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					                                                                  Yvonne Tazem
                                                  9332 Annapolis Rd #309, Lanham, Maryland 20706
                                                                   (301) 466-6655

                                  Welcome, to the Newest Business Owner on our POWER PLAYER TEAM!!!
                                        Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
                               and Business Owner! You have joined a $4 billion dollar retail sales company...
                               ...with the #1 best selling brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the US
                               since 1993
                               ...with global sales and over 2 million business owners in 34 countries worldwide
                               ...with more women earning $100,000+ per year on part-time hours working from
                               ...with more women millionaires than any other business in America.
and now you are a team member of Yvonne’s Divinely Inspired Victorious Achievers “DIVAs” Unit. Our Unit
number is EF71. We are part of the Joyce Z. Grady National area and the Diamond Seminar.

      We are one of the most successful units in the entire Company!! I know you will fit right in with the women and
men of excellence that represent our unit all over the nation. I truly BEE-lieve the reason for our current and future
success can be linked to one common factor: quality people like you!

       It is my privilege to serve as your Sales Director. I am excited about getting to know you...your family...and your
goals. This opportunity is like a Present. You don’t know what is inside yet…and the great part is YOU get to choose
what is inside. When you keep your heart and mind open to change and follow the Mary Kay plan…success will be
yours. It is my role to take you step-by-step through your continual learning process. My primary role is to serve as
your ―business coach‖ by training and coaching you to help you reach your business goals. Achievement with FULL-
Fillment is Success! It begins with this Welcome Packet!

        Take a look inside…the materials are designed to help you get a POWER Start with your business. Please
keep your Welcome Packet in your ”FOCUS” binder…Follow One Course Until Successful. You’ll understand more
about that at your New Consultant Training. Your binder will become your one-top-source for key information as you
build your business.

       I’d love to know more about you, so please complete the Consultant Questionnaire right away…and fax or mail it
back to me along with a color picture of yourself (headshot) for our monthly newsletter and other recognition activities.

       My love for you in unconditional…and I will match 100% of my time with 100% of your effort! Be patient with
yourself and take it one step at a time! We’ll move at your pace.

        “You are where you are by the choices you have made or have allowed others to make for you.”
           Congratulations on your choice! I look forward to working with you now and in the future.

If you don’t hear from me within 3 days…please call me for a quick 20-30 minute chat to share your thoughts
and talk about your “Next Step.”! Have a GREAT start!!!

Much love and BEE-lief in YOU…and Wishing You Blessings and GREATNESS!
Senior ―Free Cadillac Driving‖ and Future National Sales Director—Yvonne
                                            Yvonne Tazem
                                    Independent Senior Sales Director

   Joined Mary Kay in February 2003
   Previous occupations were Legal Analyst, Salon & Spa Owner and Boutique Owner at the same time
   She has degrees in law and public policy, as well as business management from the University of Maryland
   She also received her legal certification from George Washington University
   She earned her first Mary Kay car ―The Pontiac Grand Am‖ and became a Sales Director her 7th month in
    Mary Kay
   She earned her First Beautiful Plush Pink Cadillac 8 months after becoming a Sales Director and is
    awaiting delivery of her fourth third Pink Cadillac
   She is a Fabulous 50s Director
   She is a member of Mary Kay elite Honor’s Society
   She is a member of the Exclusive Deans List, being the 1st and only DIRECTOR to have earned this honor
    in the history of the Grady National Area and earning a beautiful 14kt diamond and topaz ring
   She has earned 52 Gold Medals for sharing the Mary Kay opportunity with 5 business associates in one
    calendar month
   She was ROOKIE OF THE YEAR for the Grady National Area at Seminar 2004
   She was #2 National Winner for the ―Grand New Year Unit Growth Challenge‖ at LEADERSHIP
    CONFERENCE 2005 earning a check of $2,500.00
   She represented her unit at CAREER CONFERENCE in Unit Recruiting as #2 Director in 2005 and 2006,
    #4 in 2007, #5 in 2008, #1 in 2009 and #2 in 2010
   She was also the #4 Director at Career Conference 2008, #2 in 2009 and #4 in 2010
   She has been in the Circle of Achievement four times in the $300,000, $350,000, $400,000 and $450,000
    Circle of Achievement
   She and her unit took a quantum leap to the $750,000 Circle of Excellence in 2008, the HIGHEST in the
    history of the Grady National Area earning a gorgeous confetti diamond ring and a world class vacation to
    Salzburg, Austria and Munich, Germany!
   She and her unit did it again at the $650,000 Circle of Excellence in 2009, earning a stunning ring with 128
    diamonds and a world class honeymoon vacation for she and her husband to Florence and Rome, Italy
   She was in the National Queens Court of Sharing at Seminar 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010
    earning the 14kt Diamond Bumble Bee Pin
   She was in the National Queens Court of Sales at Seminar 2009 earning a beautiful diamond garnet ring set
    with 48 diamonds
   She was also a Double Star Winner at Seminar 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
   She was #7 in the National Queens Court of Sharing at Seminar 2008
   She represented her unit as the #12 Director at Diamond Seminar in 2008 and #18 in 2009
   She was the #1 Director in the Joyce Grady National Area at Seminar 2008, 2009 and 2010
   She was also the #1 Director in the entire state of Maryland in 2008
   She is most proud of being the Queen of Sharing at Diamond Seminar 2010 earning the gorgeous Queen
    Diamond Bumble Bee Pin, 36 Diamond with Green Quartz Ring and cash for her husband
   Her Highest Unit Retail Production is over $112,827.00 in one month, the HIGHEST in the History of the
    Grady National Area
   Her Highest income in one calendar month is $16,071.10
   She and her Unit are Making a Million $ Movement as they Build Their Future VICTORY AREA!
   Welcome the Leader of that Future VICTORY AREA, a TRUE DIVA! All the way from Silver Spring,
    Maryland, Senior Sales Director – Yvonne Tazem Kum !!!!!!!
       I have absolute belief in the Consultant and Directors I work with. Our exciting Unit and Team Goals this year

