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									How to Measure for Nuheat Mats
Thank you for choosing Nuheat from Warm Your Floor! We will make your Nuheat project an easy one.

Simply follow our guidelines and send your room’s dimensions to Warm Your Floor for a Fast, Free Quote.

      Measure tight to all edges & record all measurements. Do not make any allowances in the measurements.
      If the floor area has an angled side, it is a good idea to provide an “angle lock” to an opposite wall.
      Please include the following on your sketch with all perimeter dimensions of your room(s) :
          Thermostat location                   Voltage Available (120V or 240V) 120v is best for areas < 150 SF
          Vent locations identified
          Obstructions in the floor - including, but not limited to: toilet, bidet, plumbing, pony walls
          Special Instructions (i.e. heat not required areas, tight coverage requested, etc…)

          Fax Toll Free to 866      – 558 – 2010 or Email to
     Upon receipt of your dimensions we will send a Quote for your Nuheat Custom Mat within 24 hours.

After you review your quote and are ready to proceed:
1.        Our in house design team will draw your mat with a 2”-4” offset to allow for minor adjustments.
2.        We will send you this Production Drawing which shows your mat in the room for your approval.
3.        You approve (or make corrections and repeat), then Return the signed Drawing & Pay for your mat
4.        Nuheat manufactures in 2-4 days (if you pay expedited shipping charges the mat often ships in 1 day)

 You can use more than one Nuheat mat (Standard or Custom) combined to fit any room size or shape, up to the 15
 amp limit of the thermostat. Each Mat lead is 10 Ft long (Can be customized up to 22 Ft) and connects directly to the
 Thermostat (not to each other). 15 amps =150 SF @120v, 300 SF @ 240v. And, if your room is over 300 SF you can
 simply add a relay or an additional circuit with another Thermostat.
 Installing Nuheat is easy no matter which flooring you want to warm; tile, stone, marble, laminate and engineered
 wood surfaces are all compatible with this revolutionary electric radiant floor heat system.
 Tile, Stone, Marble, Etc: The Nuheat Mat(s) is simply adhered to the subfloor using thinset and the flooring can then
 be immediately installed over top.
 Laminate / Engineered wood floors Installation: The Nuheat Mat(s) is simply adhered to the subfloor using thinset
 then covered with 1/4" thick layer of thinset. Then follow manufacturer's installation instructions to install the underlay
 (if used) and your laminate or engineered wood floor.
 Nuheat offers over 60 different standard sizes electric under floor heat mats that fit most rooms as well as our custom
 mats that are "pre-built" to fit rooms with curves and angles. When full coverage cannot be achieved with Nuheat
 Standard Electric Floor Warming mats (i.e. angles or curved walls), the Nuheat Radiant Floor Warming System offers
 Custom Mats to provide optimal coverage, in 120 and 240 Volt solutions.

As the Nuheat Custom Mats will be manufactured for your unique application, no exchange or refund is
possible. So, Please measure carefully and double check your numbers if not certain! We are here to help with
expert advice as well.

We can even assist you while you are measuring – call us for help and a “Phone Measure” with an expert!
      Please contact Warm Your Floor for assistance with your Nuheat project at 1-866-558-3369 or visit
How to Measure your room for Nuheat Floor Warming mats

Step 1 – Drawing Preparations
   Sketch the shape of the room – a drawing grid follows this page.
   Locate toilet, Bidet, vanities, make-up knee space, vents, drains, etc. (if applicable)
   Please indicate the proposed thermostat location with a “ T ”

Step 2 – Field Measuring
   Choose a starting point, begin measuring the complete inside perimeter of the room at floor level finishing
   at the starting point – include even small dimensions
   Measure tight to all edges & record all measurements. Do not make any allowances in the measurements
   For toilet rooms, letters c, d, e, f, h, i, & j are required to provide heat through door opening
   Letter t is required to confirm angles
   For vents, letters u, v & w are required (where applicable)
Step 3 – Additional Information, if Applicable
   Have complex angles or curves? Additional measuring instructions are available on our website

   Please contact Warm Your Floor for assistance with your Nuheat project at 1-866-558-3369 or visit
Measuring Curves and Angles for Nuheat Mat
Multiple and Compound Angles
For rooms or fixtures with multiple angles, pick a reference
point directly across (perpendicular) from an angle corner
and measure the distance between these two points (this
is an angle lock). This measurement combined with your
perimeter dimensions will allow the Design Team to calculate
the angles of your walls or fixtures.

1) Mark the three points of your curve on the floor - the start
   point, center point (apex) and end point.
2) Measure the distance from the start point and end point to
   the wall or cabinet (toe kick).
3) Determine your reference points based on the
   curve types:

A) Curve Type #1 - Curve on a straight plane
Pick a point directly across (perpendicular) from the center
point or apex of the curve and measure the distance between
the two points (this is a curve lock).

B) Curve Type #2 - Curve on a corner
Measure from the center point or apex to two reference
points (corners) in the room and record these measurements
on your drawing.

C) Curve type #3 - Irregular Curves
1) Draw a 90 degree reference line from the top to the
   bottom of the curve - show the reference line on both the
   floor and your drawing.
2) Measure and mark 12” increments along your reference
   line. Measure and record the distance from the reference
   line to the curve at each 12” increment.
Project Name & Address:
Contact Name                                              Email:                                   Fax
Installed Nuheat Before?            No          Yes       Phone                            Cell
Finish Flooring: Tile/Stone         Floating Laminate/Engineered Wood                Glued-Down Wood
Heat Shower ?      No       Floor     Floor & Seat (include drain location from 2 walls)
Sub-Floor:     On top of concrete covered with mortar & Stone/Tile or Self Leveling Cement
           On top of Plywood or Concrete Board, covered with mortar & Stone/Tile or Self Leveling Cement
   110/120         220/240 ( @ 120v Mats require 0.10 amps per SF [ 100 SF requires 10 Amps]. @ 240v = 0.05 Amps/SF)
Special Instructions: Tight Fit to walls, Unheated areas noted, Zoning information, etc.

Scale: 1 square = ____Foot         Mark Thermostat with a “ T “ if you know where it will be installed
Measuring guidelines for floor warming: Sketch your entire room(s) and place fixtures and cabinets within the room.
**Important ** Please include actual measurements – do not deduct any space – we will make adjustments to keep your
mat 2-6” from walls and obstructions as needed! Leave it to our Design Experts!
Provide us the actual measurements and locations of cabinets, shower, tub, etc.
    Draw the outline of the room and include all inside perimeter dimensions.
    Include the location and measurements for all items inside the room including plumbing and pony walls
    Bath: Toilet, bidet, floor drain, floor heat vents, cabinets, pedestal sinks, tub step, shower, etc.
    Kitchen: Cabinets, Island, floor heat vents or other obstructions or areas you want un-heated

Fax 1   – 866 – 558 – 2010 or Email                                for a Fast & Free quotation!

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