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					Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas
  The largest network of integrated business support in Greece
           Member of the Enterprise Europe Network
Why do SMEs need a new network?
Small and medium enterprises  great importance
   23 million SMEs in Europe = 99% of businesses
   58% contribution to EU GP
   75 million jobs created by SMEs
Small and medium enterprises  need for substantial support
   Need for active and full scale support through regional business gateway
   Need for exploring new business and technological opportunities
   Need for contribution to the formation & improvement of EU SME-policies

      Development of a network - mechanism to achieve Lisbon’s goals
           of strengthening entrepreneurship and helping SMEs
          to find the most effective solutions for their problems
Enterprise Europe Network:
Europe’s commitment to SMEs
                      550 local contact points in 44
                       countries (EU 27, candidate
                       countries, European Economic Area
                       countries, other third countries),
                       3.000 experienced staff
                      18 teams of experts in different
                       industry sectors from intelligent
                       energy to nanotechnology
                      Duration: 1/1/2008-31/12/2013
                      320 million € community
                       contribution, more than 700 million €
                       total budget
                      1.000 technology and business
                       cooperation agreements are
                       expected to be carried out between
Modus Operandi
   Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program: CIP 2007-2013

   Contribution to Lisbon’s Strategy for Growth and Jobs

      By supporting the improvement of the business environment
      By enhancing competitiveness of European SMEs

The Power of Experience
The largest network of integrated business support based on the experience
of the former Euro Info Centers (EICs) and Innovation Relay Centers (IRCs)


              Improved access and proximity for the SMEs:
                “one stop shop - no wrong door” principles
Qualitative goals
   Promotion of the innovation and entrepreneurship to European SMEs
   Support for international business and export activity
   Support for international development of technology and knowledge
   Encouragement of SMEs to participate in the 7th Framework Program
   Establishment of the network on a local, national and international level
   Promotion of SMEs access to the formation of European policies

                            3 Policy Priorities:
                The Small Business Act (SBA) for Europe
            The Broad-based innovation strategy for the EU
                     The sustainable industry policy
Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas
   Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas is the largest network of
    integrated business support in Greece since it comprises 16 industrial
    associations, research and technology organisations, chambers of
    commerce and industry, governmental SME Agencies and established
    Innovation players with long experience of cooperation at national level
    and distinguished performance in both the Innovation Relay Centre
    (IRC) and the Euro Info Centre (EIC) networks, at European level.
   Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas provides international business
    cooperation services, information on European policies, innovation and
    technology transfer services as well as services for encouraging SMEs’
    participation to the European programs for Research and Technology.
 Boost competitiveness in Greek enterprises (especially SMEs)
 Support the development of the less-favored regions of the country
 Promote and facilitate innovation in enterprises as well as
  entrepreneurship in RTOs
 Strengthen the links between research, business, finance
 Foster economic and environmentally sustainable growth and
 Enhance European interaction in business, technological, economic &
  political terms.
Partners of the
Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas
   National Documentation Centre
   Association of Industries in Thessaly and in Central Greece
   Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries
   Ceramics and Refractories Technological Development Company S.A.
   Chamber of Arcadia
   Chamber of Ioannina
   Chamber of Kavala
   Clothing Textile & Fibre Technology Development Company S.A.
   SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
   Federation of Industries of Northern Greece
   Food Industrial Research and Technological Development Company S.A.
   PRAXI/HELP-FORWARD Network, Foundation for Research & Technology–Hellas
   Hellenic Organisation of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Handicraft
   Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry
   Metallurgical Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre S.A.
   Regional Development Agency of West Macedonia S.A.