                                                  I Million Dollars

                                              100 Star Consultants

                                                 20 New Directors

                                               20 New Car Drivers

                                                  50 Red Jackets

                          Will one of them be you? Can the team count on you to be part of this?

    Whatever goals you have for your Mary Kay business, I will be watching with pride as you carve your own path and
pursue your dreams! We encourage you to jump right in and grow along with us. As your Director, it’s my job to match
my time with 100% of your efforts. This business is truly what you design it to be, and I am here to help in any way that
I can. Again, congratulations on your new business and welcome to the DIVA Unit and future Victory Area!

  Please be sure to log on to our unit website www.unitnet.com/ytazem to keep up with all the latest news and
messages posted all the time. Join in!

                                      Yvonne Tazem Kum
                                 Future National Sales Director
                        www.unitnet.com/yvonnetazem Password: victorious
                                   Cellphone- (301) 466-6655
                            WELCOME TO THE MARY KAY WORLD
                                  9332 Annapolis Rd. #309
                                    Lanham, MD 20706
      Monday – Beauty School 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
      Wednesday (1st and 3rd week of each month)- Pizza and Possibilities- 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm
      Thursday- Success Event 6:45 pm -9:00 pm
      Saturday- Pampering Oasis/ Facials and Makeovers 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
                 Bring Plenty of Guests!!!!!
      Sunday- New Consultant Orientation Call 8:30 pm EST Dial (308) 344-6400 Pin No. 602821
             - Million $ DIVAs Conference Call 10:00 pm EST Dial (308) 344-6400 Pin No. 602821

You are now an Independent Beauty Consultant. There will be a lot of prizes and awards given to you for motivation
and incentives to help you reach your goals. The following information will help you understand some of the keys to
moving up quickly in your business.

Attend Weekly Unit And Training Meetings on a Regular Basis. It is the lifeline to your business. When you are having
a bad week, you need the meeting. When you are having a good week, the meeting needs you.

Thursday Nite Live – Success Event Agenda 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
   Consultant and Guest Sign In
      Upon your arrival, please sign-in. It is very important that you sign-in to provide a record of your attendance.
      Please be prepared to pay dues of $20.00 Monthly or $8.00 per meeting.
   Recognition/Inspiration/ Training/Announcements
      Topics of interest will be covered to ensure you are well informed and prepared to be successful in your business.
   Guest Information
      Your prospective business associates can hear all about Mary Kay Opportunity.
   Notebook
      It is important that you obtain a notebook which you will bring to all meetings to write down important
      information that will help you in your business



Dress Professionally to all Events-
Suits or Skirt/Jacket, Pantyhose and Covered Shoes - You want to always look like the CEO & President of your
company. You want to become image conscious, because ―you never get a second chance to make a first impression‖.
                                 14 Steps to Jump Start Your Business
                               (Check off your list as you go)
1                                         Have your 1st training phone call with
              Yvonne (301) 466-6655 to determine your inventory needs. If you do this within 48 hours of
                             receiving this packet, you will earn your Baby Bumble Bee Pin!
            Make your decision within 1 week and then work with your Director to place initial order to be sure
             you take advantage of all first-time ordering bonuses and earn your Mary Kay Money
                                           Set up Mary Kay Web Site:
2   Log on to www.marykayintouch.com and set up personal Mary Kay web site for only $25.00 your first year.

                     Open separate Bank Account and Open a ProPay Account:
3            Go to a bank that offers accounts with FREE checking and a debit card, like Bank of America. You
              should keep your business and your personal finances separate! Having ProPay allows you to
                                               process credit card payments.
                                        Order your Business Card Kit:
4                                  (Be sure to include web site address on cards)
        www.marykayintouch.com (800) 272-9333, mkconnections (800) 627-9577 – the business kit includes
                        250 business cards, information cards, product labels, and more.
                                          Complete First Steps:
5            Log on to www.marykayintouch.com and complete the steps for First Steps including signing up for
                                                    free mailings

                          Make a List of Everyone you know:
6           (These contacts will be the start of your new business.) Don’t pre-judge…and
            make a special mark next to those people who you might like to have on your
                            Set up 10 practice interviews with Yvonne
                                     Earn Pearls of Sharing

                                              Schedule Debut Date:
7             This is the “grand opening” of your business. Invite all of your friends, family, co-workers and
            neighbors (everyone you know with skin!). Please call Yvonne to schedule a date for her to do your
                                                debut/first show with you!
                                     See How to Invite Guests to Your Debut Online

                 Complete Your First 3 Challenges as a New Consultant:
          These will give your business a Quantum Leap and should be highly focused on!

