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Mobile Marketing Campaign Development needs to be continually monitored. Find out if your mobile marketing campaign is working with this Free Mobile Marketing Campaign Audit. Discover instantly what needs Improving.

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     “Mobile Marketing can be confusing and

    Overwhelming. Overcome your fears, gain

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    Clarity and a competitive advantage fast.”


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 Is your Mobile Marketing
 Campaign Working?
If not, then find out
what’s holding you back
and preventing you from
achieving your objectives?
• Concerned by your lack of local sales & signups?
• Do you know how many prospects live in your area?
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• Under pressure to win more clients?
• Frustrated by a lack of qualified traffic & sales?
• Feeling left behind by the mobile revolution?
• Want to engage more directly with clients?
• Need a mobile marketing plan that gets results?

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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from
achieving the results you want with your Mobile Marketing. Answer each of
the questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
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Do you have a written mobile marketing plan & online strategy document?
Are your online & mobile marketing goals clearly defined?
Can, and is each online goal being tracked and measured?
Do you know how much website traffic you need to give you the revenue you want?
Is your brand getting its due share of your online & mobile marketplace?
Do you have a thorough knowledge of how the mobile marketplace is developing?
Do you know who the key mobile influencers are online in your niche or industry?
Do you know how to identify and find websites which will drive traffic to you?
Do you how many signups you need to give you the revenue you want/?
Do you have an ezine or newsletter integrated into your website?
Do you use audio or video content to engage visitors, prospects & clients?
Is your website optimised for being viewed by mobile devices and handsets?
Have you developed new content for distribution via mobile networks or the internet?
Do you know which Keywords or phrases people are typing in to find your website?
Do you know how many iphone Apps were downloaded in the last quarter of 2010?
Have you integrated your online, offline & mobile marketing approach successfully?
Do you know how to target people that could be interested in “following” you online?
Do you have an automated followup system in place as part of your mobile marketing?
Is your website generating the ROI (Return on Investment) that you want/need?
Is your website generating the level of sales/Revenue that you want/need?
Is your website generating the level of qualified leads/signups that you want/need?
Do you know which mobile pathways (channels) to use to get your product to market?
Do you know which websites in your niche will willingly give you traffic for FREE?
Do you know what Common Short Codes are & how they can engage your prospects?
Do you know what Quick Response Codes are & how they can engage your prospects?
Do you know which social networks & Social Book marking sites you should be using?
Do you offer a Free Item of Value as a lead generation tool in your mobile campaign ?
Have you created a FREE or paid for App as part of your mobile marketing strategy?
Do you use Audio, or Video Content as part of your existing marketing strategy?
Have you created a FREE or paid for App as part of your Social media strategy?
Do you use Location Marketing & local search as part of your marketing strategy?
Do you use SMS to communicate with clients and prospects?
Do you use coupons to motivate and incentivise prospects and clients to action?
Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment?
Have you given up in wanting to fix your online & mobile marketing problems?
Would you like a free confidential Chat to discuss your score & available options?

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