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									The Health Promotion Agency for Nor thern Ireland

              number one                                   september/october 1998

•   Update on policy
                                         New training
    Implementing strategies
    Campaign evaluations
    Publications and resources
    - what’s new?
                                         A new series of courses for people working in

Keeping you                              health promotion is set to get underway in
                                         October with the launch of the Health Promotion
                                         Agency’s short course programme for 1998/99.
informed!                                    Courses are being offered on topics such as
                                         sexual health education, alcohol, men’s health and
Welcome to the first issue of            health and safety for schools. There are also courses
Inform.                                  in stress management, advocacy and advanced
    This new bulletin will keep          group skills.
you updated on current areas                 The majority of courses carry accreditation and
of work in which the Health              are designed for anyone with a key role in
Promotion Agency is involved.            promoting health within the community, voluntary
    It contains information on           and statutory sectors in Northern Ireland. The
policies and programmes,                 training prospectus, outlining courses from
campaigns and research.                  October 98 to June 99, will be available from late
Details on how to contact                September with details also available on the
members of Agency staff are              Agency’s Website.
included so that more          
information on specific areas of
work can be obtained.
    Each bimonthly bulletin will         Health Promotion Forum                             promotion in the light of recent local, national
                                         Health promotion specialists are finalising a      and international policy development.
also highlight recent
publications and resources.              combined response to ‘Fit for the Future’
    We hope Inform will help             following a two day forum organised by the         Activate Health Programme
keep you in touch with the Agency        Agency and the Society of Health Promotion         Two new training modules are being
                                         Specialists in May.                                developed for the Activate Health Programme.
and its work. Please let me know if
                                             More than 60 delegates, including health       These have been written by Activate tutors
you have any suggestions on how
                                         promotion managers, commissioners,                 with advice from health professionals.
it could be more useful, or if you
                                         coordinators and health promotion specialists at       The coronary rehabilitation module ‘Heart
know other colleagues who would          Board, Trust and regional level examined the       Health’ is a community intervention programme
find it helpful to receive a copy.       implications of the ‘New Approaches’ paper for     for people who have been discharged from
                                         health promotion.                                  hospital-based rehabilitation programmes.
                                             The coordinated response to the paper will         The second new training module gives tutors
                                         be circulated to delegates for consultation        advice on skills and approaches for working with
                                         before being sent to the New Approaches Unit       people with a learning disability and on how to
Dr Brian Gaffney                         at the Department of Health and Social             amend and adapt Activate resources to make them
Chief Executive                          Services. The forum also provided the              more suitable for use with these groups.
                                         opportunity to strengthen links and focus on           The September edition of Activate News will
                                         the future planning and delivery of health         include details of planned in-service workshops.

    Mission               To m a k e h e a l t h a t o p p r i o r i t y f o r e v e r y o n e i n N o r t h e r n I r e l a n d
Workplace health
The Agency is collaborating with
the Health and Safety Agency to
develop a framework for workplace
health promotion. The framework
will consider ways of integrating
health and safety issues,
occupational health and health
                                           and advice
promotion into the workplace.              The first meeting of the Northern Ireland
    A two day consultation workshop        Physical Activity Strategy Group which
will be held in early September and a      oversees the implementation of the Strategy
draft framework document will              Action Plan will be held on 22 September.
subsequently be made available for         Dr Paula Kilbane, Chief Executive of the                policy paper is being prepared to clarify
consultation.                              Eastern Health and Social Services Board,               objectives and identify joint working areas.
                                           will chair the group.                                       The Northern Ireland Physical Activity
                                               The Agency is facilitating the                      Strategy aims to reduce the proportion of
Northern Ireland                           implementation of the strategy and has met              sedentary people and increase the number of
                                           with Sports Council representatives to discuss          people exercising to recommended levels, by
Strategy on Alcohol                        issues of common interest between the                   2002. A number of priority groups, including
Misuse - Policy                            Strategy Action Plan and the Strategy for the
                                           Development of Sport. As a first step a joint
                                                                                                   young people and those aged over 50, have
                                                                                                   been identified.
Development Project