                                                 Challenge #1:
                   Book 5 skin care classes to be held at your discretion within 1 week of your
            your New Consultant training and earn your money bag to hold the $ you will be making!!

                                                   Challenge #2:
                     Hold 5 classes and sell a total of $1000 in 30 days and get your Bar Pin!!

                                                      Challenge #3:

                         Complete your Powerstart and earn your PowerStart Pin!!
                                Turn in your 30 faces in 30 days tracking sheet. Online

                                         Send out your Invitations:
8         Attached is a great invite script to call everyone you know with skin....also attached is a wonderful
                                                    invitation to mail out
                                     See Script for Booking Your Grand Opening Online
                                            See Grand Opening Invitation Online

                                  Become Familiar with the Products:
        Use all products, head to toe
        Study the Look Book and Beauty Book to become familiar with the products

                           Listen to Training CD and Attend NC Training:
10   CD's are found in your Starter kit. It is imperative that you listen to this valuable training. Listen while
                             you sit in traffic and work smarter rather than harder!!
                               Watch Skincare Class DVD at Least 5 Times
                                   Bring or Email me your notes and get a Gift
                             Attend New Consultant Training – MONDAYS at 6pm
                                                Call or e-mail Yvonne
                             Attend Thursday Nite Live Success Meeting:
11         Attend Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at our Training Center (see Meeting info on menu) with a friend to
                                      receive your MK pin and more training.

                       Meetings are not mandatory, but Consultants who “show up”, “go up.”
                                     Stay in touch with your Director:
12           I work closely with those who are working. Don’t hesitate to call with questions. Reach me at
           (301) 466-6655 or send an email to yvonnetazem@marykay.com or ytazem@yahoo.com
                               *Turn in Weekly Accomplishment Sheet every week!

13                                            Visit Our Website:
                                              Password: victorious

                               Have Fun and Enjoy this Business!
14       This is an amazing opportunity and you deserve to reap all of the benefits it has to offer. Remember
         that enthusiasm is your best sales tool! Concentrate on helping others and in doing so, you will help
                               New Consultant Questionnaire
Fill out…Then Fax or Mail within 3 days. Send a color picture of yourself ASAP!!! (If it would be easier, we prefer an
e-mail picture…headshot only.) Mailing Address: Yvonne Tazem Kum, 9332 Annapolis Rd. #309, Lanham, MD 20706.
E-mail: yvonnetazem@yahoo.com

                 (Please complete and Return at the 1st New Consultant Orientation, Monday @ 6:00pm)

Name _______________________________ Date _________________ Recruiter ______________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ___________________ Work Phone ______________________ Cell Phone ________________________
Current Occupation/ J.O.B. ______________________________________________ How long? __________________
I can be called on [ ] Home phone [ ] Work phone [ ] Cell phone Birthday _________________________________
Married… [ ] Yes [ ] No                 Mary Kay Anniversary_____________________________________________
Spouse/ Significant Other’s Name _____________________________________________________________________
In an emergency best # to reach them Cell__________________________ Work________________________________
Children under 18 Name _________________________________________________________ Age _____________
                       Name _________________________________________________________ Age _____________
                       Name _________________________________________________________ Age _____________

E-mail address to receive personal training info __________________________________________________________
I check my e-mail… [ ] Daily [ ] Every few days [ ] Once a week
I began my Mary Kay business because _________________________________________________________________
My wildest Mary Kay Vision is _______________________________________________________________________
What would you like to purchase for yourself within the next 1- 3 months with your earnings?
My goal is to earn $ _______________ a week take-home profit.
Each week, I can commit… [ ] 1-5 hours [ ] 6-10 hours [ ] 11-15 hours [ ] 20 hours
□ Yes! I am interested in earning the use of a FREE career car!
□ Yes! I am interested in becoming an Independent Sales Director!
Ring Size _______

I am most motivated by…. (Please number the following from 1=highest to 10= lowest)

           [   ] Prizes and Recognition                       [ ] Being apart of a Winning Team
           [   ] Self- Accomplishment                         [ ] Step-by-Step Plan for Success
           [   ] Competition                                  [ ] Other __________________________________
           [   ] Praise for a Job Well Done
           [   ] Advancement
           [   ] Money, Financial Rewards
           [   ] Being a Leader

What do you expect from me, as your Director, that will help you the most? _______________
I have a dependable source of childcare… [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] N/A
I have dependable transportation to and from Unit Training and Meetings [ ] Yes [ ] No
Please follow this Step by Step. This is MOST important to your success! Do not skip a step! Do this immediately!

1. Complete your contact list.
2. Mark your date book with 8 appointment times in the next 2 weeks.
3. Learn the following script. Be excited!
4. Be ready for their objections (they’re to be expected).
5. Schedule a time to call (a 2 hour block of time, maybe 7-9 pm)
6. Stay at it until you get all 8 scheduled! (Never book 1 or 2 at a time – always have 8.)

Please follow this Step by Step – this is MOST Important to your success! Do not skip a step! Do this immediately!

