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Business plan for a restaurant business

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									Business plan for a restaurant business

Watching a season of Iron Chef does not make one a successful restaurant owner.

Owning a restaurant is hard work, yet many people make the decision to open their own
restaurants with their hearts instead of their heads. They fall in love with the idea of being
their own boss and serving creative dishes to happy paying customers. For many, the
reality is very different.

A restaurant usually requires the owner to work six to seven days a week, often starting
early and finishing late. There are suppliers to deal with, casual staff to manage, fickle
customers to keep happy, ever changing laws and regulations to keep across, and the day
to day operational requirements of keeping the lights on.

Maintaining profit margins is always a battle, and any changes to the economic condition
of the area you operate in, as well as any new competitors, can have a big impact on your
bottom line.

It's therefore critical that you do your homework and know exactly what you are getting
into before you commit to buying or setting up your own new restaurant. One way to do
this is to prepare a business plan with a professional planner. The process of preparing
your business plan will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business,
and define the strategies and tactics you will employ to meet your profit expectations.
The process will also help you research the industry, understand success factors and
trends, and identify your direct competition.

As part of your restaurant business plan, you should also undertake a minimum two year
cash flow forecast, to identify any times through the year when your ability to service
your debt may come under pressure. That way, you can prepare budgeting strategies now
to keep your business liquid through traditionally slower parts of the year.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure you have some direct experience in restaurant
management before you're financially committed, even if this means working some
casual shifts at a local establishment. The reality of owning a restaurant business is often
a lot different to what people imagine after watching highly edited TV reality shows, or
from being a customer.

There are a number of professional business plan writers that can help you prepare a
business plan that will improve your chances of success in a highly competitive industry,
as well as help you secure bank funding or private investment. Be sure to do your
homework, research your market, and listen to your head before you take the plunge.
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