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					                                          Creativity Uprising

                                      Chrysler Building
                     405 Lexington Ave. 26th Floor New York, NY 10174
                            t 888.714.2199

                                        Agency Objective:
            A full service advertising agency with experience in Search Engine Optimization,
               Social Media, Webpage Design, Print, TV, Radio and Outdoor Advertising.
    We are dedicated to using the latest technology to drive your professional practice and business.

Our Expertise:

Web design: Services tailored to the business and organizational sectors. E-commerce
Web development and custom Web programming is the focal point of our Agency.
Online Marketing: We have helped companies increase revenue through online
marketing and free organic search engine optimization.

TV: Let us walk you through getting your TV ad on the air. From video production to
placement on TV, national TV, or even international TV networks; Rebel Media
will ensure your TV ad campaign fits your budget and meets the highest standards
for quality.

Transit advertising and Billboards: Placement of bus ads, bus shelters and train
stations is an important medium for reaching families and professionals in their vehicles,
students shopping or right on campus and tourists finding their way around town.

Our Team:

Lenny Rozental: Marketing and Project Director for Concept, Design Search engine
Optimization and Social Marketing Media.

Benjamin Pokh: Sales Director for new business development.

Michael Swedenberg: Sr. Advertising Consultant with 40 years experience in Advertising,
Corporate Sales, Concept, Copywriting, Design and Packaging

Production Team: 45 production professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of
Search engine optimization, marketing and production


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