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As you may already know, a restaurant employee handbook is important in running any
food service business from a full service restaurant to a simple family diner. Some
restaurant owners prefer to pay others to create their policy manuals. However, small
business owners may not have the luxury of money to spend for a custom employee

A good solution is to write the handbook yourself with the help of a secretary or
executive assistant who has excellent research and writing skills. Find a sample restaurant
employee handbook that you can use as basis for your own. Although many websites sell
a sample of an employee handbook applicable for any business in any industry, many still
provide a free sample restaurant employee handbook, which you can download from the
following kinds of websites.

1. Company Websites
Some company websites, such as and, have
published samples of their handbooks online in PDF form. Although you cannot copy
these documents, you can glean some ideas on how to format your restaurant's policies in
various areas of your operations. For example, Hoss' Steak and Sea House have different
policies on employing workers for different states.

2. Government Websites
Government websites, such as the Department of Labor of a certain state, provides a
sample of an employee handbook, which businesses can use. Blank fields for the name of
the company and other unique information are marked. Designed to follow the state's
labor laws for a specific industry, these sample handbooks serve as a starting point for
creating a policy manual for your restaurant business.

3. Professional Organizations and Resource Groups
Downloading a sample restaurant employee handbook is free from websites of restaurant
associations in your state or county. You may also request a copy of a generic handbook
from some members of the association. However, since they are professional
organizations, they require restaurant owners to register and pay an annual membership

Aside from professional organizations, you may also download a sample restaurant
employee handbook from a resource group, such as SCORE, which is a mentoring
community for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

4. For those who have the time and energy to search through piles of junk online, then
you should check out websites that provide links to freeware. Some free software out
there can help you create a restaurant employee handbook.
Freeware has zero cost, but they also lack the quality and accuracy that an important
document as a handbook should possess. If you do find reliable websites that have
legitimate freeware listings, then be sure to scan each file you download from the Internet
to protect your computer.

More importantly, when you create your own restaurant employee handbook, make sure
you have it verified with your lawyer before publishing and distributing it to your
employees. Even if you have customized it from a sample restaurant employee handbook,
there is no excuse from letting disgruntled employees exploit loopholes in your company
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