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									                                     Planet Positive Orgiva!

‘We cannot move to a positive future without revolutionizing urban planning and development’

                                 World economic Forum Dubai 2008


 By 2050 80% of the world’s population will live in or around cities and how we manage their
 development will have a massive impact on the planet and its resources.

 The social, environmental and economic consequences of the development cycle are considerable
 and have a global impact

    •   44% of world GDP
    •   40% of the global GHG emissions worldwide
    •   70% of cities GHG40% of its waste goes to landfills
    •   Consume 12% of the world’s water
    •   Major impact upon the quality of life

 If we continue to use the same urban models that have been used for the past 100 years then our
 future demise is sealed; carbon dioxide levels will increase above 450ppm and we will pass the
 point of no return: the climate crisis will run out of control.

 The time has come to recognize that we need a new model for urban planning that is based on the
 development of positive infrastructure solutions and collaboration across all communities and all
 nations for the good of the planet.

 About Planet Positive

 Planet Positive is an environmental mark and movement for a better way of living. It is run by a ‘not
 for profit’ organization- The Planet Positive Foundation.

 Planet Positive is about creating a better way of life. It provides an accessible route for
 everyone to take positive action on climate change. By acting now we are creating a better
 way of living for ourselves and future generations.

 Planet Positive is a mark people can trust. Any company or product awarded the mark has proved
 that they are a responsible business and are prepared to take real action to fight climate change.

 It connects like-minded, low carbon people with businesses that are good for the planet.

 For more information see

 We are on hand to help!

 Planet Positive Towns and Cities

 What does it mean to be a Planet Positive City or Town?

 To become Planet Positive you have to follow a simple 4 step process to reduce your carbon
 impact lower than zero. In this process you will transition from reliance on fossil fuels to zero
 carbon and beyond.

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The process is simple to describe but will take real commitment to achieve.

Step 1 – Measure your carbon footprint of your home and town.

Step 2 – Reduce your carbon footprint by taking positive action

Step 3 – Invest in renewables (such as wind, biomass, biogas capture and carbon sequestration)
to offset your remaining footprint by 110%.

Step 4 – Report your success publicly.

Planet Positive Orgiva!

The first town in Spain to take responsibility for its carbon emissions and to become Planet

                            Small beginning amount to heroic awards!

You will eventually need to measure the carbon footprint of your whole town! This will take time
and cooperation with the local authorities and so you should start small and then move onto the
bigger challenges in due course.

To start with you should measure the footprint of each of your homes and businesses.

Step 1 – Measure

Measure the carbon in your home and business

    •   Total energy consumption (gas and electricity)
    •   Total water consumption
    •   Total paper consumed

Measure the carbon associated with your chosen lifestyle

    •   Travel (car, plane, train etc)
    •   Food
    •   Materials used in your business
    •   Waste
    •   Clothing

Measure the carbon used in your town

Talk to the authorities. Can they give you data about how much energy is used in the local town
and its buildings.

Step 2 – Reduce

When you have finished measuring we will help you develop your personal Smart Living
Programme that will identify means by which you personally can reduce your footprint.

There are many ways to reduce your footprint and the Planet Positive web site has a range of top
tips to help you decide what would be most cost effective for you.

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Step 3 – Invest

This will require ingenuity and some engineering support.

You could do it simply by buying 100% green electricity or you could be more creative and look to
ways to invest into your own home or local community

In your own home

Solar panels on your roof for hot water and power
Biomass heating systems (wood as long as it is replaced annually) for your heating needs

In your community

    •    Landfill – It’s your waste, so use it (especially at the end of the olive, orange and lemon
         seasons). If you all club together, sort your waste you could create your own biogas plant
         from which you could re-fill your gas bottles for cooking and heating.
    •    Also talk to the authorities about bio-gas capture from your local sewage plant
    •    Wind power (lots in the valley). Can you set up your own community wind farm?
    •    Carbon sequestration (woodland management). A group of you will need to survey all of
         your green spaces and woodlands. If you can legitimately improve carbon sequestration by
         properly managing these resources then this will go some way in absorbing more carbon


There are many local and EU funding sources for this type of community initiative. Someone in the
community should look into it and coordinate a proposal(s) for everyone.

Community Carbon Fund

For those of you who cannot reduce your emissions beyond zero (it is very hard) you may want to
set up a community carbon fund. We can help you do this. In effect you will invest into this fund to
buy carbon credits to offset your outstanding footprint. The fund will in turn invest into the most
costs effective projects within the community and could even invest in projects overseas ( Africa
schools for instance) if you wanted to make a twin town connection.

Step 4 – Report

You are doing your bit, you have taken the first step. Be proud and tell everyone. Planet positive
will help you do this.

You could even be one of the first towns in the world to publish an annual sustainability report. We
are sure the editors of the Olive Press will help!

And Finally

The future depends on towns like Orgiva taking the initiative and finding a better way of living. No
less than a revolution in how we think and live our lives will get us out of the mess that we now find
ourselves in.

                               Viva La Revolución!

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For further thought!

                            Dedicated Urban
                            ‘sinks’ placed
                            around or within

        -ve                                                                         Where space
        Impact           Development                                                does not allow
                         with lower                                                 ‘twinned sinks
                         footprint                                                  are located


The new model would achieve the following

    •     Reduced footprint
    •     Dedicated urban sinks around or distributed throughout the city that would provide the
             o   Net carbon absorbers
             o   Water and waste processing
             o   Biodiversity and ecological capacity
             o   Leisure and well being
             o   Clean air lungs/climatic moderation
    •     Where land is unavailable then a twinned city relationship would be adopted by linking with
          a city/town in a poorer nation that contracts to provide matching environmental services that
          take the net impact beyond neutral to Planet Positive

Guy Battle
Founder Planet Positive Foundation
16th May 2009

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