Your script :―Hi_____, this is _______ calling. Do you have a quick minute? You’re not going to believe
this, I’m starting my own business teaching skin care & make up artistry for Mary Kay! I’m so excited! I’d
just love to get your opinion of the products. Is there any reason we couldn’t get together? Would Thursday
or Saturday be better?‖ (DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU GIVE HER A CHOICE OF TIMES) She chooses &
then you say:
(Turning the facial into a class) ―By the way _____, I can do several faces as easily as one. When you have
a couple of girlfriends join you, you could actually get $100 worth of free products! All you have to do is invite
10 to 12 friends so that 6 or more will join you. I’m going to send (or drop off) a packet that will explain everything.
So go ahead & start inviting.‖ If she is very excited, continue with, ―Let me share a secret about inviting
friends, instead of saying...I’m having a Mary Kay party, do you want to come? Try, saying.... A Mary Kay
Consultant is coming over to pamper me & get my opinion of the products & she’s allowing me to share it
with a couple girlfriends. I know it will be a lot of fun. It’s reservation only, can I count on you?‖


LISTEN to the objection – CLARIFY what she says – ACKNOWLEDGE the concern & OFFER the solution.
TOO BUSY: ―I understand __________, you know, I’m a really busy person too, so I can appreciate that! It may take
us an hour or so to find your special needs & preferences, but after that I can save you an enormous amount of time –
you’ll never have to go to the mall again for your cosmetics. I can save you $$ too! Which would be better for you,
_______ or ________?‖
NO $$: ―I understand ___________, are you aware that Mary Kay is a third to half less than anything at the department
store and you never even have to pay full price for our products. We have discounts & lots of ways to get it free,
we even have No Interest Payment Plans! Plus, there’s no obligation to purchase. I’d just appreciate your honest opinion.
Which would be better for you, _________ or __________?‖
USE CLINIQUE (or another brand): ―Great! You obviously appreciate good cosmetics! You know, we never find
anyone who doesn’t like Mary Kay at least as well, if not better than Clinique – I’d love to get your honest opinion – is
there any reason you couldn’t compare your __________ to Mary Kay? You can have a glamour item at half price just
for giving me your opinion. Which would be better for you, __________ or __________?‖ Offer the item FREE when
she brings a friend!
You might also ask, ―May I ask you what (Clinique) products you’re using?‖ (Often it’s just a lipstick or blush.)
I TRIED MARY KAY ONCE & BROKE OUT! ―I’m sorry you had that experience – may I ask how long it’s been?
(Explain product changes) _________, may I ask you what you mean by ―Broke Out‖? Was it blemishes? (Wrong fo rmula)
or little red itchy bumps? (A “sensitivity to” possibly one of the products – doesn’t mean she can’t use the whole
line – some people have a “sensitivity to” milk & strawberries!) Is there any reason we couldn’t work together to find
the perfect program for you? Which would be a better time for you, __________ or ____________?‖
SHE STILL RESISTS: ―Tell you what – Here’s my card, if you ever change your mind will you give me a call? I’d
love to be the one to show you our products!‖ OR ―Here’s my card, if you know of anyone who would like to try our
products, would you pass it on?‖ ALWAYS LEAVE WITH A „YES‟.
“I‟m Too Busy”
      Great! That’s exactly why I chose to work with you, _______. When’s the last time you took one hour to slow down and pamper
       yourself? Don’t you deserve to be pampered with a luxurious facial and hand treatment? You will feel so renewed and gorgeous!
      __________, I understand how you feel, since I’m busy too. That’s why I chose you to pamper- because busy people always get the
       most done and are more dependable. We can have a short class that will be about one hour. Wouldn’t it be worth it to learn how to save
       time and money in the long run and to learn how to have a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion?
      Great! When’s the next special event or date that you want to look great for? How about Friday night? I’ll come over, make you look
       and feel gorgeous, and you’ll be ready for your night on the town.

“I Don‟t Wear Make-up”
      Great! Mary Kay is the #1 in Skin Care and since we all have skin, wouldn’t you love to learn how to have a softer, smoother, and more
       radiant natural complexion? You would be a great person to give me your opinion of our line. We also will be demonstrating luxurious
       body care products.

“I Have Sensitive Skin”
      I’m glad you mentioned that. Isn’t it reassuring to know that Mary Kay is specifically formulated for the most sensitive skin? You’d be
       the perfect person to give me your opinion of our skin care system.

“I Tried Mary Kay Before and It Broke Me Out”
      Really? _______, can you tell me when was the last time you tried Mary Kay? (if they say over 2 years ago say…) Great, because Mary
       Kay invested millions of dollars in research and development to totally reformulate the line and has become the #1 in skin care in the
      (If they say recently say…) ________, do you mind me asking which formula you used? Was it a rash break or a blemish break out?
       (They were probably either over emollient or are allergic to an ingredient in one of the products, in which case we can switch formulas.
      ________, the formula you used was probably wrong for your skin type. I’d love to work with you and custom design a system that will
       give you the results you deserve. Is there any reason why we can’t get together?

“I‟m Using Another Product Line”
      Great! ______, that means you’re even more qualified to give me your honest opinion of our skin care system, since you’re currently on
       a program yourself.

