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					 Manet Tiles

   Visit Summary
26 September, 2005
             Value Added
• Giving high-quality shape and color to
  ceramics for decoration and and interior
• High quality means artistic design, “the
  touch of master’s hand”.
• The value added is much more than all
  operational expenses due to artistic value!
• This is one aspect for possible
  development of Armenian economy.
     Reasons for Success
• Using inexpensive clay.
• Using artists services.
• Entering the world market
  by special production, NOT
  traditionally perfectly flat
  and “boring” design!
            Plant Specificity
• Looks like experimental production for future
  serious approach!
• Order based production.
• Some diversity of orders:
  - tiles;
  - mosaic - use of various Armenian stones;
  - specific ornamental elements;
  - specific orders replicating famous artists’
  Again important to note that all these types
  specify different operational logics.
           Plant Specificity
• The main process is a strait flow.
• Raw material and end product inventories.
• Total WIP is not very large.
• Actually no Setup times.
• The capacity of the main operation is
  defined by the capacity of the kiln - speed
  of the conveyer movement.
• Requires constant maintenance - need to
1. Raw clay storage;       6.Forming (shaping);
2. Clay grinding;          7.Drying;
3. Mixing with water -     8.First kiln;
   for uniformity and      9.Putting colored
   SEPARATION of             pattern and glaze -
   hard particles.           colors are changing
4. Extraction of water       during the next
   through filter press;     process.
5. Additional grinding     10.Second kiln
   for uniformity, pack    11.Packaging.
   for winter;
• Waste percentage is relatively small - but
  not very well controlled.
• Waste comes from cracking due to:
  - clay non-uniformity, air and water bubbles;
  - metallic ingredients;
  - mechanical damage;
  - temperature non-uniformity;
  - timing violation.
• Important to note that all wastes are being
  associated with extra expense and not only
  the waste when the material is lost.
            Facilities Layout
• Using the existing facility that is not
  specifically designed for this kind of
     Working Conditions
• Dirt and Dust - connected to the
  wrong facilities layout and to the
  fact that the space is not
  specifically designed for this type
  of production.
• How one can wash the machines?
• Moisture, noise, lighting.
• Many violations of safety!
• Chemical evaporations from the kiln
  are poisonous!
• There is also risk for electrical shock.
• No signs at all!
        Working Conditions
• In order to overcome this situation there
  should be some regulations preventing
  safety violations.
• However this means more investment
  from the company side.
• This kind of investment may increase the
  productivity that will pay back much more
  than the investment!
• Infrastructure negative effect!
   Development directions

• Cooperation with other companies
  involved in interior design.
• More Marketing effort - shift from order
  based production to mass production.
• Involvement of more artists.
• Adding more capacity,
• But first of all balancing:

Is this production
Relatively easy to
       Value for the Country
• An example of a very high value adding
• Use of artistic abilities.
• Examples from Great Britain:
  - High End Electronics
  - Design Traditions
  - … many other.
   How to start writing a report?
• Look at the available information:
  - Company web site;
  - Your notes;
  - Photos.
• Write your main points in the form of bullets
  – a plan of report.
• Than add your comments, remarks,
  suggestions, calculations or any other
• Only after this go to Internet, brochures, etc.
  to illustrate and enrich your ideas.

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