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CASH in 10 Minutes or LESS


									           CASH IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS!
                            By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk

                                         Copyright Notice:
    This guide is © Copyright Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk 2011. All rights reserved.
      Unauthorized copying, distribution, transmitting or sending of this guide is prohibited.
Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to make this guide is as complete and accurate as possible.
However, there may be mistakes both typographical and in content. Therefore, the texts should be
    used only as general guides and not as the ultimate sources of the subject matters covered.
 Neither the authors nor the publishers shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person
or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by
                                the information covered in this guide.

Traffic Snatch BONUS         By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk                            1
Once you have read Traffic Snatch, wouldn't it be nice to make a few hundred
dollars, just by telling people how AWESOME it is?
Thanks to the new Warrior Plus Affiliate system, you can do just that. We owe Mike
Lantz a great deal of thanks for promoting our products in the past, and we are
amazed at how he keeps piling on the value with WSO Pro and other Warrior Plus
Here's how TRAFFIC SNATCH is selling for ONE our affiliates:

Here's how ONE of our Warrior Plus affiliates did with our last WSO – The Million
Dollar Hijack:

Traffic Snatch BONUS     By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk                  2
Pretty good, right?
Need some more proof?

Traffic Snatch BONUS    By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk   3
Here's another affiliate making $301 in 2hrs!!!

Okay, if you want results like this, it's quite easy...
(and we'd really appreciate the support and marketing!!)
Follow the steps on the next page...

Traffic Snatch BONUS       By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk   4
Step 1: Go to Warrior Plus and sign up as an
Step 2: You will be given a special key code once you have paid the $3.99 Silver
Membership fee (Mike set this up to keep out the guys who don't have any intention
of making money, and keeps the sign-up-out-of-curiosity to a minimum). Click the
link in the email confirmation you get from Warrior Plus.
Step 3: Once you're in, you will see the following:

Click on “Request Offers”
On 2011-02-02 you should see “TRAFFIC SNATCH” under Veit Schenk's seller ID.
Click “Request”, and we will approve you right away!
Step 4: Click “Get Offer Links” and get those links to our WSO...
Step 5: If you have a list, simply copy and paste the following, replacing “LINK” with
your affiliate link! EASY!
My friends over at the Warrior Forum, Veit Schenk, Mark Byrne,
and Dave Clark, have asked me to get the word out on their
Warrior Special Offer - “Traffic Snatch”!
The method deals with getting PAGE 1 TRAFFIC to your sales
pages, websites, squeeze pages and more – using FREE or
paid methods (both work like gangbusters!). They show you how
to get site owners in YOUR NICHE to send you traffic DAILY!

The reviews so far have been incredible, and I have to say I was
really SHOCKED when I saw these three guys in one WSO!
I don't want you to miss the price on this, so here's the link so you
can read more: “LINK”

Traffic Snatch BONUS        By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk                5
Promoting via blog?
For a review, it's best if written in your own voice.
But, here's some bullet points:

“Without wanting to give away too much,
- a super simple technique to get traffic from top 10 websites that are NOT
competing with your own product (or pretty much any product you want to
promote) whilst still being super-relevant
- in addition: this is awesome for establishing yourself as an SEO authority. So, if so
far you've been struggling to attract clients (or never thought you would because
you find selling scary), this is a way where they'll come to you for SEO advice,
because by just following the guide step by step you're automatically establishing
yourself as a bit of an authority when it comes to SEO.
- the bonus is about a subject everybody knows they SHOULD be doing, but hardly
anyone does because it "sounds" complicated. Here's it's almost a "dummies" guide,
super-simple, step-by-step (even with video to show it in practice) you can
implement straight away. And doing this increases the perception of you being an
absolute SEO ninja even more.”

Also, if you liked Traffic Switch, you might want to promote the “Million Dollar Hijack
by Mark and Dave”
Simply look for the following on Request Offers:
The Million Dollar Hijack - Mark and Dave markbyrne 2010-12-17

Thanks for your support!
Veit, Mark & Dave

Traffic Snatch BONUS       By Mark Byrne, Dave Clark and Veit Schenk                      6

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