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									Mary’s statement to change the would our selves

This Walk for World Survival began on the 12th of March 1989. We were walking with our
children across Canada to bring attention to the Uranium Mining in Saskatchewan. We wanted
the world to know that the mines were destroying the planet on site and had contributed to the
entire nuclear weapons build up and was traveling around the planet creating further and further
potential for critical mass. Today there are 110 or so nuclear plants in Japan. They have outlived
their own planning. They are claimed to be the safest in the world and obviously that is a
problem! If those are the safest what is going on with the rest of them and how do oyu feel about
the fact that your government has conspired with the Cameo to proliferate Uranium globally. We
are responsible for the damage because we are sheep and have allowed our world to be taken
(like candy from a very developmentally delayed baby!)

What are we going to do about this? Capitalism is killing our world. Grow up. Smarten up.
Opposition politics is not working. The left always has to fight against the right and the other
way. No good ideas can get through fast enough. Why isn't David Suzuki, Ralph Nadar,
Mothers, the poor, and Stephen Lewis and Naomi Klein, you or me,and many other no oil
executive running our world??????? Why are we allowing the animals that live out there in
barbarian land piss all over our bed? Well animals, healthy ones, know that you are not supposed
to do that.
Why do we continue to rely on a for profit system that can't possibly care about the potential for
a melt down because they need to have profit? Why are those people running things? Because
they have made it impossible for anyone who does not have trillions of dollars of personal
money to run for office! Disgusting. There should be No Nukes on the Isl;and of Japan! Who
sold them to the Japanese? Who allowed it to happen? People who made a profit with total
disregard for our planet or sanity. Just profit! We lived without all this need for energy before!
Why are we in need of so much energy today> Gluttony and greed! Consumerism of the rich and
rich countries. Profit and the need for growth! These are barbaric concepts that are destroying
our planet. No Earthquakes are not an act of stupidity nor are Tsunamis. Nuclear melt downs are
no accident anymore than drunk driving is an accident!

Wake up and stop drinking coffee unless you are in a place where it grows on the land. Wake up
and smell the air. Is that they way you want it to smell?
Wake up and move or bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
Don't allow the next G20 _G 8 to go by without a plan to let them know they had better change
faster get out of the way.

Get out and walk across your country (Terry Fox did it with one leg!) and demand that the rich
let go of the reigns of economic terrorism they are holding over the planet, our future and the
futures of our children. This is not news. Many people have been saying for many many years
that we are screwed unless we do something yesterday! We have to stop the rich from continuing
to make our choices for us and our resources. THEY DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST
IN MIND IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED! Withdraw your support. Withdraw your
dollars from the system. Trade or buy very deeply local or find ways to get off the grid grow
your own and forage. Find your way back to your planet and take your family and community
with you. Demand no plastic don't drive walk. DO everything you can to drop out. Stop
shopping! Don't use disposable diapers! Stop trying to accomplish middle class acquisitive,
embrace sustainability. Lower your footprint Eat raw food sprout seed and nuts. These are a few
of the very necessary changes we MUST make individually. Stop having babies for at least five
years. Make a plan with the others in your peer group to be the first ten couple to go for 8 years
without getting pregnant!
There are so many things we as individuals can do differently Vegetarians are saving what little
planet is left as fast as they can! Meat and fish production is killing our planet. Food production
can be very local Rooftops Front yards porches can grow food and keep our homes cool. There
are so many alternatives that do not kill our planet and our future the only problem with them is
they do not generate profit. The sun is free and the wind. Insulating a home really well is not
profitable to the power companies. Riding a bike takes profit from the oil companies and puts it
directly into your pocket!

Sorry just ready to ..........meltdown. So upset and so angry that we (so many many people around
the world again and again for over fifty years overcoming being portrayed as fanciful and naive)
have been saying for years STOP and yet even yesterday the president of the US told us we
WILL be using more of this terrible power in the future! I am sick! We are stupid stupid stupid.
Phenomenally moronic. As creative, thoughtful, imaginative and loving as we would like to see
ourselves we are simply barbaric. More than 7000 years of culture and the best we can do is a
system that is more liek a bull in a china shop or a drunk teenage driver than an any model of an
adult we have ever admired as a species. We still don't even have equity because we remain
entrenched in the ancient myths and mythology of the past so we have some admiration for these
antiquated systems. Medical technologies that are irresponsible Governments that sell their
peoples resources to their friends, the police and courts that are corrupt and good ole boys
networks. Slavery of children around the world! The "leaders" of the world giving the peoples
money to each other and basically hiring thugs to run countries the way they want.

It is very difficult to end this writing because I want to get up and walk to the nearest Cameco
offices and picket them out of business right now! I am so disgusted that on top of the terrible
double disaster the people and the world are in danger due to the reckless endangerment the
nuclear industry has cause for profit. I can't believe the media keeps asking if there will be
questions about the safety of nuclear after this experience! Do you think? The investors have
sunk trillions of taxpayers dollars into these technologies and they have no intention of losing the
money they are making from it even though the taxpayers will not see a cent of that money back
and in fact we will be charged for the energy even though it was us who paid for it already! Who
is responsible for these events? Where is the "BP" type scape goat on this one? The fact is if BP
had never been allowed to drill oil in such an environmentally sensitive area at all that would not
have happened at all. And Earthquake or not Tsunami or not if there were no nukes in Japan an
Earthquake couldn't do that kind of harm!

March 13, 2011

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