Partners of the
Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas

                                                CHAMBER OF IOANNINA

Wide range of expertise

 5 chambers of commerce and industry
 4 research and technological growth companies
 3 industrial/ business associations
 2 research and technology organizations
 1 development company
 1 governmental SME Agency
Highly trained & experienced staff

           1.   Information, feedback and international
                business cooperation services

           2.   Innovation, Technology and knowledge
                transfer services

           3.   Encouraging SME participation to the FP
                RTD programme
1. Information, feedback & international
business cooperation services
 Awareness and Information services to local business on EU affairs as
  well as proactive promotion of EU Programmes, Initiatives and financial

 International business cooperation services to clients (matchmaking)

 Services to the Commission for legislation and policy testing through
  SME feedback, impact studies and interaction with local business
2. Innovation & Technology Transfer

 Awareness and information on innovation and transnational technology
  transfer legislation and programmes

 Dissemination and exploitation of research results

 Technology Transfer Brokerage services

 Innovation stimulation to SMEs

 Linkage to other Innovation services (finance, IPR, innovation management)
3. Encouraging SME participation
to the 7 th Framework Program

 FP RTD programmes information and awareness services

 Assistance in RTD proposal preparation and coordination

 Detection of needs and goals of SMEs in RTD issues and search for
  companies for participation in research proposals
 An ideal example of integrated support

                                                          Support in signing agreement.
   Information                                             Aid with funding programs,
  Consultation                                             partner search. Linking with
                                                                 other services.

                         Preparation of enterprises
New EU legislation               to adapt:                     Investment, business
on environmental          equipment, procedures,               cooperation, patents,
   protection              customers, suppliers,                internationalization
                         Research and Development

                     Technology audit, market research.
                      Search for available technology.
                     Partner search, funding programs
Tools - Activities
   European electronic databases
   EU Legislation monitoring
   Publication of studies and reports
   Organization of groups to test new legislation
   Information campaigns, meetings, electronic and printed newsletters
   Company visits
   Technological knowledge
   Organization of and participation in seminars
   Organization of and participation in international events
   Personalised service benefits, helpdesk
   Organization of incoming and outgoing business missions
   Support of clusters
Good practice:
Continuous information for   Aim to provide valid and immediate
the news categories:         information to online visitors & users
                                User – based information: the user can
                                define his profile and the categories,
                                which he wants to receive information
                                Automated e-mail alert to the members,
                                as soon as an announcement is launched
                                on the web site
                                User support system. Question –
                                Answer mechanism through the web site
                                (mail function)
                                Information through RSS Feed
                                Search through pre-defined key words
                                Simple structure – Easy to find the
                                information over the Home Page
Success story: Greek eyes on Swedish
robot system
   A Swedish company searches for low cost cameras for
    an underwater robot
   The Greek IRC promotes the underwater camera of a
    Greek SME, a company that designs and builds
    underwater systems
   The Swedish company visits Greece
   The Greek company tailors the camera to the needs of
    the Swedish company
   A technical cooperation agreement is signed
   As a result, the Swedish robot functions with built-in
    Greek technology
Success story: Greek nanotechnology
at the service of Swedish industry
   HTC Sweden AB specializes in the production of industrialized grinding machines
    and needs to improve the wear resistance, heat dissipation and mechanical
    performance of the resin based products used in their grinding & polishing tools.
   HTC Sweden AB addresses ACREO, partner of the Enterprise Europe Network of
    Sweden, for assistance.
   PRAXI / HELP-FORWARD Network, member of the Enterprise Europe Network –
    Hellas, is aware that the Greek company Nanothinx SA, specializes in the
    production, research and applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which are
    characterized by exceptional mechanical & thermal properties. Nanothinx can
    produce high purity CNTs at lower cost and they can also provide services for the
    incorporation of the produced CNTs into the required media.
   With the mediation of the Enterprise Europe Network partners the two companies
    meet in a Technology Brokerage event in Frankfurt during the “Nanosolutions
    Exhibition”. Soon after, a first technical co-operation is achieved with a special
    funding from ACREO.
   A second phase of technical collaboration is launched under EUROSTARS as a
    funding scheme.
Business support at your doorstep
One team of experts all over Greece
provides access to:
 Prompt and accurate information
 Great number of potential business
 All European funding opportunities
 Innovative technologies