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									Joshua Tanga who was born in Rotorua
on the 16th of May 1998, first thought
about being a lawyer at Kaitao Middle
School, when he was 12 years old. He
said his interests in being a lawyer
back then were minimal apart from
the fact that it would be a good pay
and he had control. All his
determination and hard work has got
him to where he is.

       He went to Western Heights        and PE particularly Basketball
       High School and graduating        and Rugby. He was great at
       from Cambridge University at      literacy therefore, getting
       21 years old. He said it was      runner up for the literacy
       hard work and it was well         award, and of course getting
       worth it, his backup job of       top math award.
       being a Policeman wasn’t
       needed.                            His favorite tech-arts class
                                         was art; the art teacher was
       This guys not just any guy, it    also his favorite teacher whilst
       takes guts to be a lawyer. It     he was at KMS. Being good at
       must also take quite a bit of     Drumming got him in to the
       persuading to get out of bed      school band and now he plays it
       nearly every morning at 6         for fun in his spare time.
       o’clock. I suppose it’s in his
       blood, therefore, being           Back in Josh’s childhood he
       inspired by his Father.           used to play some sports and
                                         also used to play X-Box. (a type
In his office in town, Joshua works      of gaming machine) And of
with divorce cases that go all the way   course do his daily chores.
to things like Court cases.              Homework always was a big
       Let’s go back 23 years or so      part of his week and finishing
       and see where this all started    it to a high standard always
       back at Kaitao Middle School.     felt rewarding.
       Josh was a great Academic
       learner therefore, being in the   All the best in the future for
       highly academic academy. His      Joshua Tanga, the great
       favorite subjects were math       Lawyer

Interview by Todd Murray

I.A.L.T: Get accurate information.
Interview by Todd Murray

I.A.L.T: Get accurate information.

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