects:
Borough of Brompton                        Tuesday and Thursday mornings              819-846-2757

Borough of Fleurimont                      Monday afternoons, all day Tuesdays,       819-565-9954
                                           Wednesday afternoons and Thursday
Borough of Lennoxville                     Monday and Wednesday mornings              819-569-9388

Borough of Rock Forest–                    Mondays to Fridays                         819-564-7444

Boroughs of Jacques-Cartier and            Mondays to Fridays                         819-821-5905
Mont-Bellevue (head office,
555, rue des Grandes-Fourches Sud)

In addition, construction contractors can visit the Guichet Entrepreneurs et Institution, located at
555, rue des Grandes-Fourches Sud at any time.

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                          Winter 2008-2009
Fire Protection

Safe holidays!                                                         EMERGENCY EXITS

                            The holiday season is filled with          People entering residential and public buildings for the first
                            gatherings of all sorts, office            time should be familiar with where the emergency exits are.
                            parties, and get-togethers with            Owners of these buildings have the responsibility to ensure
                            family and friends. To ensure              that emergency exits have clear access and that doors
                            these festivities leave you with           open from the inside. This rule also applies to private
                            only good memories, here are a             homes.
                            few basic safety guidelines and
                            some sound safety tips that
                            everyone should know.
                            CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS
                            In public buildings                                       Ensure the emergency exits are clear.
                            It is prohibited to use a softwood
                            tree (fir, pine, spruce) or its
                            branches as decorations in
                            public meeting places such as
                            hotels, schools, reception halls,
                            hospitals and support
                            institutions.                                            If there’s a fire, never take the elevator.
                           The use of streamers that could
catch fire, such as those made of crepe paper, are prohibited
unless proven to be flame resistant.
In private residences
If you have a natural Christmas tree in a private residence,
you must take certain precautions.
- Choose a tree that is not too dry; do not use a tree whose
  needles come off easily.
- Cut the base of the tree at an angle and place it in a
  container with water.
- Do not use electric lights on metallic trees.
- Never leave a lit tree unsupervised.
                                                                        AIR EXCHANGE SYSTEMS A FIRE HAZARD
- Do not overload electrical circuits.
                                                                        The Ville de Sherbrooke’s Service de protection contre les
- Make sure smoke detectors are in working order.                       incendies warns alls residents of the potential fire risk from
                                                                        certain Venmar air exchangers.
                                                                        Certain models of heat recovery systems manufactured by
                                                                        Venmar Ventilation between 1991 and 2001, and between
                                                                        October 2006 and August 2007, can pose a potential fire
                                                                        hazard due to the motor overheating.
                                                                        Anyone with such a system is asked to contact Venmar at
                                                                        1-866-441-4645 or visit their Web site at

                                                           Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Winter 2008-2009
                                                                                  Police Department

Security –                                                            How do I register?
                                                                      Simply call the Police department’s Division de la sécurité
                                                                      des milieux (community safety division) at 819-822-6080. A
Just a phone call away!                                               police officer will contact you to set up an appointment.
                                                                      A police officer will come to your house to explain the
For several years now, the Sherbrooke police department               program. At the same time, he or she will suggest you take
has been operating a very effective prevention program for            advantage of the Info Stop program (list of medical
retired and semi-retired people as well as those suffering            information in case of a sudden need for ambulance
from certain diseases. The P.A.I.R. program allows these              transport).
individuals to remain safely in their homes and provides              A safety inspection of your home is also included to prevent
reassurance to their family and friends.                              falls and to prevent theft.
                                                                      Useful information about community organizations will also
How does the program work?                                            be provided to help individuals maintain quality of life, avoid
It’s very simple. The police department contacts you on a             isolation and to prevent financial abuse.
daily basis, at a time you have chosen. A computer-generated
telephone message conducts the check. All you have to do
                                                                      What are the conditions?
is pick up the phone if everything is okay, or not answer if
                                                                      You must:
there’s a problem. If there is no answer, the computer will
send an alert to the police and help will arrive at your house        - Inform the police department one day in advance if you
immediately.                                                            are going to be absent (away during the time you would
                                                                        receive your call)
How much does the program cost?                                       - Provide a key to your house (in case of emergency)
The service is completely free. It is offered to help                 - Update information that you provided during registration
those who live alone feel safe and to reassure their                    for the program
friends and family.                                                   - Sign the registration form
                                                                      - Live within the Ville de Sherbrooke

                                                                      Why not take advantage of this service?
                                                                      We’re awaiting your call!
                                                                      Source: Sherbrooke police department,
                                                                      Community safety division, 819-822-6080

 Block Parents
 For close to 20 years, Sherbrooke citizens have benefited from the prevention and safety
 services of Parents Secours and its volunteers. No doubt you have seen red and white signs
 with a woman holding a child’s hand displayed in windows. Since 1968 this window sign has
 been a symbol of safety for children and elderly people requiring help. This year, the sign was
 slightly modified: the basic logo is now contained within a house.
 If you are concerned about the safety of Sherbrooke’s children and seniors, consider becoming
 a shelter.
 Parents-Secours Sherbrooke inc.
 Source: Nicole Lévêque, Officer, community safety division and resource officer
 on the Parents-Secours Sherbrooke inc. committee.

                                                        Info Sherbrookois
                                                         Winter 2008-2009