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					Lamapro ‘A’ Series Acoustic Foam                                                                                                         DATA SHEET        4010

                                                                              Lamapro ‘A’ Series Acoustic Foam
                                                                              Lamapro ‘A’ Series acoustic foam is a flexible open cell
                                                                              material offering durability and excellent sound absorb-
                                                                              ing qualities.

                                                                              The material is chemically inert, self-extinguishing,
                                                                              non-dusting and due to its flexibility is easily applied to
                                                                              curved surfaces or deformed to fit complex shapes.

                                                                              The product is available with a self adhesive backing and
                                                                              a wide variety of applied surface facings.

                                                                              Additionally, the product can be supplied in compos-
                                                                              ite form with lead foils, plastisol barriers and damping

Applications                                     Specification

The product is used in many varied                 Product                                                       Lamapro ‘A’ Series Acoustic Foam
applications and industries including              Type                                                          Open cell polyether
construction, marine, automotive, H & V
and OEM.                                           Colour                                                        Light Grey
                                                   Density                                                       26-30 kg/m3
Some applications use the product as a
component sound absorbing or resilient             Fire Performance                                              BS 4735: Self-Extinguishing
spacing layer within a bespoke composite                                                                         ASTM D1692: Max extent burn 60mm
material.                                                                                                        FMVSS 302: Pass
                                                                                                                 UL94: Class 94 HBF
Common applications include: internal
lining of ductwork & ventilation equip-            Thermal Conductivity                                          0.036 W/m.k
ment; spatial absorbers; ceiling tiles;            Service Temperature Range                                     -30 to 110°C
absorber panel infills; absorption linings
in marine craft, automotive vehicles,              Standard Sheet Size                                           1200 x 1800, 1200 x 2000, 1200 x 2400mm
generators, compressors, process plant             Standard Thickness                                            6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 35, 40, 45, 50, 75 &
and electrical equipment.                                                                                        100mm
                                                                                                                 (Additional thickness available on request)
                                                   Other Forms                                                   Linear 3D sections & die-cut parts
The material is normally adhered to the          Detailed mechanical performance information available on request.
background surface using a separate ad-
hesive or by means of the optional self-
adhesive backing (see specification sheet         Acoustic Performance
on self-adhesive films for properties and
                                                   Product Thickness                                      Sound Absorption Coefficients*
limitations). Additionally the product
can be mechanically fixed (using large                                                100 Hz          250 Hz          500 Hz            1 kHz      2 kHz   4 kHz
headed fixings or spreader washers). Our
                                                   12mm                                0.05            0.10            0.20            0.35       0.45    0.65
insulation support pins and non-return
washers represent a suitable fixing.                25mm                                0.10            0.20            0.45            0.60       0.70    0.80

Please contact our technical section for           50mm                                0.26            0.60            0.96             1.10      1.06    1.02
advice on suitable adhesives and me-             Practical Absorption Coefficients to EN ISO 11654:1997. Third octave data available on request.
chanical fixings.

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