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Why Do People Mulch


									                               Why Do People Mulch?

People have been choosing to use mulch since the beginning of time. There are
many reasons people decide to use mulch when it comes to gardening and
landscaping. Deciding to mulch can prove to be beneficial in many ways. There are
many types of mulch to choose from when deciding mulch either landscaping beds
or in the garden. There are two types of mulch groups to choose from; organic
mulch and inorganic mulch. Organic types of mulch include grass clipping mulch,
straw mulch, leaf mulch, bark mulch, wood chip mulch, and other organic materials.
Inorganic mulch types include stone mulch, brick chip mulch, plastic mulch, and
other inorganic mulch. A lot of people wonder why mulching proves to be
beneficial, though. Lets discuss why mulching can be beneficial so that people ca
decide which type of mulch to use.

There are several benefits of choosing to mulch. Laying mulch protects the soil in
which plants are planted in from erosion. Plants need soil to thrive and without
mulch, the elements could erode the soil, causing the need for replacement to take
place more frequently. Mulch can also reduce the compaction of soil, which can
occur from heavy rains. Soil teds to dry out much too quickly in hot sunny weather,
a layer of mulch laid one to three inches deep will prevent drying out by retaining
the moisture within the soil underneath the soil. Mulch can also maintain the
temperature of the soil where mulch should be laid. This helps to preserve and
maintain roots of the plants so that they may thrive. One of the most important
reasons for mulching would be weed control. Mulch prevents weed seeds from
germinating. Aesthetically and ideally, for vegetables and flowers, mulch keeps
them clean. The mulch prevents the soil from splashing onto the fruits, vegetables,
and flowers when it rains. Mulch also prevents your feet from getting dirty while
tending to the garden or landscape. Lastly, and sometimes the number one reason
for mulching a landscape bed, mulch provides a ‘finished’ look to the landscape or

In order for mulch to be so beneficial there are guidelines and tips one must follow.
Certain types of mulch need to be laid a certain way. Laying plastic sheet mulch, for
example, can be very involved, but prove to be very effective. Mulch needs to be laid
to certain thicknesses. There are also certain times mulch should be laid, depending
on the climate and the mulch’s purpose. Quite simply, research what you are doing
before you lay mulch so that it can best serve the purpose of what mulch is
supposed to do.

All of these pros of mulching far outweigh the cons; this does not mean one should
be unaware of the drawbacks to mulching. Mulch can be costly, depending on the
type a person chooses to use. Also, some types of mulch are surrounded by
controversy with environmental activists. The one type of mulch that is surrounded
by conflict would be cypress mulch. Some mulches do erode and blow away, others
create too much of a mess to even be effective and worth the extra work. If the
wrong mulch is laid over top of certain vegetation, it can suffocate the plants.
Inorganic mulch proves to be an ineffective mulch to lie over or around plants.
Inorganic mulch is largely used for decorative purposes.

The bottom-line here is to get better understanding of the types of mulch available
and to choose the best mulch for your needs. When the correct mulch is chosen for
your specific need, the mulch can provide a garden or landscape with many much-
needed benefits. To get the most out of your mulch, do your research and ask
questions where you can. People purchase mulch from garden stores, hardware
store, and other large grocery and department stores. Mulch enriches and protects
soil, which can help provide a better growing environment for your plants. Organic
mulch decomposes and provides the soil with nutrients. Inorganic mulch lacks
nutrients so it is not the ideal choice for gardening purposes.

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