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									You don’t have to be an expert
             ... Talking is important

SCENARIOS                                            b. Your child starts to ‘hang out’ with a
                                                        new group of friends that you do not like.
                                                        Do you?...
Things you can discuss before they happen...
                                                        i) Invite their friends round and get to
a. Your child is going to a party for the first              know them
   time where there will be alcohol and no              ii) Stop your child from seeing them
   adult supervision. Do you?...                        iii) Leave them to it
   i) Stop them from going                           c. You suspect your child may be smoking
   ii) Allow them to go                                 or drinking. Do you?...
   iii) Allow them to go, discuss and agree             i) Search their bedroom and belongings
        the boundaries                                       for any signs of evidence
                                                        ii) Talk to your child about your concerns
                                                        iii) Accuse and punish them, you know best!

Have you ever heard this?                                                   G Be open with
                                                                              your child

                                                   You don’t                G Support them
        It’s none of
                                                                            G Treat what they
       your business                              understand                  tell you seriously
                                                                            G Talk about your
                           **** OFF!                                          views and why
                                                                              you have them
    Get off                                                                 G Lay down some
      my case!                  GET                                           home rules and
                                                                              get them to
                               LOST!                                          understand why
                                                                              they are there
As a parent or carer remember....                                           G Let them know
 G KEEP CALM                                                                  that you will
 G DON’T LOSE YOUR COOL                                                       always be there
 G DON’T ACCUSE STRAIGHT AWAY                                                 to support them

Remember...Talking is important
How would you know if your
child has a drugs problem?
  Worried that your child has been taking drugs?
  ...then look for these signs, but BE CAREFUL as some of them
  are just signs of growing up:
      G   A change in the way they look
      G   A change of friends
      G   Different eating and sleeping patterns
      G   A change in their mood
      G   Money or possessions go missing
      G   Reluctance to tell you where they are going or who they are with

 As a parent you will know your child best of all. So remember,
 if you are worried don’t panic or get upset, it will only make things worse.
 G Find a time when you won’t be interrupted
 G Don’t try to talk to them if you suspect they are under the influence of drugs
 G Remember, don’t accuse or confront your child It could cause A LOT of damage

                              What should I say?
                              G Ask them their views about drugs
                              G Reassure them that you care for them
                              G Let them know that you will be there for them
                                if they get into difficulty
                              G Explain to them what kind of behaviour you
                                will accept and what you will not
                              G Don’t talk about punishment as this may
                                not give you the result you need

                                     The Facts...
Smoking                              Alcohol                             Drugs
GAround 450 children start           GThe more you drink the             GAll drugs can be bad for you,
 smoking every day                    greater the effect                  including medicines and legal
GIt is illegal to sell tobacco to    GDrinking a lot of alcohol can       drugs such as nicotine and alcohol
 a child under 16                     damage your body permanently       GDrugs can change the way you
GAbout 600 people die each           GDrink has a different effect on     think and react
 year due to passive smoking          different people                   GThey can change a person’s personality
GIf pregnant women smoke             GIt can make some people very       GYou can never tell what they contain
 the unborn child could be            angry and violent                  GIt is an offence if anyone takes, sells,
 put at risk                         GOver 1,000 children under 15 are    produces or gives away illegal drugs
GTobacco firms are not allowed        taken into hospital every year      in your home
 to advertise on television           with poisoning caused by drink     GIllegal drugs are divided into 3 classes:
G1 in 20 deaths in the UK            GDrinking and driving is lethal      A - heroin, crack, cocaine
 are linked to smoking               G35,000 people die each year         B - amphetamines, barbiturates
G120,000 people die each year         through alcohol related             C - tranquillisers, anabolic steroids,
 through smoking related illnesses    illnesses or accidents                   cannabis
Quiz Time How much do each of you know?

1. How many children start smoking every day?
   a. 10            b. 100           c. 450
2. What class is ecstasy in?
   a. A             b. B             c. C
3. What is whizz another name for?
   a. Speed         b. Cannabis      c. Cocaine
4. Is cannabis a legal drug?
   a. yes           b. no            c. don’t know
5. Can a person die as a result of a person using
   solvents / glues for the first time?
   a. yes           b. no            c. don’t know

6. Which of these is a major source of information on drugs?
   a. PDSA          b. FRANK         c. NSPCC
7. How long can an LSD trip last?
   a. 10 minutes b. up to 12 hours          c. less than a minute
8. What should you do if you think your child is under the
   influence of drugs?
   a. Shout at them b. Shake them c. Talk to them in a quiet low voice
9. What percentage of 11 year olds have used cannabis
   in the past year?
   a. 0%            b. 1%            c. 2%
How did you get on?          Answers 1c. 2a. 3a .4b. 5a. 6b. 7b. 8c. 9b.

In an      Where do I go now?
Emergency!                        If your child has been involved
                                  in any drug related incidents,
                                  excluded from school or you
                                                                             CALM 0800 585 858
                                                                             CHILDLINE 0800 1111
                                                                             DAFS 01495 240824
If you think they are under       are concerned about a drugs                (Drugs and family support line)
the influence of drugs:           problem you can talk to:                   DAN 24/7 0800 633 5588
G Calm your child                  G Your child’s teacher                    (Wales Drugs and Alcohol Helpline)
G Explain that everything          G Doctor                                  DRINKLINE 0800 917 8282
                                   G Local police officer                    (National alcohol help line)
    will be alright
G Tell them to take long           G Local alcohol advice centre             NHS DIRECT 0845 46 47
                                                                             (24 hour nurse advice and health
                                                                                                                    PRODUCED BY THE CHILDREN’S SAFETY EDUCATION FOUNDATION

    slow breaths                                                             information service, providing
                                  FRANK 0800 77 66 00                        confidential information)
G If concerned contact
                                  (24 hour confidential drug information
    NHS Direct on 0845 46 47      / advice line)         PARENTLINE 0808 800 2222
    (24 hours)                    NATIONAL DRUGS HELPLINE                    (24 hour)
G If you think the situation      0800 77 66 00               RELEASE 020 7729 9904
    is urgent dial 999 and        ADFAM 0207 928 8898                        RE-SOLV 0808 800 2345 (help line)
    call for help                 (Support for families dealing with         (Charity dedicated to the prevention
                                  drug and alcohol problems)                 of solvent abuse)
                                                                             42nd STREET 0161 832 0170
                                  AL-ANON 0207 403 0888                      QUIT 0800 00 22 00 (To help quit
                                  (For families and friends of alcoholics)   smoking)
                                                                             SAMARITANS 08457 909090
                                  ALCOHOL CONCERN 020 7928 7377              (24 hour confidential support
                                  ASH 020 7739 5902                          service for people in distress)
                                  (Action on Smoking)

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