“Mary Kay Doesn‟t Have Anything for Women of Color”
      _______, I’m so glad you mentioned that. Isn’t it great knowing that Mary Kay has a line of color specifically for women of color and
       that we have shades that will look gorgeous on the lightest to the darkest of skin tones. And, as far as skin care, skin is skin and we have
       the #1 product in the Nation.

“I Don‟t Know Who to Invite”
      I know sometimes it’s hard to think of people, but think about who would love being pampered. What about… the women you work
       with? Neighbors? Relatives? Friends you shop with? If you can think of one person, then they can bring a friend and you’ll have enough
       for a pamper class to earn your FREE products.

“I Want to Check With My Friends First”
      That’s a great idea, but why don’t we set a tentative date because everyone has such different schedules and that will save you time in
       calling everyone back trying to accommodate everyone. Ask them if they can come on that date and, if they can’t, we will reschedule
       for another date.

“My House is Too Small”
      There’s no need to worry about the size of your home since there will only be a few guests (as many as you would like), or what would
       be even better, is if you come to my house/ training center. That way, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up or refreshments. You
       can just come as you are and leave looking like a STAR!

“My Friends are All Partied Out”
      I can understand that. Aren’t we all tired of parties? Isn’t it refreshing to know that with Mary Kay, you will be learning about your skin
       in a class situation, and you’ll be pampering yourselves with FREE facials and no obligations.
                          COACHING YOUR APPOINTMENTS
Prepare your hostess for a fun, enjoyable and simple class. Any class worth coaching! At every class your hostess is your
business partner. The better job you do in the coaching process, the better class you and she will have.

Make 20 packets at a time so that you are always prepared and write a personal note thanking her in advance for being a
great hostess and reminding her of what she’s working towards in free products. Put fun stickers/ colorful stamps on the
mailing envelope. Spray a little cologne inside so that when she opens it, the romance begins. Make her feel special!

Coaching/ Hostess Packet* Contents
   1.   Look Books
   2.   A two-pocket folder with a few outside order forms (to pass around at work)
   3.   A hostess brochure
   4.   A piece of recruiting literature (to plant the seed)
   5.   4- 6 business cards she can give out

Pre-Profiling the Guest- Script #3
Pre-profiling each and every guest gives you an opportunity to build a connection and find out each person’s need. It will
help you know a little more about each person coming and if she is a possible team member. It will also assist you in
knowing the skin types that will be at your class and help you design each person’s vinyl set with an index card with her
name on it that you will put in back of her tray. This shows ownership and she will take the product home.

―Hello ________, this is ____________ with Mary Kay Cosmetics and your girlfriend, ____________ said that she
wanted you at her Pampering Session with me. Do you have a quick minute? (pause- listen) Well, as her gift to you,
she’s invited you to attend a class with her on (date), but it’s by reservation only. I have just a few questions to ask you
about your skin:
    1. Tell me _________, what do you currently use on your skin?
    2. What do you like most about what you’re using? What do you like the least?
    3. Do you think your skin is dry, normal, combination, or oily?
    4. If I could help you change anything about your skin in two weeks, what would it be?
    5. Have you ever tried Mary Kay before? Great! How long ago? I can’t wait to get your opinion on the New Mary
    6. Do you prefer a natural, professional, or glamorous ―diva‖ look when it comes to color? Fantastic!

Well, ________, let me tell you what we’ll be doing at the class. First, _______ do your hands ever get dry? Really!
You’ll want to get there exactly at ___ because I’ll be doing a fabulous deep moisturizing hand treatment that you will
absolutely love! Then you’ll experience an advanced skin care facial that will make your face feel soooo good. We’re
going to have such a great time and you’ll receive a special gift from me just for attending! _______, you should be
getting an invitation in the mail, and your seat is reserved, so if there is any reason you can’t attend, please let _______
or myself know so we can refill the spot. Here’s my number. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person. See
you then!

Preliminary Coaching- Script #4
Hi _____! This is __________! Girl, I’m so excited about your class on ________. I talked to ______, _______, etc.
We’re going to have so much fun and I’ve rearranged my schedule to be at your house exactly at ___ so I can set-up and
give you your custom color look! (If she tries to get out of the appointment say…) You know _________, remember
when I told you that you could count on me? Well, I’m still really counting on you to hold up this appointment. I’ve set
aside this time JUST FOR YOU, so I can come by for a quickie (laugh and keep it light). You’re under no obligation,
but this does represent a day’s work for me. How can we make this a Win/ Win situation? I promise it will be worth it.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE THE DAY OF- Script #5- Always call before you go to an
appointment to ensure they are actually there, even if you have talked to them the night before. Say ―Hi _____, I just
wanted to reconfirm the directions before I left.‖ Don’t ever go until you hear their voice at home.
                         WORDS TO A PROFITABLE FUTURE

―Hi, ___________. This is ____________. I’m calling because I’m building my skin care portfolio. I love the way you
(give a sincere compliment e.g. wear your hair, dress, attitude). I would love to feature you in my portfolio. I take a
before shot, give you a complimentary facial, then I take an after shot. Which is better for you, during the week or the
weekend? Great! I have a slot available on _____ at 1:00 pm or would 3:30 pm, which would be better for you?‖


