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The first thing to consider when writing a simple restaurant business plan is what kind of
restaurant you are going to open. As someone brand new to restaurants, it is strongly
recommended by us, and most other restaurant experts, that you consider either
purchasing a franchise or an existing operation that is for sale.

There are several reasons for this, including lower capital requirement, with a better
chance of funding, lower risk, higher chance of success, and in the case of an existing
restaurant, you get immediate cash flow, and often a fully trained staff and loyal

Clearly, many people who dream of owning a restaurant don't dream of owning someone
else's place, or a McDonald's, but the chances of being successful, and the best way to
learn how to operate a profitable and successful restaurant is to do it in one that has a lot
of the details worked out already, and which is already proven to be successful.

Even if you decide to go with starting a restaurant business from scratch, either way it is a
lot easier to create a business plan by using a restaurant specific business plan package.
This option provides the highest level of flexibility to an entrepreneur, as he is able to
control every aspect of the business plan to create a business to his own specifications.

The entrepreneur directs every detail, such as product or service positioning, branding,
marketing, finding the location, locating vendors and selecting the employee base. This
option works best for someone who already has a specific idea for a business.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by a start-up of any kind is financing. If the business
requires a significant level of initial capital, the entrepreneur will need to solicit sources
of funding from angel, venture capital and traditional financing sources to support his
investment. Although starting a restaurant business from scratch generally presents the
highest degree of risk of the three options, the rewards for this risk are generally the
highest as well. Using startup software is an easy way to overcome this shortfall. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant
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