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									                     All You Need to Know About Colored Mulch

Many people everyday make the ultimate decision to mulch their gardens or mulch
their landscape beds, or even to mulch their playscape. Mulching can be a
somewhat involved process; depending on the purpose of the mulch you wish to lie.
Laying mulch around a playscape is somewhat easy, as it does not require a whole
lot of thought. Most people usually choose to use a rubber mulch or even wood chip
mulch. When it comes to mulching your garden, it tends to be a bit more
complicated. Laying mulch in a garden is a more complicated mulch process
because you need to find the best mulch to use for your particular gardening needs.
Mulch in a garden can really help with vegetable and plant growth when the right
mulch is chosen to lie over top of your soil. Now, choosing to lay mulch for
landscaping purposes is quite an easy process. Mulching for aesthetic purposes may
be the easiest decision and process of them all.

Landscape mulch comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many times, people choose
to lay colored mulches to enhance the look of their landscape. Mulch can come in
many shades, most of the time these mulches are dyed. Colored mulch really
enhances the look of a home as the mulch brings new dimension of color to an
outdoor landscape. The dye that is used to color the mulch prolongs the life of the
mulch by offering UV-resistance. Mulch is dyed using a coloring process and usually
the mulch dye is safe for the environment, plants, dogs, and people. Mulch is usually
available in several colors. The colors of mulch include brown mulch, red mulch,
black mulch, gold mulch, and so on. One should really take into consideration the
color of their house or the business they are looking to mulch around to determine
the right color of mulch for them.

As with other organic mulch, colored mulch serves many purposes for any bed you
wish to mulch. This shows that this mulch is not only great looking, but also
beneficial to the plants and soil. The benefits of using colored mulch, just like the
benefits of choosing other organic mulches, includes weed prevention and water
retention in the soil. This mulch is great to choose for plants growth.

There are a few drawbacks to choosing to use colored mulch. As with many other
mulches, colored mulch needs to be replaced every season to every other season.
The colored mulch will loose its color and become compacted. As with other
mulches, one should cultivate or rake the mulch periodically to ensure that both
water and air can flow through the mulch to the soil and plants. Colored mulch also
needs to be replaced when color begins to fade. Colored mulch can also be a bit
more expensive than purchasing a run-of-the-mill mulch. Also, people can find
mulch in their own yard waste, which is free! One must commit to the mulch
relationship in order for the whole mulching process to prove beneficial in all
There are several steps to take before, during, and after the mulching process.
There are even a few more when it comes to laying colored mulch. One should
always spray the bed to be mulched one to two weeks prior to laying the mulch with
a weed killer. Colored mulch can discolor pavement so while laying the mulch
down, you should lay it on a tarp or bare earth. If using bags of mulch this step
needn’t be of concern. Clear out the beds to be mulched before laying the mulch
onto the beds. Spread the mulch evenly with garden rakes or hands. If using hands,
make sure to wear gloves as the colored mulch could stain hands. Watering the
beds should be avoided for the first one to two days, as the water will wash the color
out somewhat. If is does rain, rake the mulch to make sure the dye is distributed
evenly. Rinse all tools used as the colored mulch may discolor them. Power wash
pavement if the mulch has discolored it.

Colored mulch is a great way to enhance your landscape. Follow the simple steps
and do your research to ensure the mulch is applied to the best of its potential.
Mulching is a great thing to do.

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