―Oh by the way, do you like freebees? I am having a special this month where I give up to $100 in FREE products. I
will drop off a packet that will have all of the details. All you have to do is invite 10 to 12 friends so that 6 or more will
join you. Who did you have in mind? Great! Give them a call and tell them to come as they are and they’ll leave looking
like a STAR!‖


―Hi ______. This is _________. I’m teaching skin care and building my skin care portfolio. My Director asked me to
invite the sharpest and most professional woman I know to come. Guess who I chose? YOU! Is there any reason why
you would not honor me and be my face model at our Success Meeting on Thursday night? I would love to give you a
FREE lip color just for coming out. Great! I can pick you up at 6pm.‖


―Excuse me, would you be offended if I gave you my card? I couldn’t help noticing your… (give a sincere compliment
e.g. suit, hair, skin). I am building my skin care portfolio and I would love to feature you. I take a before shot, give you a
complimentary facial, then, take an after shot. Here is my name and number. I just need the same information from you.

Oh, by the way, which is better for you, during the week or weekend? Great! I have a slot available on _________ at
1:00 pm or 3:30 pm, which would be better for you?‖


      On the Face- Skin care classes and facials where women try before they buy
      On the Go- Quick, 15-minute show, tell and sell appointments
      Online- Your own Mary Kay® Personal Web Site is an easy way for your customers to place orders 24/7.
      On Paper- Sales from promotional brochures and the preferred customer mailings
      On With the Show- Group-selling appointments like collection previews, open houses, or spa nights


      Friends and family
      Co-workers and associates
      Referrals
      Customers from classes and facials
      Warmchattering
                      How to Set Up An Interview
Hi _________________________, this is Yvonne Tazem with Mary Kay, do you have a minute?
Great! The reason I’m calling is that my Sales Director has challenged me to share how this business
works and how we earn free cars with 5 sharp women this week and I immediately thought of you
because you are so sharp and I would love to get your opinion. You know ______________, this may
be something you would never consider but I just need to talk to 5. How about a cup of coffee or, will
you allow me to practice with you on a 3 way call with my Director? Thanks, I really appreciate your
Checklist to ensure you have a successful debut of your
brand new Mary Kay business!

_____ Schedule your business debut within your first 2 – 3
weeks of business. However, if this is not possible, then
scheduling a business debut later is better than not scheduling one                                               at
all. You will also
want to plan to have your inventory in stock before your business
_____ Hold your business debut in your home, preferably,
because it is a warmer, friendlier, environment.
Church fellowship halls, civic halls, apartment club houses or a
friend’s home will be fine. Delegate the task of cleaning your home so your time may be spent on the telephone with
your prospective guests and customers.
_____ Invite all the people on your “Contact List”. This should be a minimum of 75 people. (You can expect
15-20 to attend with proper follow-up.) When you have at least 15 adults attending, I will have the
most amazing prize for you—ask me!
_____ Send out a minimum of 75 Business Debut Invitations. Sending postcards alone will not be
effective. After you have mailed your invitations, plan to call each guest personally and invite them
24–48 hours before your event. (Check with your director about obtaining business debut invitations.)
_____ Call each guest on your “Contact List”. Keep in mind that your friends and family are not coming to
hear your director or recruiter, they are coming to help you! Your attendance will be in direct
proportion to the number of guests that you personally speak with prior to the event and when you
give your Director the names and numbers of your guests (within 48 hours of your special day), SHE
will call and thank them in advance (and give you a gift at your Debut just for allowing her to help
you, isn't that great?). Remember, if they cannot come to your business debut, you’ ll want to either
schedule an appointment with them and/or invite them to the next unit event.

Checklist for the day of the event:
_____ Provide simple refreshments. You’ll want to delegate the hosting/serving to someone special in your
family or a close friend so you may be focused on helping your guests to schedule appointments and
learn more about your Mary Kay business!
_____ Mark your datebook with everything that you have going on in your life. Then mark the times and
dates that you have dedicated to your Mary Kay business. Put a star beside your power start weeks.
_____ Have the following supplies available:
_____ All Inventory out and organized. I prefer that at least 5 Travel Roll Up bags be
assembled and ready to SELL!
_____ Pens and profile cards on hand for each guest to complete as they arrive.
_____ A money bag with $20 in change. (1 – $5, 10 – $1 and $5 in coins)
_____ Beauty Books stamped with contact information.
_____ Sales tickets
_____ Calculator
_____ Your recruiter/director will arrive 1/2 hour before the program to set up the entire product display
and bring door prizes. She’ll need a big table. You’ll want to arrange the seating in a semi-circle in
front of the table.
_____ Relax and have fun with your guests. Your focus should be to schedule your 10-20 skin care classes
for your power start. Let your recruiter/director fill orders and talk to people about the business
_____ Have enough *Hostess packets prepared to give to each guest at your debut.
_____ Have enough ―Recruiting Packets‖ prepared to give to each guest at your debut.
_____ IMPORTANT! Decorate a pretty poster board with 60 lines to book Double Power Start at your debut
*Hostess packet should include:
Hostess Brochure (choose one with your Director) Enclosed is my favorite
A piece of Recruiting Literature (Steps to Success or flier of Starter Kit)
Mary Kay Beauty Book/Mary Kay Look Book
Put in brightly colored folder or large envelope
4- 5 outside order forms