                                           Research, information
In June 1998 the Department of
Health and Social Services began a
review of the issue of alcohol misuse
in Northern Ireland. The Agency,
along with a range of other health
bodies, is playing an active role within
this review process. Dr Brian Gaffney,
                                           and analysis
Chief Executive, is a member of the        Drugs                                                     of the most appropriate ways for providing
Quality Control Steering Group and         Phase II of the Northern Ireland Drugs                    information to the public.
Rob Phipps, Alcohol and Drugs              Campaign which finished in January 1998 has                  Qualitative research in the form of focus
Programme Manager, is a member of          now been evaluated. The Agency commissioned               groups was carried out to ensure that
the Project Team. The next meeting         a survey of 2,700 school children aged between            information produced for the public is
will be held in September.                 10 and 17 years old and 300 young people aged             attractive, interesting and easy to read.
                                           16-17 years who are currently in employment.
                                           Findings showed that 80% of 14-17 year olds               Nutrition
Food and                                   (the target group of the campaign) has                    The Agency is carrying out an evaluation of the
                                           remembered at least one of the three television           handbook on nutrition it produced for
Nutrition                                  advertisements of the campaign.                           professionals in 1997/98. Fieldwork will take
                                                                                                     place during September.
Strategy                                   Folic Acid Research
The Agency is                              The Agency carried out research with over 400             Healthy Eating Campaign Review
                                           health professionals to assess their awareness,           As the Healthy Eating Campaign is entering its
continuing to
                                           knowledge and information needs in relation to            10th year the Agency will be carrying out a
lead the                                                                                             review in the Autumn.
                                           folic acid. The professionals surveyed included
implementation                                                                                         The review will include the views of
                                           GPs, pharmacists, health visitors, practice
of Northern Ireland’s Food and             nurses, family planning doctors, dietitians,              professionals and groups currently involved in
Nutrition Strategy.                        health promotion co-ordinators, family                    promoting the campaign. It will also examine
    The strategy document ‘Eating          planning nurses and family planning                       how the scheme is currently managed and will
and Health: A Food and Nutrition           association staff.                                        reflect on the evaluation results of the nine
Strategy for Northern Ireland’ was            The research findings are being used to develop        campaigns to date.
published in November 1996. It             support materials for health professionals as part of
outlines targets, action areas and         a public information campaign on folic acid to be         Call it Quits
action points to promote positive          launched in October.                                      Evaluation of the Agency’s ‘Call it Quits’ teenage
                                              Results from the survey showed that:                   anti-smoking campaign took place over the
changes in the nutrition and health
                                           • All professionals recognised the importance of          summer. The campaign featured three television
of the population here.                                                                              advertisements broadcast over the period 25
                                           folic acid to preconceptual/pregnant women.
    Children, young people and those                                                                 February to 28 March 1998. Each advertisement
                                           • 89% of health professionals think that a
on low income were identified in the       public information campaign in Northern                   featured a freephone number for young people
strategy as the groups which should        Ireland is necessary.                                     wanting help or advice to stop smoking.
be given priority. During the              • Leaflets were identified as the most                    Evaluation results will be available on request
forthcoming months, meetings will          popular way for health professionals to increase          from the Agency. Major findings will be featured
be held with members of key groups         their own knowledge about folic acid and as one           in a future issue of Inform.
identified in the strategy.
  Public information campaigns                                                                             Evaluation of
  Drugs Prevention Week                             targeted in Phase III of the campaign. The three
                                                    television advertisements, produced and broadcast
                                                                                                           During September 1998 the Agency will
                                                                                                           be commissioning research to evaluate
  and Campaign                                      for Phase II, are to be broadcast on television and
                                                    in cinemas during January 1999. Copies of the          the Activate Health Programme.
  Phase III of the Public Information Campaign      booklets produced for young people in support of           Activate is an initiative which aims
  on Drugs will be launched during European         Phases I and II will also be reprinted.                to help people in the community
  Drug Prevention Week which runs from 16 to
  22 November 1998.                                                                                        promote their own health through
      The first part of the campaign will           Folic Acid                                             learning about health issues, relaxation
  encourage parents to talk to their children       A major public information campaign promoting          techniques and how to become more
  about drugs. It will include television           the benefits of taking folic acid to prevent neural    physically active. The main objectives
  advertising and a new booklet will be produced    tube defects will be launched on 13 October.           will be to review the structure, training,
  replacing ‘Drugs and Solvents - You and Your      The campaign which is targeting women aged             content and professional views of the
  Child’ and ‘Drugs What Every Parent Should        16-45 years old will include television advertising,
  Know’. This part of the campaign will run                                                                programme.
                                                    a magazine, a durable resource for health
  from 16 to 30 November 1998.                      professionals and a leaflet for the public to
      Young people aged 14 to 17 will also be       reinforce advice given by professionals.               Baseline physical
                                                                                                           activity research
                                                                                                           The Agency has commissioned

    Eat Well to                                                                                            research to inform the development of
                                                                                                           a physical activity public information
                                                                                                           campaign beginning in March 1999.

