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									Equality and Human Rights Commission Equality Act starter kit

Top tips on using positive action

The table below sets out practical examples of how positive action can be applied. Employers can dip into the
table as and when a particular situation occurs for helpful tips on how to use positive action. It does not set out
what the law says an employer should or should not be doing as this is explained in the Modules.

SCENARIO                              PRACTICAL STEPS YOU COULD TAKE
                                         Offer pre-application training to particular groups so they have the right
Encouraging people from under-           skills to apply for a job in your organisation.
represented groups to apply for a        Offer work shadowing opportunities to people from a particular group to
job at your organisation. This may       encourage individuals from this group to apply for a job in your
be achieved through positive action      organisation.
or other measures designed for the       Hold open days or taster days exclusively for the targeted group.
whole workforce which                    Offer bursaries to the targeted group so they can obtain the
nevertheless are likely to be of         qualifications they need to enter your profession.
particular benefit to people with        Make it clear that childcare facilities or vouchers are available.
protected characterisitics.              Make it clear that more senior roles can be done flexibly or as a
Writing job adverts                      Use a logo to show that you encourage applications from people with a
                    particular protected characteristic, for example, if you are authorised,
                    use the Two Ticks symbol to show that you want to encourage
                    applications from disabled people.
                    Include a statement to show that you want to encourage anyone who
                    has the necessary skills, qualities and experience to apply such as:
                       We welcome enquiries from everyone and value diversity in our
                       We are willing to consider flexible working arrangements
                    If you have an equality policy, you could mention this to tell people that
                    your organisation wants to operate in a particular way.
                    Use some of your training budget specifically for groups in your
                    workforce that you think are under-represented at a senior level
Making promotions   You could also start a mentoring scheme, so that each person from the
                    underrepresented group has direct contact and development support
                    from someone else at a senior level

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