 All the guests will introduce themselves, tell how long they have known you and their relationship to you, a bit about
their family, work, hobbies and what their experience with Mary Kay has been, if any.
 Your Director or Recruiter will explain the purpose of the event: You will be affirmed in your business by your
guests. Your goals will be shared and your guests will know that you will be asking them to help you by having a
complimentary facial or class.
 The recruiter/director will share their ―I‖ story and their relationship with you.
 Mary Kay Cosmetics will be introduced as the #1 selling brand of Skin Care and Color Cosmetics in the Nation!
 No one will actually receive a makeover that day because that is what you’ll be offering at their skin care class.
This is a show and tell type of event.
 At the close guests will have an opportunity to earn chances for door prizes by making a purchase, scheduling a
facial (and or class) and listening to our Marketing Line.
                                         THE VALUE OF GOOD INVENTORY

Maintaining a good inventory is the first step towards building a strong customer service business. Just as you depend on
your florist to carry fresh flowers, your clients depend on you to offer the same professional service. A good inventory
will also motivate you to reach higher sales goals, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce business costs.

Some new recruits and potential recruits do not understand the total value of their initial order for their inventory. This is
very understandable because it is new and let’s face it, borrowing money can be a little overwhelming. However, you are
borrowing money to make money. In addition, you’re making 50% on your money. That’s a good investment.

We must remember from the beginning that starting our own business with inventory is one of the keys to success. Can
you imagine the difficulty of a retail store opening for business with a couple of items versus the same store with
complete inventory? What the eye sees, the eye will buy. Customers will purchase more when they can feel, touch, and
smell it. Some refer to it as impulse buying. Think of how many time we go to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, do
we ever leave with just a gallon of milk? Of course not, we pick up dog food, bread, chips, etc.

Many bankers are more willing to make a loan to a stable woman, regardless of age, than a man, as they have a better
repayment record. That usually means if we try to do something, we usually do it. Isn’t that the first thing we learn in
Mary Kay from our Recruiter and Director, ―You can do if U‖ Remember, the Company offers the 90% buyback
guarantee. Don’t just try one source when you borrow. - Donald Trump wouldn’t have given up after visiting only one

Is money too high? Should I wait? Should I only order a minimum amount? Do not let these things bother you. You are
not borrowing that much and it’s only short term. Do you realize there is only a $35.00 difference between borrowing
$3,600 for six months at 18% versus 14%? Did you realize that if you borrow $600.00 at 18% for six months versus
borrowing 3,600 that is only about $95 more?

Would you rather go to a clothing store and see what you need and buy it, or would you rather wait until they ordered it?
Would you rather make one trip to one appointment and sell product to 3 people at one time or would you rather take
orders and make 3 additional deliveries? If you don’t have product at your appointment, how many customers will say
―No, or I guess you can call me when you get it‖?

In other words, HOW MANY SALES ARE YOU GOING TO LOOSE and how many additional hours will you work delivering, reselling,
collecting, and revisiting to finally collect your profit? Time is precious to everyone and we are all given the same
amount of hours in a day. By starting your business at profit level of $3600, your business will run much smoother.
Remember, you can’t sell out of an empty wagon.

The average conservative sale is $200. That means you will make $100 profit at that appointment. Depending on how
much time you take. Also, after 30 days your reorder business will kick in, and that’s another 50% profit. What does that
mean? It adds up to this. If you only hold 3 appointments per week, you can pay your loan and have a profit too. More
importantly, you have $3600 worth of product that you own, and it worth $7200.

Planning a good inventory is vital to building a strong, growing business. Without products, you can’t sell them and
without sales, you are out of business. Keep your product inventory up to date and plan for your future needs.

P .S. As you begin to build your team, your new consultants will always ask, ―Where did you start?‖
They follow in your footsteps. You don’t want to say, ―Well, if I could do it over again...‖
                                              Inventory Guide

Star Consultant
   1. Company Referral Program (Sales and Recruiting)
   2. Quarterly Star Celebration
   3. Receive Priority Registration for Seminar in Dallas, Texas
   4. Consistency Star Consultant Luncheon at Seminar in Dallas, Texas
   5. Star Ladder with Gemstone
   6. Name on Star Wall of Fame at our Training Center
   7. Shop for Free and Earn Free Prizes
   8. First Step to Becoming a Red Jacket
   9. First Step to Earning a Free Mary Car or Becoming a Director
   10. Free New Consultant Bonus Products with First Order

      Pearle              Emerald              Diamond                   Ruby          Sapphire

$ 4800               $ 3600                $ 3000               $ 2400             $ 1800
x    2               x    2                x    2               x    2             x    2
  9600                 7200                  6000                 4800               3600
+766.00 (Free)       +766.00 (Free)        +651.00 (Free)       +507.00 (Free)     +422.00 (Free)
+113.50 (Free)       +113.50 (Free)        +113.50 (Free)       +113.50 (Free)     +113.50 (Free)
$10,479.50           8,079.50              6,764.50             5,420.50           4,135.50
       25 GF bags           19 GF bags           16 GF bags           13 GF bags         10 GF bags

1. Conventional Loan – This type of loan from a bank will help you establish credit in your own name. If
you are married, be sure to get the loan in your name. They prefer larger amounts usually $2,500 to
$3,000 minimum. The rates are usually reasonable and there is usually no pre-payment penalty, should
you decided to pay your loan off quickly. Find a great local source that you build a
relationship with and can send people to for application.