    Keep Well                                                                                                  The aim of the research is to
                                                                                                           establish a baseline of knowledge and
    A month long healthy eating                                                                            attitudes relating to physical activity
    campaign ‘Eat Well to Keep Well’                                                                       among adults aged 16+.
    was held in June. The campaign                                                                             The research objectives are to
    focused on the protection                                                                              explore:
    offered by fruit, vegetables and                                                                       • understanding of the link between
    fibre against some cancers.
                                                                                                           physical activity and health;
      Public awareness of the
    campaign and its messages and                                                                          • perceived benefits derived from
    any dietary changes reported as                                                                        physical activity;
    a result of the campaign, were                                                                         • barriers to participation;
    assessed during July in a survey                                                                       • motivational factors for participation;
    of 600 adults. Results will be                                                                         • the source of current messages about
    available in the Autumn.
                                                                                                           physical activity;
                                                                                                           • type of activity currently participated
                                                                                                           in (if any);
                                                                                                           • level of participation in such activity;
                                                                                                           • type of activity adults might
                                                                                                           participate in.
No Smoking Day 1998                                 • TV advertising (seen by 59% of respondents) was
Results from the evaluation of this year’s No       the most frequently quoted source of awareness.            Fieldwork will take place during
Smoking Day point to continuing success for                                                                Autumn 1998.
the campaign. The Agency produced a                 Health Behaviour of School
television advertisement to promote the day in
Northern Ireland. It featured the campaign          Fieldwork for the Health Behaviour of School           Not to be missed!
slogan ‘Ready, steady, stop’, the date (March 11)   Children (HBSC) Study has been completed. It           The Agency is delighted to be working
and a free telephone helpline offering advice       was carried out with over 3,000 school children        with Citybeat Radio on a regular
and support to those wishing to stop.               aged 11, 13 and 15 during February 1998.               health slot for its magazine show being
   For evaluation purposes 560 interviews were        HBSC is a World Health Organisation
carried out in Northern Ireland with adults aged    collaborative cross-national study. Its aim is to      broadcast on Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm.
16+.                                                increase understanding of health-related                   The show will focus on different
• 80% of respondents knew that Wednesday            behaviour and lifestyles of young people.              health issues and will feature
11 March 1998 was No Smoking Day.                     The study is carried out every four years.
                                                                                                           information of both topical and general
• Overall 18% of respondents who smoked and         Northern Ireland is one of 26 countries taking
were aware of No Smoking Day tried to stop          part in the 1997/98 study. The first study was         interest. The broadcasts will begin in
smoking on that day.                                carried out in Northern Ireland in 1992 and then       September. Citybeat Radio can be
• 64% of all respondents had seen or heard          repeated in 1993/94. A report of the latest study      found on 96.7FM.
advertising or publicity for No Smoking Day.        will be available in the Spring of 1999.
For information on specific
areas of the Agency’s work
                                    Publications and resources
                                    Health Promotion Agency for                      Ageing Well
Alcohol, drugs and smoking          Northern Ireland Annual Report                                             ‘Ageing Well in
                                    The Health Promotion Agency for Northern                                   Northern Ireland -
Rob Phipps                          Ireland will launch its Annual Report for                                  Health Issues and               1997-1998 on 29 September.                                                 Older People’ was
                                                                                                               published in March
Campaigns                           Promoting Health                                                           1998. This summary
                                                                                                               report of the Ageing
Margaret Slane                                                       The Agency
                                                                                                               Well initiative was                                                 has published
                                                                     the fourth                                prepared by Margaret
                                                                     issue of its                              Woods, Age Concern
Nutrition                                                            journal                                   Northern Ireland, on
Angela McComb                                                        ‘Promoting                                behalf of Age
                                                                                     Concern and the Health Promotion Agency.                                                Health’. This
                                                                                     Ageing Well is a health promotion programme
                                                                     latest issue
                                                                     concentrates    for people over 50 years of age.
Physical activity and                                                on health
workplace health                                                     promotion in    Community Development and
Frank Kelly                                                          schools and     Health Network Annual Report                                                 was published   The Agency
                                                                     in September    continues to work
                                                                     to coincide     with the Community
Public relations                    with the new school year. Articles in the new    Development and
Jenny Dougan                        journal include: European Network of Health      Health Network as               Promoting Schools; how education can             part of its
                                    influence healthy lifestyle choices and sex      commitment to the
Research and information            education in schools.                            principles of
                                                                                     targeting health and
Suzanne Bradley
                                    European Network of Health                       social need.                                                               The Agency has
                                    Promoting Schools
                                                                  The Agency has     recently worked with the Network on
Resources                                                         published ‘The     producing its annual report for 1997-1998.
Ruth Knowles                                                      European                                            Network of         National Heart Forum Report
                                                                  Health             The Agency is one of the members of the
                                                                  Promoting          National Heart Forum which is due to release a
Training and professional                                         Schools in         report entitled ‘Social Inequalities in CHD:
development                                                       Northern           Possibilities for Action’ in October. The report
Breda Teahan                                                      Ireland -          examines the reasons for the social class                                             Examples of        difference in the disease and sets out strategies
                                                                  Good Practice      and policy options to reduce these inequalities.
                                                                  in Health          Available from the Stationery Office. Tel: (0171)
                                                                  Promotion’.        8739090.
                                                                  The publication
                                                                  contains           Immunisation for 10-18 year olds
       Inform is published by       examples from 13 post-primary and three          This leaflet has been translated by the
    the Health Promotion Agency     special schools who participated in the          Multi-Cultural Resource Centre (MCRC)
        for Northern Ireland.       European Network of Health Promoting             into Chinese, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.
                                    Schools project during 1996/97.                  Available from MCRC. Tel: (01232) 244639.
          Editorial Team
   Sean Arbuckle, Fionuala Boyd,
  Jenny Dougan and Rachel Kelly.        Website:
          Editorial Office              The Agency’s website features a range of information about
  The Health Promotion Agency for      the Agency and its work. The site will be regularly updated to
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