2. Passbook Loan – You borrow against the money you have in a savings account.

3. Life Insurance Loan – You can borrow against your life insurance usually at a very low rate of interest.

4. Credit Union Loan – If you are employed and have a Credit Union; or if married, your spouse might have
a Credit Union at his place of employment. Credit Unions are traditionally a source of low interest loans.
Processing your loan may take 2 to 3 weeks.

5. Credit Card Loans – Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have ways to borrow money. Mary Kay
Cosmetics will accept Visa/MC/Discover for inventory purchases. You must be sure to have enough
available credit on the card to cover your purchase. It is simple to find this out by calling the bank issuing
your card and asking what your credit balance is. We recommend that you use a separate bankcard for
your Mary Kay business, if one is available.

6. M. Bank Visa – Your recruiter can provide you with a credit card application for M Bank Visa, a credit
card available to you on terms negotiated by Mary Kay Cosmetics. The disadvantage to using this option is
that credit approval requires 6 to 8 weeks. We recommend that you express mail your application for faster

7. Family Loan – Many times there are members of your family willing to help you start your career. It is recommended
that the arrangement be made on a loan basis where you pay this money back in monthly installments. Co-signers – If
you do not have a lengthy credit history or have not been employed long enough, having a co-signer (parent, relative,
close friend) may help you qualify.

8. Hidden Treasures – “Pawn” something that you have that is valuable that you are not using.

9. Secured Loan – You can use your automobile, your home, stocks and bonds, Certificates of Deposit, etc.
as collateral. Along with banks, financial institutions such as Beneficial, Morris Plan, Avco, etc. offer a
variety of loan packages.

10. Borrow against another person’s savings – Ask someone to put a portion of their savings into
Certificates of Deposit, then you borrow against that. Their money is safe, guaranteed, and they’re still
making interest.

11. Have a Garage Sale – Other people will pay you good money for items you sell. The good news is that
you’ll be able make $2 for each $1 you put into Mary Kay.

*******The Interest You Incur As A Result of Your Business Is A Tax Write-Off*******
                                           Credit Options

Wells Fargo – (410) 480-0104 -- Kyle Grogan is a great resource. He can take your application within 15 to
20 minutes and have the money sent wired to your account or transferred to a Wells Fargo in your area the
same day.

Beneficial – (301) 459-5440 – Glenridge Shopping Center, 7572 Annapolis Road, Lanham, Maryland or any
branch near you. They can help anyone over the phone and you can pick up your check in a city near you.

Citi Financial (301) 805-7224 – Brandon Steinheim in the Bowie, Maryland branch or Contact the Branch
near you. (Same day approval).

Chase (0% for 1 Year) - follow these 3 steps for quick approval:
     •      Call 1-800-575-9762 to apply. ECA # 734876.
     •      Ask what number to call to find out if you are approved
     •      Once approved, call 512-246-5011, for Credit card # and expiration date.

National City (0% Credit Card): call Joe Wheeler on 937-294-7274 (office). It doesn’t matter where you live.
24-48 hour approval



www.aria.com For people with bad or no credit

www.aeccu.org For people with bad credit

www.eyeoncredit.com or call 239-939-5055 (Bob O’Neil or Linda)
For people with very, very bad credit

www.ecreditcards.com a search engine for various cards..find one that’s right for you

First USA:   800-347-7887
             0% credit card for the 1st year, then 8.9% after that

―Easy” Visa: 800-971-0267

First National Bank: 800-876-3237

               Contact your Director for additional resources for Inventory
                                      Let’s Stay in Touch!!
Communication determines the healthiness of all relationships. I take my role as mentor and encourager very seriously,
and work closely with the Consultants who are “in my face!” I want to be sure you’re aware of all the great ways for us to
stay in touch, so you can always get the training and support you need to head straight to the TOP!

Do you have an email address? Several times a week, I send training and information messages out to our unit
members on email. This also includes the weekly schedule for all events. My email address is ytazem@yahoo.com and
my assistant’s email address is yvonnetazem@yahoo.com. Of course you will want to do this because it will make you a

Weekly Accomplishment Sheets
Be sure to turn in your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet EACH WEEK! This is how I track your success in sales, and give
you guidance in areas that may be challenging you. Go to the Mary Kay Website and simply type in your sales,
bookings and orders for the week and then email it to me. You will receive Weekly Recognition for this. Weeks starts on
Sunday and end on Saturday. Weekly Sheets are due the week following the activity. This also creates a great record
keeping system for your business at the end of the year.

Company Website
Our company and unit website is phenomenal! Go to www.marykay.com. Then to the InTouch Community. Enter your
Consultant number and password to gain access to TONS of information. Plus you can do your own orders on-line! The
“LearnMK” icon on the home page will take you to the main training area. Click on the icons that interest you! You can
also sign up for your own website for halfprice in your first 2 months as part of Smart Start and this will also make you a

Visit our Unit Website at www.unitnet.com/yvonnetazem Password: victorious
You will find important dated information under events, our Monthly Newsletter and Training Information Under Training
Center. Send me an email to let me know that you visited the site.

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